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October 15th, 2012
Star Toilet Paper Newsletter #1

Welcome to our first ever newsletter! Thanks for joining.

I want to thank each of you for subscribing to our weekly newsletters. This first email is just to introduce ourselves and what you can expect in each email:
  • Awesome and fun coupons
  • Stories of the week that was
  • What the future holds
Being that we are a startup company and are starting with a small email list you are going to be exposed to the industry secrets of a startup company! I know pretty exciting right? So make sure you share this with your friends and have them subscribe so they can learn and take part of our journey.
Every week we will include pictures and links to coupons. The great part about this newsletter is that not only will you be getting great information you will be receiving great savings. Some will be from your favorite local places others will be from large national websites. If you see a company featured on our website or social media and want a coupon email us anytime!
This weeks coupon:

Fish Doctors! It is located in Ann Arbor, MI but they ship across the nation. The coupon is great for kids or any family trying to start off their fish collection. Why is it so perfect? Because it is for two FREE fish!

Fish Doctors

Visit their website and check out all of the amazing fish they have!
So now time for a quick story from this past week and what you can expect in the future. 

First the future, make sure to share this with all your friends because this week we are expecting a national program to air a story about us and will be sharing it on our newsletter next week! 

So for the past week, as a startup it is integral that we are able to grow as quickly as possible. It was an exciting week for us and we are starting to go national! With that being said please let us know if there are any venues you would like to see us place our product in so we can make sure everyone sees our great printed toilet paper.
Top 10 Section
Every week we will have a different top 10 section, this weeks is going to be startup books:
1) Lean Startup
2) Sales Bible
3) Business Model Generation
4) Startup Owners Manual
5) Crossing the Chasm
6) The Art of War
7) Good to Great
8) 4 Hour Work Week
9) The Innovator's Dilemma
10) Winning
We have the innate ability to combine offline and online media via QR Codes and our unique ad platform
Tel: (914) 844-5775

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