November 11th, 2017
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Hello Friends:

We returned from Noah’s ark the first of October after ending our tour.  Our tour group first toured Israel, including the traditional sites and then Gomorrah and the crucifixion site, then we went over to Noah’s ark in Turkey.  After the tour group left I was able to get some nice drone video that you can watch in our video update here:    If you are not a subscriber to our YouTube channel ArkDiscovery-com please hit the Subscribe link when watching the video.  We plan on having updates occasionally. 

While out at the ark area I was able to establish a relationship with the only government archaeologist in the entire region.  I presented him with a portfolio showing the evidence that has been uncovered at the site.  We had it professionally translated into Turkish.  It was surprising to me, but this was the first time he had actually heard about the evidence!  He showed me a large book on archaeology in Turkey which said the ark was just a natural formation.  This is very sad to see the site contradicted by some authorities.  The positive report that we have is that the archaeologist is now very excited about the ark!  He is now planning on partnering with us on some projects with the ark, and one of those projects will be moving some sea anchors over to the Noah’s ark visitors’ center.  We will see how things develop with this.   We have been in contact with him several times since returning and he has been working on various items to help the cause. 

We have another tour planned to Israel and the Red Sea crossing in Egypt.  The tour will be April 18-28, 2018.  You can see more info here:   If visas open up again for USA residents, we will have a separate tour going over to Noah’s ark on April 28.  

In June I was able to film five hours of video with Michael Rood at his studio in Charlotte, North Carolina for his programs Shabbat Night Live.  We have links to the programs on our home page under “Latest News.”

Earlier this year we released our book Revealing God’s Treasure Illustrated which is mainly a photo book, but in the ark of the covenant section we go into more detail.  An interesting point we bring out in the book is that Ron Wyatt confirmed with three people that he had lab certificates on Jesus’ blood.   I have confirmation from all three who are still alive today.   Another important item we talk about is a test for gold that was conducted over the ark of the covenant.  You can check that book out in our store. 

We placed 16 hours of video on a USB flash drive and now have that available in our store.  This is a great resource to have instant access to video relating to the discoveries.  It can be played through your smart TV, a Roku player with USB port, a blu-ray player with USB port, etc, and viewed on your TV.  

We have a special offer for those who wish to share our DVD Revealing God’s Treasure, second edition, to friends, family and others who are local.  If you are not selling them online, we have 100 DVDs for $550 shipped to USA.   If you wish to participate in this offer, see our home page and make a donation for that amount and describe your order and give us your address.

The fact that God has shown these discoveries to man at this time, we can know that He is returning very, very soon.  The discoveries are a wake-up call for man, because He will soon judge mankind.  The discoveries are a sign of past judgments and are showing us that another judgment is about to begin.  Probation is closing soon.  We have to get ready and also help our fellow man to get ready.

Thanks for supporting this work by telling others about what God has done in revealing these discoveries at this time.

God bless,

Kevin Fisher
Pres., Ark Discovery International

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