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Give Kids a Healthy Smile


We are pleased to partner with Healthy Smiles, a mobile dental foundation that provides underprivileged children with quality oral health services in California's Central Valley.  In the past 20 years, Healthysmiles has serviced over 4,500 children in 78 inner-city and rural schools and communities.


CDC recommends all dental offices to have an infection control coordinator who is responsible for protecting patients and dental staffs from infection transmission.

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ADA in Denver is just around the corner! Stop by Cranberry booth #3247 and try our newest Lanolin and Vitamin E coated gloves and our other great products!


Enjoy Healthy Hands All Day Long!

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Have you ever noticed your hands becoming scaly and dry after wearing gloves all day?
Cranberry’s latest Crave gloves features our exclusive Lanolin and boosted Vitamin E are clinically proven to greatly reduce skin irritation and improve your overall skin health by boosting moisture levels, retaining hydration and soothing dryness. 

*Valid until Dec.31 2016. Free good shipped with orders. Check with preferred dealer for additonal information. 
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"The more I wore it,
the softer my hands felt!!"

Dr. Paul Hsiao, DDS, MPH


Fun with Lasers at RDHUOR!


Practicing your laser skills but no patients around? Have you thought about practicing on hot dogs and tomatoes? We recently witnessed this at a RDH Under One Roof workshop as hygienists learned about laser safety. 

We were honored to support the workshop with our Evolve nitrile gloves. Our Evolve nitrile gloves combines comfort and tensile strength, giving you soft and strong protection, even with food handling! Learn more
Evolve Nitrile 300 laserworkshop


Spreading Love to Nepal 


In 2016, Cranberry is a principal sponsor of Global Dental Relief. We will be sponsoring two clinics in Nepal this fall where volunteer dentists and hygienists will provide dental care to at least 2000 children during a two week-long dental clinic.
This past August,  Cranberry also sponsored a dental pre-screening of children in 10 days of work at 18 different schools, charity homes and orphanages. Cranberry is continuing to support GDR by providing first time and follow-up dental care for children around the globe.

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Looking for more information?
Please visit us at www.cranberryusa.com to learn more about our products. You can also contact your dealer or Cranberry at (888) 811-6839 for free samples.

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