What does it mean to be ARGUS Platinum?
What does it mean to be ARGUS Platinum?
As one of the premier charter operators in the industry, Global Aviation achieved one of their strategic objectives of becoming an ARGUS Platinum Rated charter operator, the most recognized symbol of quality and operational excellence in the world! 

Discover the value of being ARGUS Rated first-hand from Global Aviation.

Q: How has an ARGUS Platinum Rating helped to grow your business?
"As a world-wide air charter and management company for over 19 years, Global Aviation continuously strives to meet or exceed the highest safety standards in our Industry. Customers who seek to vet operators, are able to rely on Global Aviation’s Platinum Rating and what that rating represents."

Q: How did the ARGUS Platinum audit process impact your employees? 
"The audit process allowed our employees to gauge the effectiveness of the procedures we have put in place. As well, it showed us deficiencies and gave us the opportunity to make our company procedures better as a whole. Our employees work hard to achieve excellence in service and safety. The audit process provided a constructive evaluation of those processes and provided opportunities for us to improve. The auditors were professional and provided an unbiased outlook on our current safety procedures."

Q: What are some of the best benefits of being an ARGUS Platinum Rated Operator?
"Our employees make safety our highest priority for our customers, and also our fellow employees. By maintaining our ARGUS Platinum Rating, we can be assured that the processes we have in place are working. If something isn’t working, it allows us to recognize the need for change."
Global Aviation

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