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This Quarter: OAI Promotes the Role of Civil Society in Fighting Corruption  iAct Empowers RM staff in Viet Nam and Indonesia  | PPRR of ADB-funded Projects in Nepal, PRC and Lao PDR  OAI's Outreach Activities and Latest Advisories and Events
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OAI and CoPs present second iACT event of 2014

OAI Promotes the Role of Civil Society
in Fighting Corruption

In April and June of this year, the Office of Anticorruption and Integrity (OAI), in coordination with other ADB departments, held two iAct Learning Events at the ADB Headquarters in Manila to highlight the role of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in monitoring and preventing corruption, specifically in the field of public education delivery. Read More


Report Fraud and Corruption: Tel +63 2 632 5004 | Fax +63 2 636 2152 | Email or
                            ADVISORY                                                                                   NEWS & PUBLICATION
From April to June 2014, ADB cross debarred two firms and three individuals sanctioned by the World Bank (WB) and Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) for fraudulent or corrupt practices.



Case study workshop on integrity due diligence and ultimate beneficial ownership organized by PSOC, OAI and representatives from IADB and IFC
(30 April 2014, Manila, Philippines)

Anticorruption seminar series on strengthening skills in identifying and responding to integrity violations
(6-16 May 2014, Manila, Cebu, Davao, Philippines)

Presentation of ADB’s PPRR overview and methodology to IADB’s Office of Institutional Integrity, Auditor’s Office, Operations Procurement Office, and Office of Risk Management by OAI’s Lorraine
Wang-Reyes (13-15 May 2014, Washington, D.C.)

Anticorruption briefing to enhance due diligence and corruption prevention skills of TJRM staff (12 June 2014, Dushanbe, Tajikistan)


10 July 2014
Joint Governance Seminar CoP Series/iAct Learning Event, Manila, Philippines

3-4 September 2014
Forensic Accounting Workshop, Beijing, PRC

11 September 2014
Insight Thursday/iAct Learning Event, Manila, Philippines


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iAct in Indonesia

iAct Empowers RM staff in Viet Nam
and Indonesia
OAI held anticorruption briefing for resident missions’ (RM) staff in Viet Nam and Indonesia on 8 April and 22 April, respectively. The briefing sessions deepened the understanding of RM staff on ADB’s anticorruption policy and enhanced their skills in detecting and executing preventive measures to fight corruption in ADB-funded projects.

Nepar Air Transport
PPRR of Nepal's Air Transport Capacity Enhancement Project
A project procurement-related review (PPRR) of Nepal’s Air Transport Capacity Enhancement Project was conducted by OAI in Kathmandu, Nepal from 25 November to 13 December 2013. This report presents lessons learned and remedial actions to strengthen internal controls and enhance project implementation. Download the report.


Ningxia Integrated Ecosystem and Agricultural Development Project
PPRR of the Ningxia Integrated Ecosystem and Agricultural Development Project focused on the inspection of project outputs and use of funds. The review was done by OAI from 20 to 31 October 2013 in the People’s Republic of China (PRC). Download the report.

LAO PDR_sustainable-natural-resource-management
Sustainable Natural Resource Management and Productivity Enhancement Project
OAI’s PPRR of the Lao PDR’s Sustainable Natural Resource Management and Productivity Enhancement Project presents recommendations on how project staff can prevent vulnerabilities and risks during procurement, financial management, and implementation of ADB-financed projects. Download the report.



OAI ADVICE is a new section where we answer select question/s from subscribers. Note that here, we only respond to queries related to OAI’s work. These could include concerns related to ADB’s anticorruption policies and integrity principles, guidelines on reporting violations, and OAI’s procedures for screening and investigating complaint. Ask OAI, send your question to

Q: I am being asked to give a talk about strategies in private investment at a conference. Am I allowed to accept this inivitation?

A: As a general rule, you may not deliver any speech or presentation, without proper authorization from ADB. We advise that you clear the purpose of the conference and content of your presentation with ADB first before you accept the invitation.

Q: What will happen if I file a report that turns out not to be true?

A: You will not be punished for reporting concerns in good faith and in accordance with ADB’s rules. Even if the concerns you raised cannot be supported by additional evidence, or are ultimately found to be incorrect, it is sufficient that you believed the concerns are accurate or suspicious enough to be reported.
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