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Ready for Your Close-Up?
Tips on Acing a Video Interview

By Paul McDonald, Senior Executive Director, Robert Half International and Professional Partner, Beta Alpha Psi

There used to be two ways to interview for a job: in person or by phone. But more employers are now adding a third category: video interviews. Skype and other real-time video-chat services have made it easy and cost-effective for hiring managers to “meet” with job candidates regardless of geographic distance. In a recent survey by our firm, 63 percent of human resources managers said their company often conducts interviews via video. This is up from just 14 percent one year ago.

While video interviews are similar to traditional ones in many regards, there are some unique issues to consider.

State Society Student Membership: More than a Line on your Resume
By AICPA Academic & Career Awareness Team

Becoming a student member of a CPA society is an excellent idea, and there are a whole lot of reasons to join a state CPA society. Let’s look at some of them, starting with, well, that line on your resume.

CPA firm partners have stated that they often screen out potential job applicants if they are not members of their state CPA society. They explain that lack of association membership indicates a lack of interest in the CPA profession and a lack of appreciation for professional resources. Hmm, pretty compelling. But let’s go on.
State CPA societies provide opportunities to develop leadership skills faster than in an academic or professional work environment.

Polishing Your Professional Skills
By Jen Love, Audit Assistant, Deloitte and Alumni Representative, Beta Alpha Psi

In college, it is easy to get wrapped up in learning the technical side of your major and forget that once you are in the professional world you will need another skill set—professional skills. These skills include writing, public speaking, interviewing, and many others. While important, they do not always receive the consideration they should.

Writing is an incredibly important skill to have in the professional world. Whether writing an e-mail to a client, typing a tick mark or preparing a memo for a manager, your writing skills are put to use every day. When preparing these types of communications, it is important to remember the message you are trying to convey. Before sending the e-mail, read it over.

Fraud Reporting
When and how fraud can be properly reported at the conclusion of a fraud examination.
By Michael G. Ueltzen, CPA/CFF, CFE, and Ronald L. Durkin, CPA/CFF, CFE, CIRA

At a time when fraud seems to be receiving greater press coverage, the question of how CPAs report the results of their investigations is more critical. Some CPAs believe that their expertise in conducting examinations when allegations of fraud and misconduct have been raised enables them to conclude whether fraud occurred. That is not the role of the CPA who performs the investigation. CPAs who conduct a fraud examination should not determine the ultimate legal conclusion. That is reserved to the trier of fact—frequently the court.

Design Your Career- Craft Your Life
Do you think you chart only one course once you earn the coveted CPA? Think again- the opportunities are exciting and endless.
By Kansas Society of CPAs

After jumping through all the hoops to become a CPA, you may think this is the be-all and end-all of the accounting profession. Yes, in some respects, you do have the world by the tail, but if the truth be known, you only have a toehold in the profession, or a whole foot in the door. Which means this is no time to relax.

We’re not saying you need to work 24 by 7 and forget about having a “life.” No, what we mean is this a good time to start thinking about an area of specialization within the CPA universe. In addition to deciding if you’d rather work in a big firm or small, in industry or government or somewhere else, you need to consider where you want to focus your energy because the amount of knowledge needed to succeed in any area is massive.



Meet the Firms - Our Way
By Omar Zafar, Vice President for External Relations, Mu Alpha Chapter (Ithaca College)

One of the most important activities for many BAP chapters is the Meet the Firms event – great for networking, identifying internship/job opportunities, and sometimes for fundraising.  Most of our members want to work in New York City and a handful focus on positions in upstate New York or beyond. But, Ithaca College is located five hours from the Big Apple, and one to three hours from larger upstate New York cities.  Coupled with our smaller size, it is very difficult to organize a Meet the Firms event that provides members with the networking and information they need regarding the top accounting and finance firms in their locations of interest.  

As paraphrased from Sir Francis Bacon, “if the mountain will not come to Ithaca, we must go to the mountain.” For the Mu Alpha Chapter, the mountain is primarily the top firms in New York City.  Since 2010, our chapter has held a “Meet the Firms on Their Own Turf” event by arranging travel to New York City for members and a few graduate students.  

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