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April, 2016
Letter from the President
Peyman's letter
Dear friends,

I love the rhyme “April showers, bring May flowers.”  To me, this means the investment we make today will end in a beautiful result. This rhyme could be chosen as our organizational motto because this is what we do at Child Foundation. We help our donors deliver their kindness to children today, and in a few years, they become a productive member of their society. So, if you would like to join us in harvesting May flowers, please visit our sponsorship page to share your kindness.

I also want to thank our volunteers and staff in our different offices who prepared our six month progress reports before Nowruz. We were able to share a majority of them with our donors before the Persian New Year. Although some schools did not release midterm grades, and we had a few small technical problems, I am happy that our staff were able to deliver thousands of reports to our donors. We received many eidi for children and positive feedback from our donors about the timing of these reports. If you have not received your report, please contact us and we will e-mail you another copy.

If you would like to make a donation toward one of our many humanitarian causes, please give here

Best Regards,

Peyman Raoofi Psy.D.
President & CEO

New Year Gifts for Children who are Victims of Terror
Afghan kids

Some of our Afghanistan office staff visited three children who were recent victims of terrorism in Afghanistan. Khal-Mohammad used to work as a package courier with his wheelbarrow. Someone hired him to carry a package, but there was a small bomb inside the package, and it exploded near the bank. His injuries were deemed fatal, but doctors were able to save him, though he may not be able to walk any time soon.
Hamidollah and Allim, from Samangan and Fariyab, were moving their cattle to a field when they accidentally walked into mine fields. Unfortunately, they each lost one of their legs after stepping on a mine. Their medical treatment is not finished, they do not have insurance, and they cannot afford good medical care. Child Foundation created an account for them under our medical fund project, please donate generously since they are in great need of assistance.
Many thanks to our staff who delivered Nowruz gifts to these three children, and one of our donors, Mojdeh from Portland, who held a small fundraiser with her friends and donated $1,100 toward the medical care of Khal-Mohammad, Hamidollah, and Allim.


Dental Mission Accomplished! 

Dental mission

Our dental student volunteers who traveled to the Dominican Republic are back. They were able to finish their dental mission with success, helping hundreds of people in critical need of dental assistance. Although they were in the Dominican Republic, which is famous for its exotic beaches and natural scenery, they were spending most of their time in rural areas that had very limited access to medical treatments, and in some cases, clean water. They had to take anti-malaria medication, and spray themselves with DEET in order to avoid mosquito bites which may carry the Zika virus, dengue, Chikungunya virus, etc.
Many thanks to all of them who not only took such risks to help people in need, but also spent their Nowruz and spring break away from their families to help others. If you'd like to donate to our dental mission account, please use this link

Child Foundation in Spain
Our volunteers in Spain presented Child Foundation in Universidad Autónoma de Madrid’s special Nowruz gathering. Many thanks to one of our kind sponsors, Mr. Afkari, and his friends in the Language Academy who explained how Child Foundation supports children in need to have access to education.
Hi, I'm Muhadisa!
Muhadisa is a seven-year-old girl from the city of Mazar-e-Sharif. She is a good student who has been through much hardship in her young life. Her mother passed away several months ago during childbirth, and her father cannot take care of her and her siblings because of his addiction. Muhadisa is in desperate need of help and support.   

Please consider helping this young student so that she may continue to attend school.

See more children waiting for sponsorship.

Meeting with Ban Ki-moon
Ban Ki-moon

Dr. Raoofi attended dinner on April 5th with Mr. Ban Ki-moon, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, in Los Angeles. Mr. Ban Ki-moon discussed the role of the United Nations in an era of enormous challenges to world peace, human rights, and global healthcare.

Child Foundation has been active in helping refugees in Europe. According to the United Nations, there are now nearly 60 million refugees, more than half of which are children. This is the largest number ever recorded, and many are reliant on the UN for their survival.


Child Foundation in Virginia and Portland


Child Foundation was present in two different sizdah-be-dar events in Virginia and Portland. Hundreds stopped by our booths to get information about our activities. Thanks to Dr. Namazi, our Board member who attended our Virginia event despite the unseasonably cold weather in the Washington DC area. 

Visiting my Child 
One of our sponsors, Anahita, was visiting her family in Iran and asked us to arrange a meeting with her sponsored child, eleven-year-old Zahra. 

Our Tehran office arranged the meeting where Anahita talked to Zahra for some time and encouraged her to continue her studies. 


Child Foundation in Germany


Our Volunteers in Hanover, Germany had a booth at Shadmehr Aghili's concert which was visited by many guests. Many new people showed interest in volunteering for Child Foundation and we found a number of new sponsors. 
The mission of Child Foundation is to help children in need, who have been identified as high achievers to remain in school. We believe that education can move a child beyond the stigma of poverty and give that child the tools to reach his or her true and full potential. Since our inception in 1994, Child Foundation has provided basic necessities to children living in poverty or hardship, enhancing the quality of life for these children as well as their respective families. By providing access to education, Child Foundation hopes to eliminate children prematurely leaving school, and in certain cases, avoid early matrimony.
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