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December, 2015
Letter from the President
Letter from the President
Dear friends,

The New Year is approaching, which means there’s only a short time left to make use of end of the year tax benefits. During the next few weeks many people will make donations to their favorite charities, not only to support the causes they believe in, but also to reduce their tax bracket.

That’s why we’re getting in touch - to let you know that now is the time to pay in advance for children you already support, increase the number of children you support, or to donate to any of our humanitarian causes you feel are close to your heart. To do so, please visit our donation page.

As we were preparing for the holidays, through the efforts of a photographer in Tehran, we found out about a group of refugees from Pakistan who live in the outskirts of Tehran. There are more than 100 children among them who all need help. Many of them work in local farms and their hands speak of the hardship they are going through. Child Foundation has started helping them by providing families with blankets to prepare them for the winter, but we need to do more. Please donate generously to our Refugee Fund so we can help them with their basic needs.

The holidays are a season of sharing, and what better way to share your health and blessings than with a large group of children in a foreign country with no access to education and in need of basics for their life. Please give generously to our Refugee Fund.

Peyman Raoofi Psy.D.
President & CEO

Helping Refugees - When Hands Speak

Pakistani kids

We’ve recently discovered a group of approximately fifty families who have moved from Pakistan to the outskirts of Tehran. Although it was supposed to able a temporary move, as their security situation became worse, they decided to stay. Unfortunately, since they lack proper legal documents, they cannot benefit from any government assistance or send their children to school. They live in small rooms that they built with leftover, used construction material and pieces of plywood, and do not have access to electricity, running water, or gas.

They mostly work as simple day laborers in nearby farms. Children also work along with their parents, picking beats and potatoes. Since they do not have documents, they are taken advantage of by getting paid very low wages. A few young girls who were interviewed said they were paid about $3 per day.

Child Foundation has provided them with blankets for winter but we need to do more. They are in need of a heating system and portable lights. We want to get them help to resolve their immigration cases in order to get ID, be able to work legally, and support themselves. Their children must go to school and parents are in great need of health education.

Please help us to help and support them by donating to our Refugee Fund.

Many thanks to Ahmad Nasirpour for his photos and coordination.
Celebrating Universal Children's Day
Child Foundation, in cooperation with UNICEF, celebrated Universal Children Day in Calabasas Library in California. Many celebrities and local government officials attended the event to watch children from around the world as they performed their cultural dances and played their music. We even had a fashion show of local dresses from 15 different cities.

Barnes & Noble, in coordination with Child Foundation, offered 10% of their total sales of our referred customers to donate to Child Foundation.

Hi, I'm Alireza!
Alireza in a nine-year-old student from the city of Karaj. After his mother divorced his father, due to his addiction, she has been struggling to provide for her family. Alireza needs your support to work toward a better life.

Please consider helping this young student so that he can continue to attend school.

See more children waiting for sponsorship.


Meanwhile in Portland

Our office in Portland was also busy presenting Child Foundation in different local events. We held a tables at the United Nations Association’s human rights meeting at PCC, and also at a Kamran & Hooman concert. Our director of Outreach and Development also had a presentation, titled “Challenges and Opportunities of Humanitarian works in Iran” for the Persian Network of Portland.


We Were Flooded!

The City of Portland received more than 3 inches of rain in 24 hours. Rainfall during that period ended at 2PM Monday, December 7th with 3.32 inches of rain.

Child Foundation’s office was heavily flooded and our computers were damaged, but since we keep most of our documents on the cloud, we are able to sustain our operation during repairs.

All of our calls are currently being answered by our LA office, but the rest of our operation is still managed in Portland.

Toy Drive
Child Foundation's Annual Toy Drive is still going on strong. Our wonderful volunteers in Boston are also collecting toys now. Please see the drop-off locations of our Toy Drive here.

If you'd like to join us, Please contact our office for further instruction.


Volunteering for CF


Did you know that with only a few hours per month, you can make a difference in a child's life? Child Foundation needs your expertise and time. You can help us in marketing, event planning, fundraising, PR, sponsorship, translating, grant research, and many other humanitarian plans.

All you have to do it complete our volunteer application, and our coordinator will contact you with a project. Age is no limit, we have had volunteers between ages 15 and 75. All we need is motivation to help children in need!

Child Foundation is a member of the President's Volunteer Service Award, and therefore out volunteers can be recognized by his office for volunteering for Child Foundation.


Upcoming Events:

December, 2015:
Annual Toy Drive
Los Angeles, CA

December, 2015:
Toy Drive - Boston
Boston, MA

Check out more of our upcoming and past events on our website!
The mission of Child Foundation is to help children in need, who have been identified as high achievers to remain in school. We believe that education can move a child beyond the stigma of poverty and give that child the tools to reach his or her true and full potential. Since our inception in 1994, Child Foundation has provided basic necessities to children living in poverty or hardship, enhancing the quality of life for these children as well as their respective families. By providing access to education, Child Foundation hopes to eliminate children prematurely leaving school, and in certain cases, avoid early matrimony.
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