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May, 2016
Letter from the President
Peyman's letter
Dear friends,
After returning from my trip to Iran, I couldn’t stop thinking about the children we visited. Among many cities I visited, my trip to Zahedan stuck the most in my mind. I felt so sad when I visited the outskirt of the city, where some of the children we support lived. The conditions was terrible, children were running around in dirty alleys with no shoes, many in dirty clothes. It was there that we decided to help them with shoes, and hygiene products, while working with their parents for their children’s educational needs. I am happy to report that the first delivery of hygiene material was sent and our wonderful staff and volunteers distributed them to some of the families we met. They also distributed shoes and we started a shoe fund that is still running. I hope you donate generously to this fund so we can provide more children with proper shoes.

My colleague, Mrs. Dadkhah, informed me that soon Child Foundation will open its new offices in Maragheh and Marivan. This way, we will be able to support many Kordish students in that part of the country to go to school. Through the generosity of one of our donors in the US, soon we will also be able to open Child Foundation’s office in Ahvaz, in Khozestan. If you are interested in helping establish a Child Foundation office in your hometown, please do not hesitate to contact us here. We are always ready to expand our services in other cities where do not yet have a presence.

Last week, on behalf of Child Foundation I participated in a joint program with UNICEF, UN Women, and UNA-LA in UCLA about community services and how university students can be involved in global issues and charity volunteering. I encouraged UCLA students to join us for internship and volunteer work. Our volunteers are the backbone of our work, and I encourage you to join us as well.

Best Regards,

Peyman Raoofi Psy.D.
President & CEO

1,000 Food Baskets for 1,000 Families
Food packages
As we get closer to the month of Ramadan, we become excited for our "1,000 Baskets for 1,000 Families" project.  Traditionally, one of our most successful annual events, this program aims to provide a months’ worth of dietary allowance for 1,000 families around the world at a time when food prices tend to be much higher than normal.

This year, we estimate the cost of these food packages at $45 for small and $90 for larger families.  We urge all of our kind and caring donors to please consider supporting one or more needy families at this time, when fasting may not just be a ritual, but the only option they will have.

Child Foundation is not a religious organization. Nor, does it ever get involved with projects like this on religious or ideological grounds.  All we do is provide the most basic of necessities (in this case, food) for families with children at a time of year when this need is probably the greatest, and the burden too much to bear alone.

Please donate generously to our food basket fund.

Amir needs Medical Help 
Amir is a very hard working student in 8th grade with an excellent GPA of 20 out of 20, and he is preparing himself for the Math Olympiad. Amir lost his father about ten years ago and lives with his older sister (who suffers from a mental disorder) and his mother in a very small house. They have a very hard time paying their monthly mortgage since they have four loans, and all of their furniture is very old.

On top of all of this, Amir, who was suffering from malnutrition, has been diagnosed with peripheral Neuropathy which is a nerve related disease. A few of our kind donors have helped with part of his treatment, but we are still in need of additional funds to help him. Please donate to our medical fund so we can help Amir to continue his treatment. We are sure that with his dedication and hard work, he will not only beat his illness, but will become successful in his Math Olympiad.
Hi, I'm Abolfazl!
Abolfazl is a smaart ten-year-old boy from the city of Borojerd. His mother is trying her best to support her family on her own, but they are struggling to get by. This young student needs help to be able to stay in school and continue his education. 

Please consider helping this young student so that he may continue to attend school.

See more children waiting for sponsorship.

Gift for Zaynab

Our donor Zara from California bought her sponsored daughter, Zaynab, a television and washer. Zaynab in her letter thanked her and said, “When I grow up, I want to be a kind person like you and help others.” Zeynab studies hard and wants to be become a doctor one day. Thanks to Zara's continuous support, we are sure she can achieve her dream.


Iranian Cultural Event

Iranian Cultural Show

Dr. Raoofi, Child Foundation’s president, will have a presentation at the Iranian Cultural Show in UCLA Freud Playhouse on Friday and Saturday May 20 and 21st. Many thanks to the Iranian Student group of UCLA for providing us with this opportunity. 


Tehran Holdem 
Tehran Holdem
Tehran Holdem, a charity poker tournament, has chosen Child Foundation as one of the nonprofits that will receive part of its proceeds. Tehran Holdem will be held on Sunday May 22nd in Impact Hub in San Francisco and all of its proceeds will be divided among charities, including Child Foundation. For more information, please visit here.


Kamran & Hooman


Through the hard work of our wonderful volunteers in the Boston area, Kamaran and Hooman will have a concert to benefit Child Foundation on Saturday June 11th. Please let your friends in the New England region know and encourage them to attend. Additional information can be found here.

Upcoming Events:

May 20-21, 2016:
Iranian Cultural Show

May 22, 2016:
Tehran Holdem
San Francisco, CA

June 11, 2016:
Kamran & Hooman Live in Concert
Boston, MA

Check out more of our upcoming and past events on our website!
The mission of Child Foundation is to help children in need, who have been identified as high achievers to remain in school. We believe that education can move a child beyond the stigma of poverty and give that child the tools to reach his or her true and full potential. Since our inception in 1994, Child Foundation has provided basic necessities to children living in poverty or hardship, enhancing the quality of life for these children as well as their respective families. By providing access to education, Child Foundation hopes to eliminate children prematurely leaving school, and in certain cases, avoid early matrimony.
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