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New lithium ion battery cathode material is available now.  Li(Mn0.85Ni0.15 )O2 Is a layered material.  It is more stable than high voltage spinel and high capacity lithium Manganese Nickel oxide.  It also gives flexibility with voltage and the capacity.    You can order sample quantities as low as 25 g.    If you need larger quantities contact us at (214)929-6790.

Register free and see complete pricing and specification details.

More details:

Li(Mn0.85Ni0.15 )O2

We have this material in stock and can be shipped within one business day.

Also in stock our recent addition production grade 

Lithium Titanate (LTO)

In addition we offer variety of battery cathode and anode materials for energy and power applications.  

For more details visit our website.
We accept major Credit Cards. 

We also accept POs from Universities and other research institutions.
We offer variety of lithium ion battery and fuel cell components to help the R&D community.  Researchers in these areas can now focus on their area of research.  They no longer need spend time and resources to learn trades that are not in their focus areas of research.

If you have difficulty in sourcing battery or fuel cell components or anything related to your R&D we can help you.

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Hello Dr. Valued Customer,

We welcome you to explore our website.  You can now buy variety of lithium ion battery cathode, anode materials for power and energy applications.  Finished ready to use electrodes are also available in few different sizes. Fuel cell catalysts, gas diffusion layers, three and five layer membrane electrode assemblies, and titanium products from one online store.

Many more new electrodes for water purification, waste water treatment, cathodic protection, copper recovery, Chlor-Alkali  applications are coming soon.
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