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  July 2014
June Prize Winner

The winner of the June Provider Connection drawing was Gena Kraemer, who won a Kids in the Kitchen cookbook.  Read each Provider Connection, find the code [2014], click it, complete the entry form, and submit your entry.

In this issue:
+ June Prize Winner
+ Correct Portion Sizes
+ If You Use Paper Menus 
+ Why the Claim Summary Matters
+ New USDA Rates
+ Tier Renewals Sent 6/30
+ Milk Requirements
+ Approved Milk Substitutes
+ Remember to Enter!
Feeding Infants Correctly  

  Correct Portion Sizes

Portion sizes are the minimum amount you must make available to each child. Some children will need more; some need less. USDA-required portion sizes are listed in the 10/08 WECA Provider Manual on pp. 21-27 (infants, pp. 36,37).
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  If You Use Paper Menus 

Do you still use paper menu forms? Please don't leave blank columns on your forms, except on the last page of your infant or regular menus for each month. We appreciate everyone's help in conserving these forms.
If you have questions, please contact your area coordinator.

Why the Claim Summary Matters

Review your claim summary for each claim. It shows your errors and how your claim was paid. Log into, and click on My CACFP Info, Summaries of Processed Claims. To review or print your information, select the correct month.
You may also call ##8051 each month to request that your claim summary, a CIF, and/or the Provider Connection be mailed to you.

New USDA Rates 

For your convenience, the new rates (if available by our deadline) effective 7/1/14 to 6/30/15, are posted. If not yet available, they will be posted as soon as possible:  Tier Renewals Sent 6/30

Your tier is important because it determines how much you’re paid.
  • All income eligibility forms expired June 30. New forms were mailed 6/30/14 to current providers. New providers are sent forms on an individual basis.
  • New applications must be received by 7/31/14 for a possible July 1 effective date.
  • If you haven’t received new tier information by July 16, call 800-783-9322 [2014], ##7237.
Milk Requirements

At home visits, your area coordinator verifies that you’re serving the correct milk to children by age. If not, any affected meal/snack will be disallowed and she will put a Corrective Action Plan into place.
  • Children two years and older MUST be served skim or 1% milk.
  • One year-olds MAY be served skim or 1%, but whole or 2% milk is RECOMMENDED.
  • WECA is not required to deduct for incomplete or incorrect milk documentation on menus.
Approved Milk Substitutes

A child one year or older who can't drink regular milk for a dietary reason can be served an approved non-dairy beverage at parent request. The substitution is at your option and expense. You and the parent must complete and submit a Non-dairy Substitute Request Form to the WECA Food Program, and the substitute must be approved before it can be reimbursed. The list of approved Non-dairy Milk Substitutes and Request Form are available at, Food Program, Food Program Resources. 

Remember to Enter!

Before 8/31/14, read the assignments in your Provider Handbook (Nutrition and Wellness Tips for Young Children) to answer six questions correctly and submit your answers online. The Provider Handbook is also located at, Food Program, Food Program Resources, for your convenience.

For assignments and questions, go to Print the worksheet to help keep track of your answers, but you must submit your final answers online.

Answer all six questions correctly and submit your entry online before August 31 for a chance to win one of 12 prizes. You may enter only once and must answer all questions correctly to be entered into the drawing.

Prizes include four "Grow It, Try It, Like It" USDA resource kits, and four Foam Flyer games and four Foam Ring-Toss games from Lakeshore Learning. Winners will be chosen at random from all correct online entries meeting the August 31 deadline.

Feeding Infants Correctly

The following foods are not creditable for infants on the food program and will be deducted. This is not a complete list; for more information, see pp. 36 and 37 in your 10/08 provider manual:
  • Baby food combination dinners (Chicken and vegetables, for example). These don’t have enough of any one component to meet USDA requirements.
  • Baby food desserts (if the label says “dessert,” the food isn't creditable).
  • Iron-fortified infant cereals that already contain fruit.
Infants may be allergic to:
  • Nuts, seeds and nut butters.
  • Citrus fruits.
  • Egg whites.
  • Shellfish (shrimp, lobster, crawfish, scallops, oysters, crab, clams, etc.).
Infants can choke on:
  • Dried fruits, such as raisins.
  • Hot dogs.
  • Grapes.
  • Peanut butter and other nut butters.
  • Meat sticks.
  • Raw vegetables.
The Provider Connection is published by the WECA Food Program.
Food Program Director:
Cindy Poole      Provider Connection Editor: Rita Schmidt 

To join the WECA Food Program, call 800-783-9322, ext. 7245,
or visit 
WECA Food Program
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This institution is an equal opportunity provider. 

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