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  MAY 2014
Prize Drawing Winner

Congratulations to Nancy Kanter, winner of the April Provider Connection prize drawing. Read each issue, find and click on the code [2014], complete the online entry, and submit. You might win!
In this issue:
+ Prize Drawing Winner
Do We Have Your Correct Email?
Attention: Tier Two Providers
+ Thank You for Your Feedback 
+ Give a Shout if You’ll Be Out
When Do Direct Deposits Occur?
Child ID Numbers Must Match
Paper Claimers: Create Your Own Custom Menus
It's Here: Read to Win!
  Do We Have Your Correct Email?

If you change your email address, here's how to let us know:
  Attention: Tier Two Providers

Head Start children who are enrolled in your care can be reimbursed at tier one rates when you serve them eligible meals. A copy of a current, approved Head Start application from the child’s family; or a statement of enrollment in Head Start must be on file with WECA in place of an approved Parent Income Application. Updated Head Start documentation is required for each new federal fiscal year.

Thank You for Your Feedback
Thank you for answering the questions on the monthly prize drawing entry form. Many of you told us that your biggest challenges with feeding children are getting them to try a variety of foods, dealing with picky eaters, etc. We asked Area Coordinator Julie Giles, who has been a family child care provider for almost 20 years, if she could help us help you.
 Click here to read what she said.

USDA Policy: Give a Shout if You’ll Be Out

Whenever you'll be out with the children at a normal meal or snack time, you must inform your area coordinator before 7:00 am. on that day. Call 800-783-9322 to leave a message on her voice mail.

Here’s why: If she comes for a home visit while you’re out, and you haven't returned within a half hour of your normal serving time, you will lose payment for that meal or snack. So, if you change your normal serving times, let your area coordinator know. Then she can plan future visits for the correct times.

When Do Direct Deposits Occur?
  • Direct deposits are made on or before the 10th of each month. WECA sends a notification to the email address we currently have on file for you. Check with your bank to find out when it credits direct deposits.
  • Submit each claim by the 5th of the month following the claim month for on-time payment. We can't guarantee payment for claims received 30 days or more after their due date. 
  • For the direct deposit date, dial ##4001. This message is updated when the most current information is available. 
Child ID Numbers Must Match

Whenever you submit a Child Enrollment Form, be sure that the ID number of the child enrolled on that form (one through 35) matches:
  • The ID number used to pre-enroll the child online, or;
  • The ID number used to claim the child on your scanned forms.
When ID numbers don’t match, you lose money. This is a provider error and is not adjustable, so always review your Child Enrollment Forms before you send them. Later, if you notice an error on your copy, let us know. We can fix it so it won’t affect future claims.

Paper Claimers: Create Your Own Custom Menus

If you like using Master Menus, but need more variety, take a few minutes each day to create your own Custom Menus (CMs). You may create up to 20 days of CMs. Then submit your menus to the WECA office for approval. After they have been approved and returned to you, you may start using them. Serve just Master Menus (MMs) and Custom Menus (CMs), or write out individual foods when you need to. Just like Master Menus, CMs cannot be used for infants.

All your menus must meet food program guidelines. (Refer to the 10/08 online Provider Manual at, Food Program, Food Program Resources.)

To print the Custom [2014] Menu information, go to, Food Program, Food Program Forms, Food Claims. Or call ##7245 and ask to have it mailed to you.

It's Here: Read to Win!

Starting this month, and continuing through July, read the assigned materials in your Provider Handbook (Nutrition and Wellness Tips for Young Children). (For your convenience, it's also located on the WECA website at, Food Program, Food Program Resources.) You may also print a worksheet to help you keep track of your answers, but you must transfer your answers to the online entry form and submit it to enter.

Before August 31, correctly answer all six questions about the material and
submit your online entry for a chance to win one of 12 prizes. Entries will be judged after August 31. You may enter only once, and you must answer all questions correctly to be entered into the drawing.

Prizes include four "Grow It, Try It, Like It" USDA resource kits that some of you previewed last year; and four Foam Flyer games and four Foam Ring-Toss games from Lakeshore Learning. Winners will be chosen at random from all the correct online entries that meet the August 31 deadline.

You must use the online entry form and answer each question correctly to participate. Submission deadline for your online entry is August 31, 2014.

Thank you to Area Coordinator Annette Wilburn for her suggestions about using this great USDA resource!
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