The Provider Connection - February 2014  
  Tier 2 Providers: New School Data Is Available for You
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Prize Drawing Winners

Maria Leis, Monroe County, was the winner of January's prize drawing for the Kizmos plastic storage set. Tammy Dannhoff of Winnebago County won the December 2013 drawing for the 5-Minute Activity Box. Congratulations! 

February's prize is Gooseberry Patch's Kids in the Kitchen cookbook. Each month, read the Provider Connection, look for the code [2014], click on it and enter the prize drawing.


In this issue:
+ Prize Drawing Winners
Do You Still Use Scanned Forms?
Tier 2? New School Data's Here 
+ Respond to Our Letters
+ How to Drop A Child from Care
When to Use A CIF
+ Your Claim Summary Matters

+ Make Hot Chocolate with Milk
+ The Payment Hotline is ##4001
  Do You Still Use Scanned Forms?
  • Separate the bar-coded forms at the perforations; keep your carbon copies.
  • Completely erase unwanted pencil marks on your claim. Crossing them out may create errors for yourself.
  • Help us help you by separating your bar-coded forms from other forms before mailing them all in the large yellow envelope. 
  Tier 2 Providers: New School Data Is Here

The newest list of Tier 1 qualifying schools is now available. Tier 2 (the lower tier) providers may request a review of your child care address for tier one school eligibility. Call ##7237 to request a Tier 2 Provider Address Review. 

Respond to Our Letters So You Don’t Miss Out

If you receive one of these emails or letters in error, call ##7245 to follow up right away:
  • “We didn’t receive your claim” for the most recent claim month.
  • “We received your claim too late” to process it on time.
How to Drop A Child from Care

Wait 60 days after you last claim a child to drop him or her, so you'll be paid properly. Then complete and submit the online form To Drop a Child from Care, located at Food Program, Food Program Forms, Food Claims (or take the shortcut from the site [2014].

If you file on scanned forms, use your Claim Information Form (CIF). Under To Drop a Child from Care, enter the child’s number, name and last day in care and then submit the CIF with your claim.

Why Your Claim Summary Matters

Your claim summary shows how your claim was paid and should be reviewed each month.Go to, My CACFP Info, Summaries of Processed Claims. Select the correct month to review or print your information. OR call ##8051 each month to request that your claim summary, CIF and/or the Provider Connection be sent to you.

Always Make Hot Chocolate with Milk

Only hot chocolate made with fluid milk can be credited as a food program milk requirement. Record the hot chocolate as milk on your menus.

When to Use Your Claim Information Form (CIF)

If you still use scanned forms, use a CIF only when you need to give us information. Just use one of the categories on the form. Print more CIFs from the WECA website at, under Food Program, Food Program Forms, Food Claims, Claim Information Form.  Or call ##8051 each month to request that a CIF, your claim summary and/or the Provider Connection be mailed to you.

The Payment Hotline is ##4001

For the next direct deposit date, call ##4001. This message is updated when we get the most current information.

The Provider Connection is published by the WECA Food Program.
Food Program Director:
Cindy Poole      Provider Connection Editor: Rita Schmidt 

To join the WECA Food Program, call 800-783-9322, ext. 7245,
or visit 
WECA Food Program
Madison Office
744 Williamson St., Suite 200
Madison, WI 53703
  Milwaukee Office
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This institution is an equal opportunity provider. 

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