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  MARCH 2014
Always Serve 100% Juice

Juice served on the food program must be 100% juice. Enter either “100% juice” or the name of the first fruit or vegetable in the list of ingredients. Entering just “juice” is not sufficient.

Serving Homemade Combination Foods

When you serve a homemade recipe that
combines ingredients from two or more food
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+ Always Serve 100% Juice
Homemade Combination Foods
Apply for Income-Eligibility Any Time
+ Prize Drawing Winner
+ Are You Moving? Let Us Know Right Away!
Are You Licensed with An Assistant?

USDA-Approved Milk Substitutes
Infants' Special Requirements
Read to Win!
  groups (meat and vegetable, etc.), be sure to list each individual component on your menus. We don't know your recipes!
  Apply for Income Eligibility Any Time

When financial/household circumstances change, you may apply for income eligibility. You can also apply to claim eligible foster children living in your home at any time. Forms are available at, Food Program, Food Program Forms, Financial, or call ##7237 to request a form.

Prize Drawing Winner

Laura Christman was the winner of the February drawing for Gooseberry Patch's Kids in the Kitchen cookbook. Congratulations! March's prize is the Kizmos BPA-free plastic storage set. Each month, read the Provider Connection, look for the code [2014], click on it and enter the drawing.

Are You Moving? Let Us Know Right Away!

Inform us when you know your new address and the effective date. Your site address determines your tier and reimbursement rate. Tier policy states that the effective date of your change is the first of the month in which your move occurs. Let us know online at, Food Program, Food Program Forms, Food Claims, Change in Provider Information. Or call ##7235.

Are You Licensed with An Assistant?

 All licensed providers with assistants need a completed Statement for Providers with Assistants Form on file so your claim will process properly. Your form will expire when you inform us that you no longer use an assistant.Visit, Food Program, Food Program Forms, Required Documents, to complete and submit the online form, or to print a mail-in form. Or call ##7245 to request a form.

USDA-Approved Milk Substitutes

Children who are one or older, and can't drink regular milk for dietary reasons, may be served an approved non-dairy beverage at parent request. These substitutions are at the option and expense of the provider.

You and the parent must complete and submit a Non-dairy Substitute Request Form,and the substitute must be approved before it can be reimbursed. The approved Non-dairy Milk Substitutes list is available at, Food Program, Food Program Forms, Important Resources.

Infants' Special Requirements

You are required to offer, at no cost to parents, an approved iron-fortified infant formula to each infant in care. Enter that formula on the Parent/Provider Formula Agreement submitted for the infant. You must offer formula even if t
he infant now gets breast milk, or if the parent now supplies formula.

You must also inform us when a parent brings solid food for a 4-11 month infant. claimers must complete and submit “Infant Food Provided by Parent.” Take the shortcut from [2014] Paper claimers must highlight in yellow the solids that the parent supplied. claimers who feed different solid foods to two or more infants of the same age must complete and submit the online form “Infants of Same Age Fed Different Foods." Take the shortcut.

Read to Win!

Coming soon: Read the assigned sections in your USDA Provider Handbook (Nutrition and Wellness Tips for Young Children), answer a total of six questions correctly, and you could win a prize!

We will print two questions each month from different sections of the Handbook. Answer all six questions correctly and submit your answers. Your name will be entered in a drawing for one of 12 prizes!
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