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  JUNE 2014
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Menu Variety 

Be sure to offer kids a variety of foods; don't claim the same food in two different ways at a meal (for example, apples and apple juice are both apples). Serve and enter anothecreditable fruit/veggie item instead.
In this issue:
+ Menu Variety 
Tier Renewals Go Out June 30
May's Prize Winner
+ Send Updated Regulations
Shelf-stable Meats Aren't Creditable
Water is Important
You Could Win!
Civil Rights in the Federal Food Program

  Tier Renewals Go Out June 30  
All income eligibility forms expire June 30, 2014, and new forms will be mailed to you that same day. If you need to re-apply, submit your new application (and any required documentation) to the Madison office before 7/31/14 for a possible July 1 approval date. If you haven’t received your materials by July 16, call 800-783-9322, ##7237.

May's Prize Winner

The winner of the May Provider Connection drawing was Nancy Kanter, who won a Kizmos BPA-free plastic storage set. Congratulations! Always read your Provider Connection to find the code [2014]. Click on it, complete the entry form, and submit. You could win, too!

Send Updated Regulations

Remember to fax, email, or send a copy of each page of your updated regulation to us as soon as you get it. Updated licenses and certificates aren't automatically forwarded to us.
  • Fax it to 608-442-5306, email to, or send to WECA Food Program, 744 Williamson St., Ste. 200, Madison, WI, 53703. Please write your six-digit WECA provider number on at least one page.
  • If you submit your regulation timely, we can continue to pay your claims properly.
Shelf-stable Meats Aren't Creditable

These are examples of shelf-stable dried meat, poultry or seafood items that are NOT CREDITABLE on the food program and will be deducted. Don't lose money. Serve a creditable meat/meat alternate instead, and enter that item on your menus.
  • Pepperoni.
  • Summer sausage.
  • Smoked snack sticks (beef sticks, etc.).
  • Jerky.
  • Shelf-stable nuggets produced in a way that is similar to jerky.
Water is Important 

Water isn't stored in the body in the same way that nutrients are. So if we lose more water than we drink (by sweating, for example), dehydration can easily happen. This can be serious for children and older adults. The symptoms may include:
  • Lethargy.
  • No (or few) tears when crying.
  • Less urination.
  • Irritability.
  • Sunken eyes.
You are required to have water available on demand for children one year and up. You can set a good example by drinking plenty of water, also.

You Could Win!

We started a new contest in May, using assigned readings in your Provider Handbook (Nutrition and Wellness Tips for Young Children). (For your convenience, the Handbook is also located on the WECA website at, Food Program, Food Program Resources.)

Print the worksheet
to keep track of your answers, but you must submit your answers on the online form to enter.

Before August 31, correctly answer all six questions and
submit your online entry for a chance to win one of 12 prizes. Entries will be judged after August 31. You may enter only once and you must answer all questions correctly to be entered into the drawing.

Prizes include four "Grow It, Try It, Like It" USDA resource kits that several providers previewed for us last year; and four Foam Flyer games and four Foam Ring-Toss games from Lakeshore Learning. Winners will be chosen at random from all correct online entries that meet the deadline.

Remember: Use the online entry form and answer each question correctly to participate. Submission deadline for the online entry form is August 31, 2014.
Thank you, Area Coordinator Annette Wilburn, for your help.
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  Civil Rights in the Federal Food Program

Civil rights are the rights of personal liberty guaranteed by the 13th and 14th Amendments to the Constitution and by Acts of Congress. The goals of civil rights include:
  • Equal treatment for applicants and beneficiaries.
  • Knowledge of the rights and responsibilities for applicants and beneficiaries.
  • Elimination of illegal barriers that prevent or deter anyone from receiving benefits.
  • Dignity and respect for all.
You must provide all children who attend your family child care home equal access to the benefits of the federal food program. You are required to:
  • Provide the food program in a nondiscriminatory manner.
  • Distribute the “Building for the Future” flyer to all newly-enrolled families.
  • Give a Parent/Provider Formula Agreements to the family of each newly-enrolled infant.
  • Refer all civil rights complaints to the WECA [2014] Food Program.
The federal nondiscrimination statement must be displayed on all your printed materials that are available to the public, if the materials mention or imply USDA and/or the Child and Adult Care Food Program. (This includes your website, if you have one. At the very least, the statement, or a link to it, must be included on your home page in the same font size as your materials.) A link to the federal nondiscrimination statement (English/Spanish) is posted on the WECA website on the main Food Program page
The Provider Connection is published by the WECA Food Program.
Food Program Director:
Cindy Poole      Provider Connection Editor: Rita Schmidt 

To join the WECA Food Program, call 800-783-9322, ext. 7245,
or visit 
WECA Food Program
744 Williamson St., Suite 200
Madison, WI 53703
This institution is an equal opportunity provider. 

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