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October, 2015    

Internet Marketing Insights


The Importance of Drip Campaigns in Your Email Marketing

By Jeff Hirz, Dynamics Online's Social Media and Content Marketing Manager

Lead nurturing has become one of the most powerful tools at the modern marketer's disposal. Using inbound marketing tactics like social media, content marketing, search engine optimization and email campaigns, we're able to influence buyer behavior in ways never before thought possible.

The most effective marketing tactic in this inbound marketing repertoire is, above and away, email marketing. This is your target audience literally giving you permission to communicate with them. This is your target audience saying, "I want to hear more from you!" (Note that I still recommend utilizing all of the inbound marketing tools at your disposal.)

But like any marketing tool, email marketing is frequently misused. So how do we differentiate ourselves on this platform? How do we gain – and maintain – access to the coveted inbox?

By building trust.

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Unique Design Showcases Writers

Writers of the World

Writers of the World is an initiative launched by our client Warren Adler, author of "The War of the Roses," 40 published novels including, plays, poems and essays, and more than 100 short stories. The objective of the ambitious project, launched just two weeks ago, is to give writers from all over the world a forum to discuss, quite simply, why they write.

Dynamics Online programmed the section using a contemporary "masonry" layout to achieve an elegant and modern design, distinguishable from the rest of the site's more standard page layouts. A masonry layout is also referred to as a "Pinterest-style" layout, as pinterest.com was the first major website to use this style. This popular layout is characterized by elements of varying heights fitting neatly together, like bricks, with even spacing around them.

Visit Writers of The World - Warren Adler >


Specialty Steel Company

Specialty Steel Company

A website redesign illustrates how we continue to serve our clients as technology and viewing habits change. Specialty Steel Company has been selling to steel distributors in the United States for more than 40 years. They provide high-strength heat-treated alloys and a variety of other specialty steel products.

Dynamics Online redesigned its site to be responsive and display properly on all devices. The design is simple and straightforward, complete with a request for quote form and prominent calls to action to drive visitors to fill out an online form.

Visit SpecialtySteel.com >
Tree Planting

Dynamics Online was one of the Beech Tree Sponsors who supported the repopulation of beech trees once native to Beachwood. This is a project of the Beachwood High School Junior Achievement Company Program to commemorate the City of Beachwood's 100th anniversary. Pictured here with the ceremonial first tree at Beachwood High School are (left to right) Susan Ringel, Beachwood Mayor Merle S. Gorden and Bruce Newburger.

Happy Hour

Dynamics Online enjoyed a happy hour with Eleanor and Sarah from National Association of Estate Planners & Councils.


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