Warm up your ovens for the Bake Sale!
It's not too early to begin thinking about what you would like to bake
for the Bake Sale held in conjunction with the
54th Annual Blintz Brunch
Sunday, November 5th.
Bake your specialties! 
We know that some of you are especially noted for delicious
bundt cakes, breads, challahs, and kugels
AND don't forget soups, stuffed cabbage, chopped liver,
kugels, tsimmes, and fancy cookies! 
Remember please, NO MIXES and package your items attractively. 
Seal packages tightly and label with ingredients.
You can plan to drop your items off on Saturday, November 4 from 10am – noon.  We’ll price them and put them on display.
All Bake Sale items represent 100% profit for the LJCC,
and we run out of items early, so we need many of you to contribute! 
Warm up your ovens and take the chill off!!
Contact Steve Hurst at hurstlaw@aol.com or 766-0029 
or Neil Salkind at neiljsalkind@gmail.com with any questions.  
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