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ZeekRewards News & Updates
From Bobby "The Viral Zeek"
April 2012 Week 3
The latest ZeekRewards News

What You Need To Know About ZeekRewards...Is it For You?

1) If you can''t recruit, It''s for you!

2) You are paid daily profit shares on the number of bids you purchase that you give away to new customers, not from people you have to recruit. You are also paid on bid purchases from your customers.

3) ZeekRewards is ranked at as the 322nd most visited Website in the World. It gets more hits than,, and most all internet businesses World Wide.

4) We have over 3 million people visiting our Zeekler Penny Auction Website.

5) If you are a business owner with no time, ZeekRewards is for you. If you like the thought of almost no overhead you''ll love Zeek!

6) If you like automation, ZeekManagerTM will do the work for you. You literally will not have to do anything but give away FREE leads to new Penny Auction customers.

7)  It makes no difference if you are new to Network marketing or a veteran, I could set up a ZeekRewards business for a 5th grader and they''d earn as much as a Internet business expert doing the same. I can do it for you!

8) ZeekRewards pays in the form of profit shares,  50% of the daily income from it''s Zeekler Penny Auction website to it''s advertisers, you/me.

9) They pay you/me for advertising rather then traditional advertising like newspaper, TV, radio, magazine, Internet etc, which would incur millions of dollars on-going.

10) Superb product, World Wide Appeal. One of a kind business model, it sells itself.

11) Troy Dooley from MLM HelpDesk gives you this fabulous news regarding the ZeekRewards opportunity Click Here

Click here to watch this video, "You Get paid To Advertise"


Put your ZeekRewards™ on Auto Pilot with ZeekManager

ZeekManager is an inexpensive and scalable platform used to manage your ZeekRewards™ affiliate account.
Place your account on auto pilot and let ZeekManager automatically place your daily ad for you; no more forgetting or worrying. It''s a God send!

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Keep What You earn!

homebixtax 2Click the video  link below  to learn how having your own home based business can help you save the money you earn.

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Did You Know?

1) You Don''t Have to recruit anyone into ZeekRewards to be successful

2)  Whatever amount of bids you purchase to give away to new customers will earn you profit shares of about 275% over 90 days. Go figure the math!

3) Your work load is about 4 minutes per day,   
"zero" with new automated ad placing software, see above...

4) You''ll see earnings every single day that will show in your back office Transactions Report

5) ZeekRewards has the largest advertising force on the Internet?

Learn About Zeek in This Video Webinar...Must See!

My Auction Wins

Shark Navigator Vacuum Won $6.47-
Braun Shaver  Won .36 Cents-Sold $184.00
Bulova Watch  Won .02 Cents-Sold $138.00 
Sony PlayStation Won $56.00-Sold-$237.00
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500 FREE Zeekler Bids


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Just send me a email letting me know you did and I''ll send you the link to get the FREE 1000 bids
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Today, 04/23/2012 is a monumental day for me.

Over $10,000,00 in my back office!

7 straight days of triple digit earnings!

Over $1000.00 raise coming this month!

My first substantial check is on it's way

My Zeek Income

paycheck Since Dec 2011



April week 1

April week 2

April Week 3

Zeek Screams Success!

So simple anyone can do it
  • If you can copy and paste (or know someone who can) - you can earn DAILY cash rewards
  • All it takes is 5 minutes a day
Here''s How to Get Started:
  • Choose your affiliate level
  • Enroll a few friends as free customers
  • Enroll a few friends as free affiliates
  • Sell a few e-commerce suites
  • Drive Traffic to
    and Earn 20% and one point on every dollar your customers spend on bids Or
  • Purchase some sample bids to give away to free customers
  • Drive traffic by placing ONE FREE AD every day
We reward you daily
for doing so Join NOW!

Is This You?

frustrationYou joined a online business for $50.00 or less and haven''t earned one cent?

You won''t earn if you can''t recruit anyone, right?

You join a opportunity and as soon as you click the pay button, you are completely lost and don''t know what to do next.

You send hundreds of emails and nothing happens

You complain because you haven''t earned and quit . This will not happen with Zeek!

ZeekRewards has changed all of the above!

What on earth are you waiting for? JOIN HERE

Helping Family

helping familyIf you are a parent supporting your grown children and grandchildren because of the economy, I can show you how ZeekRewards can make a huge change in all of your lives.


The Finals

keithsmartI've always believed no matter how many shots I miss, I''m going to make the next one." Isaiah Thomas
ZeekRewards will be your final Internet business!

Need More Info?

Click the link below to watch more videos

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Failed to Plan Retirement?

future 2ZeekRewards is a way anyone can quickly supplement their monthly income in a big way in just 90 days...
What a God send!

Click Here

ZeekRewards Income & Disclosure Statement

ZeekRewards Address

lexingtonNCOur headquarters is located in the beautiful town of Lexington, NC, USA on the I-85 corridor connection Charlotte and Raleigh. Rex Venture Group, LLC is a Nevada-based limited liability company that got it's start and has operated as a company in good standing for 14 years under the d.b.a Lighthouse America.

Home office is located at 803 West Center St., Lexington, NC 27292
Fax 3362431094

Link to my website
Bobby "The Viral Zeek"

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