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Lyre Notes
Winter 2013

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Christof-Andreas's Birthday Celebration

Christof 2What better wish could one have for an 80th birthday celebration than some “sunlight sent” from Europe and South America and various parts of North America to help bring to life once more the tones of Christof-Andreas’s deeply inward music, lifting hearts to the great Christ heart.

Family and friends from all over the world came or sent greetings to honor with gratitude the one who has devoted his life to music, the healing music of the lyre in particular. It was a merry gathering that descended on Beaver Run that weekend of August 18-20! We rehearsed with great intensity the lyre and vocal harmonies “From Sunlight Sent.” The lyre portion was conducted by Veronika Roemer, and Christof-Andreas’s daughter, Soleira, conducted the vocal part. Many friends from the community came to “From Sunlight Sent’s” performance, held in the blue room of Camphill Special School, which was followed by other music and poetry offerings of a very lively nature.
To name a few of these: Operatic renditions by Dagmar, Christof-Andreas's professional opera singer sister; his granddaughter, Leonie, played violin; and hand bells were used by his family members in a funny, interactive way to give a panorama of his life. We also had an evening in which Christof-Andreas gave a most amazing overview of his early years that led up to his later years of life that most of us have known. There were also two special meals, a luncheon for his family and close friends from afar and a birthday breakfast with his lyre family.

So, as might be expected from our dear 80-year-old friend, his birthday gift was one of giving, giving, giving . . . of himself to others.

MaryLynn Channer – Lambertville, MI


Lyre 2013:  Conference for Lyre and the Human Voice

The LANA Board is happy to announce “Lyre 2013,” our summer lyre conference for this year, when we are celebrating our 30th anniversary. Every three years, LANA enlarges its conference theme to include other aspects of the "Movement for Musical Renewal." This year, our theme will be The Lyre and the Human Voice, with guest presenter Thomas Adam, Werbeck singer and Director of Werbeck Therapeutic Singing trainings in this country, Germany, and Brazil.

The conference will be held at Emerson Waldorf School in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The school and local anthroposophical branch have already extended a warm welcome, sending us photos of their lovely campus, and offering to help with housing and publicity. All of the school buildings have central air conditioning, so we need not suffer in the heat!!

The dates of the conference are from the evening of July 20 until noon on July 24. Local friends are planning to help with transporting us from Raleigh-Durham airport to the school, about a 30-45 minute drive.

The school will also host a professional development retreat for graduates of Thomas Adam’s Therapeutic Singing training, which will take place from the evening of July 25 until noon on the 28th. A committee of the Therapeutic Singing graduates is being formed to organize this event, and more information will be available in March.

We feel abundantly welcomed and blessed to have this opportunity, and we are very much looking forward to making new musical friends in the Chapel Hill area. Stay tuned for more detailed content and registration information!
Colleen Shetland, for the LANA Board

For the first time lyre players will be able to experience a conference in the South!

The venue – Emerson Waldorf School in Chapel Hill – is in a part of North Carolina called the Piedmont, the foothills, equidistant between the Appalachian Smokey Mountains to the West and the Atlantic Ocean coast to the East, a three-hour drive in either direction. Chapel Hill is primarily a college town and is the smallest municipality of the Triangle Region that includes Durham and our state capitol of Raleigh. In the middle of this metropolitan triangle is the Research Triangle Park and The International Raleigh-Durham Airport, which makes it easy for lyre players traveling long distances to come to Chapel Hill. There are numerous colleges, universities, and two major research and teaching hospitals (Duke and UNC Hospitals) here that all contribute to a highly educated populace. This area is quite cosmopolitan with cultural events happening every day and night of the week. All manner of healing modalities and any kind of culinary experience you could desire is here.
ChapelHillThe weather most of the year is moderate, such that there is no need for indoor halls in the Waldorf School but instead classrooms have doors that lead directly in or out. In July the weather can be humid and hot, but this should not discourage anyone from coming, as all the Waldorf School buildings are air-conditioned! The school is located in something called the rural-buffer zone, a band of land protected from development many miles wide starting about three miles outside of the town of Chapel Hill. The school’s campus is wooded. The area around it is mostly forest.

Life here is somewhat slow-paced. There is an air of graciousness and relaxed social interaction that will make you all feel comfortable and welcome and is why North Carolina is called “The Southern Part of Heaven.”
Warm greetings from Suzanne Mays

LANA's 30th Anniversary

LANA-logo 2In 2013 the Lyre Association of North America is celebrating 30 years of actively promoting the lyre on this continent. Initiated by a small group of lyre players in the northeast, the Lyre Association has expanded in multiple ways, offering publications, annual conferences, instrument rentals, and sheet music resources.

To honor the past accomplishments and to spark interest in the future of lyre playing, LANA is sponsoring a number of different special activities, from the east to west coasts. Throughout the calendar year, various regions will be holding concerts, in some cases joining with other instrumentalists, singers, and poets to showcase the lyre. Listed below are some of the events that are being planned. Stay tuned as more activities may be in the germinating phase.

We hope this inspires other lyrists to organize a performance in their area. It need not be a large or elaborate undertaking. A small gathering with those who might be interested in learning about this unique instrument would be welcome!
Catherine Decker –

Upcoming Concerts
The Greater Detroit Lyre Ensemble is planning a special concert in April to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the founding of the Lyre Association of North America. Along with a varied repertoire of classical and modern pieces, we will play Colin Tanser’s “Everyman,” with the singing provided by children who are students of Nancy Carpenter and Mary Lynn Channer.

Lyre-Concert 3

The Southeastern Pennsylvania Lyre Ensemble will present a special concert on Sunday, May 19, to celebrate the 30th birthday of the Lyre Association of North America. The program will include Telemann's Viola concerto, arranged for Viola and Lyre orchestra, music for Oboe and Lyres, and other arrangements and original music. The second part of the event will include an English high tea, where the audience will be entertained by music for Lyre and other instruments, to benefit The Christian Community.

Other concerts will be announced in future issues of Lyre Notes, including a September / Michaelmas concert in Harlemville, NY, and an October concert in Hadley, MA.  Stay tuned!

Read more about LANA's 30th Anniversary . . .


Inquiry from China
In December I received a phone call from a teacher in Peking, China. There exists a great need in China for a large number of affordable Lyres. The teacher expressed a great urgency, with great hope that instruments could be found for them. But obviously, money is an issue, and they cannot afford instruments from Germany. I promised him that I would contact the Lyre community here, so here we go:

Are there any instruments available at low cost? Is there a workshop that could produce nice instruments at low cost? I imagine small soprano lyres would be best, maybe even some diatonic 12 string instruments, as the groups in China appear to be in the beginning stages of Lyre playing. Does anyone know more about what the situation is in China? I would be wiling to be the contact person with the school in Peking, and organize the shipping of instruments and anything else needed. Thank you.
Veronika Roemer,

"Health Through Singing"

Christiaan Boele will present his “Health Through Singing” workshop at the Washington Waldorf School – February 27–28, 2013; 7 to 9:30 pm - $100 at the door or $80 in advance. Mail to: Nevin Bender – 8106 Carroll LaneSilver Spring, MD 20910

Every human being has a singing voice!  The work of The School of Uncovering the Voice is to unveil, take away the hindrances and free the voice.

Werbeck sessions
Session IV:  Fri, Mar 1: 7:30-9 pm; Sat, Mar 2: 9 am-5 pm; Sun, Mar 3: 9 am-12:30 pm
Session V: Tues, July 9 - Sat, July 13.  Cost for 2013: $990

Checks should be made out to Christiaan Boele and mailed to: Nevin Bender, 8106 Carroll LaneSilver Spring, MD 20910.

Open Singing Retreat

Summer course with Christiaan Boele has a new home in California

The School of Uncovering the Voice is happy to announce that after over a decade, the annual June Open Singing Course with Christiaan Boele has found a new home at a beautiful retreat center in the Sierra Nevada foothills east of Sacramento! We are now able to truly offer a complete singing retreat experience with lodging and meals included!

Why attend the Open Singing Retreat? In various areas of our lives, many of us are now looking for healthier and more holistic approaches and we are feeling a new sense of responsibility for realms such as nature, food, clean air, clean water, etc. Until recently, people have taken both their speaking as well as their singing voices for granted, as if they come for free and do not require any nurturing. The renewing thought which the School of Uncovering the Voice brings is that we need to take care of our voices in different ways than was done in earlier days.

How can we develop our precious, own instruments according to the needs of our times? In earlier eras of humanity, the singing voice was a central issue in life. Now our capacity is shrinking rapidly. We need caring ways of expressing ourselves through our voices and to realize: Through my voice, I express my whole being and by singing, I affect my overall balance and health. This can be done by the exercises given by Valborg Werbeck Svardstrom, who shows us easy ways to build up relation to all the basic elements needed for singing and care of the voice.

In a joyful way, we try to experience the musical world as well as to understand the background of our doing; embracing both practicality and understanding. Werbeck states that if there would be more singing and more righteous singing in our world, the criminality would decrease. This thought can be understood as follows: Being with our voice connects us to more pure parts of ourselves and develops that what we may as human beings want to become (our more realized selves).

The Open Singing Retreat provides a safe, welcoming and deeply renewing opportunity to do all of this and more. It is not only for trained singers, but it is also for people who do not yet have faith in their own capacity as singers and who are open to trying new experiences.

For more information and to register, contact: Sheryl Adler-Eldridge, US Organizer for the School of Uncovering the Voice,  Visit
visit, and see our new location in Auburn, CA at


  • To foster the experience and recognition of the freed tone
  • To foster the rediscovery and the deepening of the capacity to listen
  • To initiate, inspire, and support the sounding of the lyre for artistic, pedagogical, and therapeutic activity
  • To support the development of a movement for musical renewal in all its manifestations.



Membership in LANA

We invite you to join the Lyre Association of North America!   LANA members receive a subscription to Soundings: A Lyre Review (containing substantive articles and a music supplement) and a discount on fees for all conferences and workshops sponsored by LANA as well as on music bought through our service. Membership runs for one year from the time dues are received or one year from the expiration of current membership, whichever is a later expiration date.

Please make check for $40 (or $50 as Supporting Member) payable to "LANA" and send to: LANA, c/o M. Ketchum, 13 Morgan St, Phoenixville, PA 19460. Or pay with PayPal by sending money to  To fill out a form online, click this link: LANA Membership Form

Instruments and Accessories

For Sale Used Lyres & Accessories
Gärtner Flugel Kantele, used, with case, partially strung (missing two strings), Model 1955.  Also:
  • 1 set of Choroi Kinderleier strings, missing #10e, but with a blank e
  • 2 bottles of choroi string oil
  • Individual strings for a Gartner Kinder-Leier, model 1926/40+53, a',g',d' pentatonic, e' pentatonic
Please email me at if you are interested, and we will make a time to talk on the phone (610-847-6882).  Anita Warren

Lyre Rentals
The Lyre Association has Choroi and Gärtner lyres of various sizes that are available for rent. Monthly rent is $30-35, depending upon the size and quality of the lyre.
For more information on lyre rentals, contact Rosamond Hughes: 604-985-3019 /

New Lyres for Sale
LEIER_INSTRUMENTECurrently, most new lyres must be purchased directly from the builders, although we are exploring the possibility of having an American representative for some of the builders in Europe, etc. Contact Sheila Johns (301-681-6546 / with questions. Choroi lyres may be purchased through Mercurius ( Also, see ad below for Tir-anna lyres.

Tir-anna Lyres
• Soprano & solo lyres, and Kinderharps, designed and built by Alan Thewless.
• Strings for most lyres, good quality, made by Pyramid Strings.
• Lyre repairs
Contact Alan Thewless: 610-970-3047 /

Send us your stories!

For the Spring 2013 issue of the Lyre Notes, please send news, announcements, reports, and photos to Nancy Carpenter at

This issue of the Lyre Notes was produced by Margo Ketchum and Nancy Carpenter.

LANA Board Members

Colleen Shetland, President –3307 Cool Spring Rd, Hyattsville, MD 20783; 703-998-5264 /

Channa Seidenberg, Vice President – PO Box 925, Philmont, NY 12565; 518- 672-4389 /

Sheila Johns, Steering Committee; 1603 Tilton Drive, Silver Spring, MD 20902; 301-681-6546 /

Margo Ketchum, Treasurer – 13 Morgan St, Phoenixville, PA 19460   610-608-9281;

Nancy Carpenter, Secretary – 17155 Sioux, Detroit, MI 48224; 313-886-4863 /

Catherine Decker, Corresponding Secretary –1142 Rte 203, Chatham, NY 12037; 518-392-4692 /

Debbie Barford – 934 W. Carmen #2W, Chicago, IL 60640; 773-561-7910 /

Rosamond Hughes –310-1641 Lonsdale Ave, North Vancouver, BC V7M 2J5, Canada; 604-985-3019 /

Christof-Andreas Lindenberg, Emeritus – 1784 Fairview Rd, Glenmoore, PA 19343 610-469-2583

Lyre Teachers

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