Lyre Notes

Summer Lyre Conference in East Troy, WI


with Martin Tobiassen

Michael Fields Agricultural

July 1620, 2017 

The Lyre Association of North America is very pleased to have the opportunity this summer of 2017 to host our lyre conference in beautiful southeastern Wisconsin, at the Michael Fields Agricultural Institute in East Troy from Sunday afternoon, July 16, through Thursday morning, July 20.

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Every third year, LANA offers a dedicated lyre intensive with a master lyre teacher in preparation for an international conference the following summer. This year, we have the pleasure of welcoming internationally-recognized master teacher Martin Tobiassen from the town of Witten-Annen, near Dortmund, Germany.

Martin's musical career includes intensive performances in recitals and concerts, composing, teaching, coaching youth lyre groups, giving workshops, and organizing conferences. In his earlier years, Martin served as music teacher at the Michaelshof boarding school for children in need of special care. At that time, Julius Knierim and his wife Maja as well as lyrist Gerhard Beilharz were working and living at Michaelshof, and Martin was also serving as Julius's assistant in the Stuttgart Teacher Training. In addition, Martin has served for a number of years as the music teacher for the Hildesheim Waldorf School as well as teacher trainer in music and pedagogy at the "Institut für Waldorfpädagogik Witten/Annen" and the Kassel Teacher Training. 

Notes from the U.S.

Update on Channa Seidenberg

by Sheila Johns, LANA Board President,

Most of our LANA members and friends are aware of the ChannaChina 3extraordinary situation surrounding our beloved founding member of the Lyre Association of North America, Channa Seidenberg. Channa suffered a serious fracture of her femur while traveling in China in early February. Because her condition did not allow for further travel at that time, Channa remained in China and had major surgery in Shijiazhuang on February 24th. Her two sons – Julian, traveling from New York, and Andreas, traveling from Germany – were at her side almost from the beginning. After two and a half weeks of recovery, she was given the green light to travel back to the United States in specially accommodated transports on Wednesday, March 15th. After nearly 30 hours of travel, Channa and Julian arrived safely at JFK and were transported by ground ambulance to Albany Medical Center where she was reevaluated. As of this writing, Channa has been welcomed into the loving care of the house parents and co-workers at Kaspar House in Camphill Village, Copake, NY for the further time she needs for rehabilitation. 

Although Channa’s well being and healing have been of paramount importance, the reality of mounting medical expenses, lost income, and travel costs have put particular stress on the family. In response to this situation, LANA has hosted a YouCaring crowdfunding site on behalf of Channa in order to give her many friends, students, and colleagues an opportunity to make contributions to help defray the extraordinary costs the family has incurred over these last six weeks. To all who have already made financial contributions, the family is deeply grateful for each and every donation. To those who may still wish to donate, you are invited to do so at

Above all, the Seidenberg family extends deepest gratitude to each of you for your encouraging and light-filled thoughts leading up to her surgery and going forward now through her recovery process. Thank you for your loving support in every way during this time of unprecedented challenge for Channa and her family.

Meet LANA's New Board Members

At the 2016 Summer Lyre Conference in Hadley, Massachusetts, during the Annual General Meeting of the Lyre Association of North America (LANA), we thanked our outgoing board members Catherine Decker, Rosamond Hughes, and Suzanne Mays for their years of service. We then welcomed our three newly elected board members, Julia Elliot, Wendy Polich, and Seeya Zheng. Here, we would like to introduce them:

Julia Elliott
Julia Elliott has been involved with the musical life at the Waldorf School that her children attended in Beverly, MA, for nearly twenty years. She has worked as the eurythmy pianist and instrumental accompanist and currently teaches chorus to the upper grades. She had not encountered the lyre, however, until attending the Resonare course in Philmont, NY, four years ago...

Wendy Polich
Wendy Polich fell in love with the sound of the lyre in 2013 while attending a course along with LANA Board member Debbie Barford. Debbie had brought her lyre and every time she played, Wendy was bathed and entranced by the tones. Debbie recognized a sister lyrist soul and suggested she rent a lyre from LANA...

Seeya Zheng
Seeya Zheng studied International Business and worked as a Social Compliance specialist in China. She first heard a small group of lyrists playing while traveling in New Zealand and longed to learn about this angelic instrument...

Review of the Van der Pals/Kirchner-Bockholt Tone Eurythmy Therapy Course, Chicago, IL, October 2016

IMG_5713By Debbie Barford, Chicago, IL –

In addition to local attendees, eurythmists, physicians, and others, eurythmists and doctors traveled from afar to attend this workshop.  The course began on a Friday evening and ran for 10 days. I felt privileged, as a lyrist with some training in anthroposophic music therapy, to be able to attend a couple of evenings and the weekends.

Jan Ranck, who traveled from Israel to give this course, introduced us to the musical elements by way of exercise groups developed by Lea van der Pals and Dr. Kirchner-Bockholt for various medical conditions.  We worked with a very sensitive pianist, practicing many basic musical intervals along with musical excerpts used for the exercises.  It gave me just a glimpse into the intense practice and stamina required to become and work as a eurythmist. 

Celebrating Martinmas in Southeastern Michigan

By Nancy Carpenter, Detroit, MI –

Martinmas 2016 LyesAlong with the various Advent Gardens, Christian Community and Branch offerings during Advent, Christmas, and the Holy Nights, the Southeastern Michigan lyre players added one more event to our busy schedules. Mary Lynn Channer invited Michael Brewer, Nancy Carpenter, and Sandra McClure to join her and Deborah Wheelihan-Dasher, Suki Dasher and Christina Matesz in playing for the 2016 Martinmas Festival at the Channer home on November 11th in Lambertville, Michigan. 

We had seven lyres and a chrotta playing together in various combinations in the space formerly known as the Waldorf Kindercottage. We played the Nilsson Kanon and the Brahms Waltz in G arranged for lyres by Michael Brewer to an enthusiastic audience. A Saint Martin story was told by Luke Dasher, a young man who had been a student at the Kindercottage many years earlier. After a hearty potluck meal we lit our lanterns and walked around the Channers' labyrinth; the heartier folk then sojourned into the nearby woods for the yearly lantern walk. It was a lovely addition to the beginning of this special season.

Lyre Update from the Rocky Mountains of Colorado

by Holly Richardson, Carbondale, CO –

COpicThe work of the lyre is growing in the valley of the Waldorf School on the Roaring Fork in Carbondale, Colorado. 

Thanks to Hartmut Schiffer, retired Waldorf teacher and lyre enthusiast, there are now three of us with lyres playing together on a regular basis. We are all teachers, or have been teachers, at the school over the years: Lorraine Curry plays the alto lyre and has been a teacher of the cello and all of the stringed instruments at the school for many years. She also plays in the local "Valley Symphony."  Baruch Simon plays a soprano lyre and is a kindergarten teacher as well as a classical pianist. I am a preschool and parent/child teacher and love to play many instruments.  Hartmut Schiffer is the benefactor who helped to purchase all of these instruments.


Lyre Accompanies Madonna Series in Portland, OR

by Diane Rowley, Portland, OR –

SistineMadonnaIn 1911, Dr. Felix Pipers, an Anthroposophical physician, approached Rudolf Steiner to work with him in treating children and adults. Dr. Steiner suggested the use of a series of Madonna images primarily painted by the Renaissance artist, Raphael. This series has become known as the "Madonna Treatment" and is used as a therapy in Camphill Communities and other therapeutic settings. The essence and importance of the series lies in the particular sequential order as well as the composition of the pictures. The fifteen images, often accompanied by lyre music, have a regenerative force, enlivening the human being.

In honor of the Advent season, this remarkable healing Madonna Series was offered to the Portland community on December 2. Before showing the fifteen  images, a short presentation was offered by local art therapist, Cheri Munske. Music written specifically for this series by John S. Clark and Christof-Andreas LIndenberg was played on the lyre by Diane Rowley between the silent viewing of each picture.

This unique meditative and devotional experience was offered a second time, again accompanied by the lyre, at the end of the Holy Nights on January 6, with a longer, more in-depth presentation about the relationship of the series to the 5-pointed star, etc. Those in attendance were gratefully nourished by the timeless images and the ethereal music of the lyre.

Lyre Activities in Connecticut and Hillsdale, NY

by Diane Ingraham Barnes, Hillsdale, NY –

Dear Readers, I look forward to hearing about your lyre activities since our last Lyre Notes.  These are some of the activities I have been involved in. 

DianeBarnesLyreNotespicFirstly, we were lucky to have the lyre sound at the AAMTA (Association for Anthroposophic Medicine and Therapies in America) conference in Petaluma, CA in early August.  ATSANA (Anthroposophic Therapeutic Singing Association of North America) was recognized at this conference, and I was able to give a presentation of therapeutic singing exercises related to the rhythmic system, which included using the lyre. Kerry Lee, Robin Elliott Dagg and I used lyres to help the participants learn a 4-part Bach chorale that was sung at the musical evening, and Kerry played the Mercury Bath at her small group session. Sandra Zeese was one of our supporting sopranos. It was truly a wonderful conference.

Diane-Barnes-Lyre-1 2In addition, I continue to play the lyre at least once a month at the Christian Community, sometimes with metal instruments; I did the Madonna Series for three classes at the Housatonic Valley Waldorf School; and I played for six Advent Gardens during the Advent season.  For the future, I am going to start planning a local concert soon to be presented in the Spring, which will be with lyre and singing. I would very much like to have lyre players in this upstate NY area come together to prepare a "Tribute to Colin Tanser “concert.  Please contact me if you are interested in such an endeavor!  You can find my address and phone number in the list of lyre teachers.  My new e-mail is  May the sound of the lyre expand in our country and the world!


The School of Uncovering the Voice, with Christiaan Boele
The last of three sessions this year with Christiaan Boele will take place in July 2017 in Spring Valley NY.  For more information contact  

AWME Summer Conference, with Christiaan Boele

The Association for Waldorf Music Education will offer our annual summer conference from July 9th through the 14th - one week before the LANA Conference in the very same venue - the Michael Fields Agricultural Institute in East Troy, Wisconsin, just outside of Milwaukee.  Our guest presenter will be Christiaan Boele, master teacher of the Werbeck approach to singing. Christiaan conducts master classes, courses, and trainings around the world out of the work of The School for Uncovering the Voice. In addition, students from many countries travel to Christiaan for private voice study.  He also leads a touring ensemble of twelve singers and continues to perform as a soloist.

Waldorf teachers, care givers, parents, and all students of music will benefit personally from working with the Werbeck exercises in addition to learning how to bring a healthy model of singing to our children and to others. Both personal and pedagogical aspects of Werbeck singing will be covered, and the conference will also include content from the Waldorf music pedagogy and curriculum, including hands on experience with flute, lyre, Spacial Dynamics, and more.

We invite everyone to join us in July in East Troy for our 2017 AWME Summer Music Conference with Christiaan Boele during week before the LANA Conference.  We hope that many friends will take advantage of TWO renowned master teachers in the same venue during back to back weeks at the beautiful Michael Fields Institute!

Registration for the conference will be open soon at or contact Andrea Lyman at for more information.



  • To foster the experience and recognition of the freed tone
  • To foster the rediscovery and the deepening of the capacity to listen
  • To initiate, inspire, and support the sounding of the lyre for artistic, pedagogical, and therapeutic activity
  • To support the development of a movement for musical renewal in all its manifestations.


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For Sale

• W. Lothar Gartner Descant Lyre, 1955 P1070473 5

37 strings, brown finish, immaculate, with original case and tuning key. Lyre, (No 1334) has just been fitted with a new set of Gartner strings, plus a brand new bridge. Plays beautifully, $2,250.
Gartnerlabel 4Location, England.
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Choroi Pentatonic children’s lyre

In good condition with case, plus 2 sets of new strings, $225.  Please email or text 413-329-3515

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The Lyre Association has Choroi and Gärtner lyres of various sizes that are available for rent. Monthly rent is $30$40, depending upon size and quality.
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LEIER_INSTRUMENTECurrently, most new lyres must be purchased directly from the builders, although we are exploring the possibility of having an American representative for some of the builders in Europe, etc. Please see our website for a list of builders, along with the ads below.

Lyre Builders:
Alan Thewless
  • A full range of handcrafted Soprano & Solo lyres plus Kinderharps, designed and built by Alan Thewless. 
  • Derscheid lyres faithfully reproduced in the Tir-anna workshop as Derscheid Legacy Lyres. 
  • Lyre repairs and restringing 
  • A small selection of secondhand and restored instruments. 
  • Strings for most lyres, good quality, made by Pyramid Strings in Germany 
  • Located in Pennsylvania, in the US 
Contact Alan Thewless: 610-970-3047 / /

Martin Nies 
  • Handcrafted lyres in a German workshop. 
  • Kinderlyre, solo soprano, alto, tenor, new: bass A1-c, soprano H-e
  • Handspun metal strings. 
Contact Martin: Website

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