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Old World German Brewing at
it's Best!


Weltenburg Kloster - Kelheim, Germany

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The Weltenburg Abbey was founded at the beginning of the 7th century by the great Abbot  Eustasius and the Hiberno-Scottish monks of St. Columbanus.  It was transformed into a Benedictine Monastery by St. Boniface abbey-450 3and elevated to the status of Abbey by Duke Tassilo in the ninth century. At the end of the 9th century, nomadic people of Finno-Ugrian (later Hungary) descent appears at the eastern borders of the occident and lay waste to Italy, Bavaria, Saxony, the Bavarian Eastern March and Swabia. Out of fear the monks leave the Abbey. In 932 the monastery of the Bishopric of Regensburg is repopulated by St. Emmeram’s Abbey



DLG 3Kloster Weltenburg Barock Dunkel – Gold World Beer Cup Winner – Full-bodies with fine malt aromas, slightly bitter with some sweetness creaminess. It has amber coloring with intense flavor and aroma.


The Abbey Weltenburg is the oldest beer producing
monastery in the world and was founded in 1050 A.D.

 Stift Schlagl - Muhlviertel, Austria

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The only brewery in Austria 100% owned by a religious order, the historic Abbey Schlagl was founded in 1218. The "Jewel of the Mühlviertel" has been the spiritual and cultural center of the region since it's inception.



"Pours a clear glowing golden with a dense frothy foamy white head. Aroma is lightly grassy, touch of sweetness, light apple, picking up more of the lovely breadiness now. Flavor is full and round, crisp, clean but with plenty of character, light sweetness, sharp apple, all in balance, lighter breadiness that is more in the finish, clean dry finish, crisp. Medium/light bodied, smooth spritzy carbonation with a dry clean crisp finish, great body and carbonation. Nice beer, supremely drinkable. Love the hop bitterness.”



Aktien Brauerei - Kaufbeuren, Germany


This Pilsner was first brewed to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Aktien becoming a shareholder's brewery, Aktien Brauerei 3100% owned by the people of Kaufbeuren. It is lighter colored than other fine pilsners and pours with a wonderfully creamy head. With a hint of tartness, it is a premium Pilsner of exceptional quality which all Pils lovers will appreciate.



Innstadt Brauerei - Passau, Germany

From the very start of its history in 1318, friends of Innstadt appreciate the brewery’s effortsInnstadt 4 in holding on to values which cannot be bought for all the money in the world. For the Innstadt brewers, brewing beer has always been a passion and an art. And that has still not changed today. It is not just as one of the pioneers in the brewing of wheat beer; also with its whole range of beers the Innstadt brand stands for excellent enjoyment and flavor – indeed for the art of brewing at the highest level. Consequently, the Innstadt beer specialties are of the best, lasting quality. With an effective combination of tradition and modernity, the Innstadt Brewery is also well equipped for the future and is always seeking to fulfill its customers’ demands through innovative on-going development. Today, and always.

For Brauerei Innstadt’s beer, only the best from nature; “Nothing belongs in beer, other than barley, hops and water.” The brewers of the Innstadt Brewery have devoted themselves to this original citation from the Bavarian requirement for purity evoked by Duke William IV in 1516. In this respect the Innstadt beer brewers accept no compromises. Strictly according to this purity requirement, only the best water, hops and malt are used as the genuine ingredients for producing the Innstadt beer specialties.


Passau is the home of “white” beer in Bavaria. first produced over 500 years ago in the Bavarian forests. Wheat was very rare back then, and "wheat beer" was considered an exclusive beer for Kings, Princes and other Royalty. Only a few very special breweries were granted the right to brew this prized wheat beer and Passau's Innstadt Brauerei was commissioned in 1579. This great nectar of the gods is still today considered one of Bavaria's greatest wheat beers.

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