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October 28, 2015

This week at Supply Chain Insights, we published our 60th report. Our goal is to deliver research-based insights for supply chain leaders. The reports in this newsletter are based on two themes we think are important to the acceleration of supply chain performance: 

• Are you wondering what the value proposition is for Sales and Operations Planning? Multi-Tier Inventory Optimization? In this newsletter, we share two new reports outlining the value proposition of two technologies: Multi-tier Inventory Optimization and Sales and Operations Planning. 

• Supply Chain Metrics That Matter. - We believe that supply chain metrics matter.  Today we are sharing a review of progress in the automotive industry for the period of 2006-2014. We are continuing our research to understand supply chain excellence industry by industry. 

Let us know what you think. We welcome your feedback and hope to see you in the Beet Fusion Community.
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Lora Cecere
Founder, Supply Chain Insights

Deep research studies. Open Content research. We write research to help supply chain leaders understand complex issues on their journey towards supply chain excellence. This month we are sharing three new reports:

What Is the Value Proposition of Sales and Operations Planning?  This report will help clarify and justify the investment in sales and operations process alignment. Read this if you are ready to improve communications and output between sales and finance. 

What Drives Inventory Effectiveness in a Market-Driven World?  This report will guide you on a path to create an organization that translates demand signals, manages suppliers, understands customer requirements, and reduces waste in inventory 

Supply Chain Metrics That Matter: A Focus on the Automotive Industry – 2015 This report will explain which supply chains in the automotive sector are outperforming their peers and why. Read this report if you want to know how to improve operating metrics leading to increased profitability and reduced costs.


Join Our Panel Webinar Discussing Supply Chain Risk Management

Risk_Management_2_450x270 3

Weather, geo-politics, and people are just three of a myriad of factors that create risk in your supply chain. As supply chains get more complex, risks increase in a global supply chain. To deal with these potential hazards, risk management has evolved beyond dealing with an issue when it’s about to happen to focus on prevention, early sensing, and coordinated execution to respond to an event. 

There are new strategies and technologies that can proactively formulate a plan to protect your business and operations from the storm of unforeseen events. 

Join Supply Chain Insights, Mickey North Rizza, Vice President of Strategic Services at Bravo Solution, and Pierre Mitchell, Chief Research Officer and Managing Director at Azul Partners, on November 18,2015 at 1 p.m. EDT. We’ll discuss how to safeguard your business from risk using business alignment and risk management tools.

Learn More About the Supply Chains to Admire


What is supply chain excellence? We think it is higher performance in year-over-year growth, inventory turns, operating margin, and Return on Invested Capital (ROIC)—while driving improvement. Accomplishing this is no small feat. We researched over 300 companies and found just 26 supply chains that accomplished it.  To learn more about the supply chains to admire research, check out these links: 

Discuss, Engage, Network and Explore in a New Community

Beet_Fusion_2_450 2

The team at Supply Chain Insights found a dearth of communities offering high quality supply chain content at a low cost, and a void where conversations about supply chain transformation should happen. We heard the need for a place for supply chain professionals to congregate, learn and communicate. 

We are currently in Beta test of Beet Fusion. We would love to have you join the community and welcome your feedback and suggestions. For now join Beet Fusion to access blogs, research, events, webinars and other deep content from many different sources to further your understanding of our industry. Engage with peers around the world to swap stories and reviews of technologies, strategies, and vendors. Explore your world by finding new opportunities and challenges. Be part of the future of supply chain by joining Beet Fusion.

Come to Supply Chain Insights Global Summit & Imagine the Supply Chain of 2025

2016_Summit_450x270_um 4"The forward focus of this conference is very refreshing. I thought last year’s conference was great, but this one was even better. As leaders, our obligation is to prepare our organizations for the future, not to revel in the past. I already have the 2016 conference booked on my calendar!" - Terri Pitcher, Berry Plastics 

We're hard at work developing another targeted agenda and confirming speakers like Deverl Maserang, Executive Vice President leading the Global Supply Chain Organization at Starbucks Corporation, and Annette Clayton, Executive Vice President & Chief Supply Chain Officer of Schneider Electric, to bring you the insights you need. 

Save the dates to attend a conference that sets supply chain trends, not follows them.
Where to See or Hear Lora
11/12/2015 -  Speech: Future of Supply Chain Technologies, Eyeon Planning Inspiration Day Rotterdam, The Netherlands 
11/12/2015 - 2:00 p.m EDT Webinar The True Meaning of Global Trade Content with Amber Road 
12/16/2015  - 1:00 p.m. EDT Webinar with a Panel of Business Leaders, Supply Chain Insights Year in Review
Supply Chain Insights LLC
1414 South Penn Square, #15A 
Philadelphia, PA 19102 

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