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How Do Smart Leaders Fuel Growth In Their Organizations? 

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Maybe its not by hiring more people; maybe its developing better managers—managers who deeply utilize the intelligence and talent of their teams. Check out Liz Wiseman's blog posted today on Harvard Business Review which argues that too many organizations are out grocery shopping for new talent instead of opening the refrigerator door to see what's already there. Find out how one group in created the equivalent of 25 new headcount by better utilizing their existing team.
Multiplier Quick Tip (Video)
Rob SuperSizeIt
Rob DeLange, director of training and consulting, offers a fast, fun way to grow the people on your team: Supersize them! Take two minutes to watch this video Rob made and learn why developing people is a lot like buying shoes for kids and why you need to give people harder work not more work.
Multipliers TED Style (Video)
Liz at NexGen April 2012
Here's a short, fun TED version video of The Multiplier Effect that you can use for a quick refresher or to share with your colleagues.
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