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January 25, 2013   #2.1   SPECIAL EDITION - Click to VOTE!

2012 Multipliers of the Year: Genius Makers at Work

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We’re sending this special edition of Multiplier Leads thanks to the overwhelming response we had to the “2012 Multiplier of the Year” contest announced last December.
From the remarkable stories we read in dozens of applications, we have selected six finalists who best exemplify Multiplier leadership – people who make everyone around them smarter and more capable. 
Choose the Winners
Based on the following brief excerpt from their nomination forms, choose two leaders – one in Business and one in Education – who you feel best represent the Multiplier mindset and practices. 
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The winners will be announced in the next issue of Multiplier Leads, February 2013, and each will receive an iPad loaded with a few of our favorite leadership books.



Business Finalists


DaDavid-Kaiser-80x100vid Kaiser
Coincident, Inc.

“As a leader, David encourages all of those around him to think outside the box. It does not matter how big or how small an idea might be, David will listen to any idea and encourage those around him to put it into action. This has led to ground breaking technology which is transforming the way people view video on the web all around the world.”

Casey-Lehner-80x100 3Casey Lehner
Global Design Operations Director
Nike, Inc.
“Casey is smart, clear and concise, caring and empathetic, and the first to tell her direct reports that we're smart and capable. She is solution-oriented, and sees an opportunity in every challenge. Casey empowers us to lean into the tension, take risks and iterate. Because she believes we are capable, we believe we are capable.”

Norbert-Nusterer-80x100 2Norbert Nusterer
Vice President
New & ReCon Parts, Cummins, Inc.

“Norbert is the balance of all things good in a leader.  He challenges and stretches people, but in the context of acceptance. He has brilliant ideas but is able to rally large masses of people behind him with his unlimited energy. He also challenges those in his organization to grow the business. Norbert attracts top, diverse talent because he is seen as a leader who grows those who work for him. With Norbert, you always want to be a better person.”


Education Finalists


Linda-Aceves-88x100 2Linda Aceves
Chief Schools Officer
Santa Clara County Office of Education

“Rather than giving struggling schools a solution, Linda approaches school improvement by asking the teachers and principals hard-hitting questions, challenging everyone’s thinking. This challenge pushes staff members to reach beyond the status quo and own the improvement process, resulting in sustainable change. She resists telling people what she knows, so she can access the smarts of those around her.”

Carl-Briggs-80x100 2Carl Briggs
Indiana University – Kelley School of Business

“Carl is a true Talent Magnet and Investor. In our initial interaction, the first question he asked was, ‘if there were something more you could be doing in your role, that you're not able to do, what would it be?’ He frequently sought out my native genius, and went to work giving me – and others -- the support and ownership to put it to work.  He stays out of the way and allows people the freedom and flexibility to be successful.”

Erik-Burmeister-80x100 2Erik Burmeister
Hillview Middle School

“Erik has been an unreal force that arrived at Hillview this year. While he is innovative and has great ideas, he is also flexible and always open to input. With him as a leader, the creativity at Hillview has skyrocketed this year. No wonder he was selected as California’s Middle School Teacher of the Year.”

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