Do the Media Need a Math Lesson?

Dear Friends,

I sometimes wonder if the mainstream media need remedial math lessons.  In fact, I’m tempted to take up a collection to send a few of our media elites to such a class. 
Specifically, I don’t know if they can count to any number higher than a few thousand. 
012513-marchers-imageAn article posted today and shared around the internet said “thousands” of demonstrators would march in Washington today at the annual March for Life.   The event drew an estimated 400,000 last year and is expected to be at least as large this year.  Nevertheless, the writer couldn’t seem to think of a number higher than “thousands.”
When National Right to Life hosted a Rally for Life in the 1990s, the National Park Service estimated that 250,000 people attended; other estimates put the total closer to 375,000 people.  But CNN News stated we only had 60,000. 
Media outlets also tend to “balance” their stories about the March or other large pro-life events by making note of any counter-events hosted by abortion supporters.  But that’s usually all the story says.  Rarely do they state the size of the tiny pro-abortion “crowds,” which can be in the hundreds or as few as a couple dozen people. 
So apparently the media’s problems with math extend to small numbers, as well. 
Here’s the truth about the pro-life tide in America:  Over the past two decades, as Americans have come to learn about partial-birth abortion, about the pain many babies feel in abortions, as they’ve seen more and more sophisticated ultrasound and sonogram images of their fellow human beings in the womb, they have become more pro-life.  And there are more and more of us every day.
Most Americans now support legislation that would legally protect the vast majority of unborn children.  Young people, especially, are becoming more pro-life. 
The annual number of abortions is down by more than 25% since the high in 1990.  We are choosing life.  When the press ignores a movement this strong and this persistent they aren’t just playing politics; they’re ignoring real news.   
The huge crowds at today’s March for Life are testimony to a movement that is not going away, no matter how much the media might want it to.  We will continue to pass protective laws, educate about the precious value of each and every human being, and through our political committees, elect officials who will uphold the value and dignity of every innocent human being. 
The hundreds of thousands of marchers today – and yes, if any media are reading this, it was hundreds of thousands – are ample evidence of that!
Throughout this 40th anniversary year of the tragic Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion, please continue to support our legislative and educational work with your vital contributions.  Together, we will bring about the day when all of the millions of unborn babies threatened by our current abortion policies will be safe and protected in law. And we will do it even if the media ignore us.

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Carol Tobias
National Right to Life President

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