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October 24, 2012
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Governance 2

Parent Tea With Mr. Bennett

teaTime_header 2

Dear Parent Community,

Following our highly successful first 'Tea' I would like to invite you to another afternoon on the 7th of November, this time in the gazebo.

Would you like to share something that is on your mind? 
Do you have an idea or suggestion for EWS? 

I would love to have you join me before pick-up for an informal chat.

We welcome again, Mahatma Ghandi.

Wednesday, November 7, 2pm
EWS Gazebo


fall pic
Tara Furze is resigning as Finance Director to focus on her family. Her last day will be December 21st. We thank Tara for four years of service and wish her well in her future endeavors.

 – Steve Bennett

Volunteer Gems


We are so fortunate to have parents who volunteer to clean, bake, speak, make name it, they do it!

Big thank you to these parents who are making EWS shine brighter...

All of you are anointed with Volunteer Appreciation recognition!

Karen Durovich
- you are a jack of many trades, dear friend

Lee Marchman - is there anything you can't do?  wow!

Mark Hulbert - for the long laundry list of things you do to make EWS a great school!

Jen McGonigle
- sainthood. we can't begin to thank you for your unbelievable organizing skills in the Annual Campaign; (btw, your hubby gives a fantastic development plug!)

Paige Chandler
- you are super woman in disguise, right?? your help with spirit wear, the website, development, our sanity....priceless

Pat Mackenzie, Rebecca Moore, Karen Durovich, Patrick Dyess, Candor Plaza, and Ann Marie La Lumia - you rock with the coffee table - thanks for going above and beyond for the tour this week!!

Shelley Riselvato, Rebecca Foster, Robyne Borhanian, & Annie Oberstar - Holiday Faire team; we are so fortunate to have your leadership for this beloved event!

Rhonda Lanning - help with the fundraising and burrito project has been tremendously helpful.

Caren Swanson - your facebook updates are awesome!

Heather Collick - cannot thank you enough for your help with publicity - you are an angel.

Wendy Ziegler
- thanks for spending a cold, rainy morning blowing up balloons and helping with clean up; unforgettable.

Dana Nicholson, Janet Buehler, and Rebecca Moore
- ladies, you were articulate and thoughtful as panelists this morning for the tour!

Nataliya Hulyayeva, Jennifer Minnelli, Daniel Tanzer, Mary Patten, Marta Matsumoto, Claire Viadro, Anne Marie La Lumia, Tiffany Shubert
  - your goodies for this morning's tour were to die for! we were in baked-goods heaven.

Danielle Tanzer - providing our families with SCRIP!

Tricia Abbott - providing a meal for the high school faculty - yum!!

Tim Dowdall - covering many sport events, loading and sifting through photos, and your photography skills!

Kristen Grosser
- biodynamic garden in the nursery play yard is wonderful due to your tender loving planting!

Has Someone Gone Above and Beyond for EWS? 
Nominate them for Volunteer Appreciation recognition!!  Send your nomination to to be mentioned in the next Emersonian.


Thank You for the Meals!

"There is a beautiful baby boy here sleeping and cooing in his own
bed. Thanks to all."

~ Elsi Nikiema and Pauli Hogan referring to baby Aliyu who is home from the hospital after a serious case of RSV.

Holiday Faire Enchantment Shop Volunteer Opportunities

craftCome Lend a Helping Hand at our Enchantment Shop Handwork Crafting Sessions!

The Enchantment Shop, a magical spot for children to select from small handmade gifts for relatives and friends, is one of the busiest and most successful activities at the Holiday Faire, and we count on our parents from First Grade, Kindergarten, and Nursery to help make the beautiful handmade gifts for the shop. This is a great chance to meet new friends and have enlightening conversation while creating beautiful crafts.

We have had enthusiastic turnout at the first two handwork sessions with Carol Kubik in the EWS Handwork Room, and we are hoping to keep the momentum going. Please join us in making this year’s Enchantment Shop a success!!

When:  Every Thursday after drop-off from 8:30-10:00am

Where:  Handwork Classroom, located in the brown trailer next to the Music trailer on the right as you're leaving the Early Childhood parking lot

In an effort to offer more handwork sessions, Dragonfly is hosting a second crafting morning to make gifts for the Enchantment Shop.

When:  Every Wednesday from 9:00am-12pm

Dragonfly Natural Toy and Craft Store, 1607 Skye Drive, Chapel Hill, NC 27516 (just several minutes from EWS!)

No experience necessary; many supplies will be provided. Please stop by, even if you can only stay for a few minutes for inspiration and ideas!

Thank you all for your support. Looking forward to working together!

Feel free to direct any questions to Enchantment Shop Coordinator, Annie Oberstar

Cosmic Child Book Signing

Eve Olive

Please join us for hors d'oeuvres, a poetry reading, and a private book-signing with Eve Olive, author of Cosmic Child. Suzanne Mays will also grace us with her beautiful lyre music between readings. Eve and Suzanne were both founding members of EWS. Please c'mon out!

Thursday, November 1, 2012
High School Foyer

Where do we come from when we enter this life through the portal of birth?

From what star do we hail? What have we seen and heard on this great journey, which we forget all too soon?

Here is a book of poems and little stories that all have to do with a sense of awareness before birth – a new genre?

Eurythmist, poet, and teacher Eve Olive offers us this remarkable treasury of verse and story that gives a view of life reaching beyond the usual boundaries. Collected over 33 years, starting with poems written when her first grandchild was on the way, the collection moves and sings under her guiding hand. The writings stretch across the centuries, from Rumi and Wordsworth to contemporary poets both well known and less known, each with a unique view of this mysterious event that brings us into being. Here are voices – the voice of the mother, the voice of the father, the voice of the child herself – originally spoken in English and nine other languages, all translated and woven into a fascinating tapestry.
Cosmic Child is the perfect gift for an expectant couple or a new grandparent. This reflective and inspiring anthology is truly a gift for all of us who have shared the great experience of birth.

“The secret of this book lies in the way the writings have gathered over many years into the heart of Eve Olive, who hears the voice of the heavens. Handed gently over to us, the power of these poems awakens radical hope. They inspire courage for life, awe in the face of human presence, and bring us close, perhaps after years of forgetfulness, to eternal Mystery, seen in the gestures of every newborn.”
—Robert Sardello, author of Love and the World and Silence: The Mystery of Wholeness

“For those who have a love of children and of the spiritual aspects of life, this book is a gem. It focuses on the question raised by Scottish author George MacDonald, who asks, "Where do you come from baby dear?" Has anyone ever held a newborn without wondering what lies on the other side of the great gateway of birth? Or, for that matter of death? The voices of poets and others give us rich insights which Eve Olive has brought together in this fine book.”
—Joan Almon, co-founder of the Alliance for Childhood

Eve Olive was born in Tennessee but grew up in South Africa from the age of three. She has a Degree in Architecture from the University of Natal in Durban. Her second profession is Eurythmy, which she studied in Switzerland and New York. Eurythmy is an art of movement that makes visible the gesture inherent in the sounds of language and music. Poems can be performed! Eve taught for many years at the Emerson Waldorf School in Chapel Hill, NC, which she helped to found and design. Her adult Eurythmy classes have been ongoing since 1975 and have given rise to several performances, notably “Prayers from the Ark,” “The Creation Myth of the Cherokee Indian,” and “The Creation Myth of the Yoruba.” Eve lives with her husband in a one-hundred-year-old farmhouse in Orange County, North Carolina.

Post-Modernism, Relational Aesthetics, Post Colonialism, and Post Medium Art!

NWCan Anthroposophy Contribute to the Contemporary Discussion?

A public talk by Nathaniel Williams

Nathaniel studied the art of painting and Anthroposophy in Europe between 2000 and 2004. He has since worked in the United States as an artist and art teacher and is currently co-director of the Free Columbia Art Course in upstate New York.

Research question: Can flexible and mobile thinking illumine essential transformations in human history and art?

Friday, November 2, 2012 from 7:00 to 9:00 pm
Emerson Waldorf School, Brown Wing

WOW! (W.O.W.)

WOW-DayThank you EWS community for helping support W.O.W., the Waldorf One World initiative that helps children worldwide. With the help of my 6th grade class, I raised $257.08 in the three weeks selling home-baked treats at the coffee table. I am sure that all the children you have helped with your contributions are very appreciative. Thanks for helping me raise money for W.O.W.

Luci Martinez, 6th Grade

Run For Water

Save-the-Date: November 10th

charity waterRUN FOR WATER
Saturday November 10th at EWS
Event begins at 12:00
3/4 mile run at 12:10
3K run at 12:30

Nearly one billion people don't have access to clean water. This means the women and children have to walk up to three hours a day to collect water. The little water they collect is filled with bacteria and germs that cause sickness and even death. Charity:Water is an organization that is changing that by digging wells close to villages. Not only do the wells give clean water, but they also give back time to the women and children so they can go to school, earn an income, and raise their family.

You can help make a difference. For my eighth grade project, I'm organizing a run to raise money for Charity:Water. There is a $5 entry fee per person that will go directly to this charity.  

- Chloe Nash, EWS 8th grade student


Create a Simple Nature Table

fall tableTwenty years ago, our family was introduced to the art of creating Nature Tables from Waldorf Education.

A Nature or Seasonal Table is a table or a shelf in your home where, together with your child, you craft beautiful scenes that reflect the rhythms of the seasons outside. The benefits of this practice include: contributing to healthy childhood development, combating nature deficit disorder, and cultivating the bonds of your family. Read on to learn more and gather tips for creating these simple, beautiful, whimsical scenes for your home!

Read the Article and View the Beautiful Pictures!

Cuddles Make Kids Smarter

tot hugOne University of Minnesota study that began in the 1970s followed 267 children of first-time low-income mothers for nearly four decades. It found that whether a child received supportive parenting in the first few years of life was at least as good a predictor as I.Q. of whether he or she would graduate from High School.

Read the NY Times Article

FarmNews 3

Fall Gardening at EWS

Catching Butterflies at EWS Farm
Catching a Butterfly

Gr 3 Harvesting Sweet Potatoes
Harvesting Sweet Potatoes

HighSchoolNews 3

Take the Leap!  Attend the 2012 EWS High School Open House

Wednesday, November 7, 2012 7pm

HS Home Colyer Diving Off Cliff“By the time they reach us at the college and university level, Waldorf students are grounded broadly and deeply and have a remarkable enthusiasm for learning. Such students possess the eye of a discoverer and the compassionate heart of a reformer, which, when joined to a task, can change the planet.”—Dr. Arthur Zajonc, Professor of Physics, Amherst College

EWS 6th, 7th, and 8th graders, along with their parents, are invited to attend our Annual Fall High School Open House to learn how the unique Waldorf High School curriculum gives students the tools to address each subject through disciplined inquiry and multi-layered processes which balance the academic, artistic, athletic, environmental, social, and service experiences crucial to adolescent well-being.

An evening of music, refreshments, meet and greet teachers, and an opportunity for students to talk with current High School students about their experience 9th-12th grade.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012 7pm

GradesNews 2

Welcome to EWS Lamkin Family!

New Fam
Sofie Kent-Lamkin has joined Mr.  Wiley's 6th grade class. This is her first week at EWS! 

Sofie attended Lakewood Montessori School before applying to EWS.

A big welcome to Sofie and her mom, Jamie.  Please be sure to say "hello" if you see their new faces on campus!

Contact Information:
Jamie Lamkin (Mom)
Sofie Kent-Lamkin (6th grade student)
1209 Carroll St
Durham NC 27707

Halloween School Celebration

pumpkinHalloween will be celebrated on Wednesday, October 31 from 11:05am-12:40pm for grades one to twelve.  The students from grade eight and up will help the younger students carve pumpkins.

Every student from first to seventh grade must bring carving tools and a pumpkin from home.

Note to parents:

Parents, help your child select the right size pumpkin to carve, one that he or she can handle and carry independently. Pumpkins need to be brought to school by Tuesday, October 30. On Wednesday send to school carving tools and utensils designated for pumpkin carving (tiny knives like saws). After carving, the pumpkins will be placed outside each classroom in a safe place within view of the windows.  At the end of the school day, students will take their pumpkins home to light and enjoy on Halloween night!

Wood Working Masterpiece

handmade candle holder
Meghan Choquette, 10th Grade,  Handmade Candle Holder


Morning Garden Registration Open

DSC_0551EWS is accepting applications for our Winter Morning Garden session that will start in January 2013.

Morning Garden is a 12-week program for parent and child (ages 0-3) to join others in learning seasonal songs, making crafts, discussing parenting philosophies, and enjoying snack together.

Register at TADS today!  Limited Space.

Sports 2

Cross Country and Soccer This Week

MS XC TeamWednesday: EWS HS Cross Country hosting Kestrel Academy, Woods Charter, Southern Wake, East Wake, Fletcher Academy and St. Thomas More. Meet starts at 4:30. We may run the girls at 4:30 and boys following depending on numbers. Please note that EWS does not have any girls competing.

Thursday: Finals of the CCAL soccer tournament at 4:00

This Week's Verse

boy 2

To fan the spark of thinking into flame
By my own strong endeavor,
To read life's inner meaning
Out of the cosmic spirit's fount of strength:
This is my summer heritage,
My autumn solace, and my winter hope.

English translation by Ruth and Hans Pusch
(Thank you AWSNA for sharing this on Facebook)

Classifieds 2

Events and Classes

Parents of teens and teens-to-be!
Please join us for an informal learning and discussion group
as we guide our children (and ourselves!) through these challenging
and exciting years. We will meet monthly to discuss relevant topics and
ideas gleaned from a variety of sources, and share our questions,
stories, and experiences.
Our first meeting will be Monday, November 12, at 7 pm in the Woodland Cottage. We hope to see you there!  Questions? Contact
Lauren Nyland: (919) 928-2386 or
Leigh Sparacino: (919) 259-9177 or

Briar Chapel Craft Fair - Reserve a table for your creative pieces!  The fair is November 17, 2012 at Briar Chapel.  1/2 Tents are $25, Full Tents are $50.  Read the details in the flyer.


Looking for a new or used Waldorf related item... toy, musical instrument, book? Visit The Waldorf Exchange at

WERBECK SINGING INSTRUCTION AVAILABLE:  Free half-hour lesson in the Werbeck method of singing developed by Valborg Swardstrom Werbeck, a contemporary and colleague of Rudolf Steiner who brought about a truly healing and strengthening way to sing based on her Anthroposophical research into the nature of the human voice.  Joanna Carey has 20 years of experience and training working in this method and can help others to find a renewed relationship to their own voice and body. Joanna has worked with voice problems as well as psychological and physical issues through teaching user-friendly exercises to bring positive results in a multitude of situations.  Sliding scale fee of $40-60 per lesson.   Call 919-885-7569 or email her at

Are you living with questions about your life, your relationships, your parenting, your future? Lynn Jericho offers compassionate listening and creative guidance - a Waldorf wisdom for adult needs and challenges. Call Lynn (919-240-4094) or learn more

Are you deficient in Vitamin D?
"Vitamin D Is possibly the most important thing you can do to improve your health and save yourself from many chronic diseases" -David Servan-Schreiber, M.D.,Ph.D
Take the Vitamin D Quiz at
(Joanne Estes, a grandmother of 4 EWS students and at 69 she is living healthy, strong, and prescription-free).

Are you looking for a New or Slightly Used Car?
Great Deals for EWS Parents, Friends & Faculty. Call David Rabius, Proud EWS Parent at 919-408-9633  Johnson Lexus @ SouthPoint- 2013 New Lexus Line Up..Certified Pre-Owned Lexus and a wide range of slightly used cars to meet your budget.
(David Rabius)

Composted Cow Manure For Sale
4 Cuyds, $125, delivery beyond 10 miles of Calvander extra. 968-1123

Create a space that aligns with your dreams! 
EWS First Grade teacher, Shannon Dawn O'Connor happily uses her "super-power" to organize, lazure, simplify or re-create your home or office so that your environment supports what really matters to you.  Shannon received a BFA from Parsons School of Design and studied the Environment and Its Effects on Psychology through Lesley College and has been happily beautifying the world ever since. For free estimates, work samples, or references contact Shannon Dawn @ 919.259.5252 and watch your world transform as it grows brighter and clearer around you! 
"She's got the midas-touch" - Tyler G.
"Everything she lays her hands on turns golden"- Charlotte S.
"Shannon purely sparkles, and your home will too" - Megan W.

Offering illuminating and renewing Dr. Hauschka facial treatments.  Cori Roth, NC Licensed/Holistic Esthetician and Dr. Hauschka retailer.  Please visit for more info.

Dragonfly Natural Toy and Craft Store 
Therapeutic Painting with Malina Stoychev. November 10, 2:00-3:30pm.  Like us on Facebook or visit our website for more information.  Call Charlotte or Danielle with questions at 919.265.9734.
(EWS parents Charlotte Schnetler and Danielle Tanzer).

New Medical Practice 
We are pleased to announce our practice "Integrative Medical" at Haven Medical Clinic on 121 S Estes Dr, Suite 205 D, Chapel Hill 27514. For appointments, you may contact us directly: 
Rula Freiji
919-525-5626 General Pediatrics & Pediatric Infectious Disease Consults
Dani Mouawad
919-525-5625 General Pediatrics & Integrative Medicine.
– Rula and Dani Freiji-Mouawad)

TUTORING AVAILABLE:  My name is Susan Shmania and I am an EWS alumna, UNC graduate, NC Licensed Teacher, and Master of Education graduate student offering tutoring services for students with and without disabilities.  Services include Reading, Homework Help, Study Skills and Organizational Skills, Handwriting, Writing, Math, and Spanish.  Please see for more information or contact me at or (919) 283-6777.


Buying a home?  Selling a home?  Investing in real estate?  HEAD, HEART and 20+ years of HANDS-ON EXPERIENCE giving caring advice and guidance to hundreds of happy home buyers and sellers – let me help you with all of your Real Estate needs! 
Judy Weinstock, REALTOR, EWS Alumni parent.  Joyfully donating to EWS with every sale.  Phone 919-951-1800.

Waldorf families are unique and special. 
You need a Realtor who is unique and special too.  Lynn Hayes has been helping Waldorf families for over 25 years, offering caring and sensitive service while supporting Waldorf education in our community.  For MLS searches, community information and lots more visit or call Lynn at 919-968-9989.

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General Policy for the Bulletin  
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Aftercare N/K    until 3pm
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Office Hours     8am-4pm

This Week

Weds, Oct 24
11th Grade Internships
Adult Eurythmy 8:30-10:00am
1st - 8th Grade Campus Tour 8:45-10:30am
HS Cross Country HOME

Thurs, Oct 25
11th Grade Internships
MS Jazz Band 3:30-4:25pm
CCAL HS Soccer Tourney 4:00pm
HS Jazz Band 4:30-5:30pm

Fri, Oct 26
11th Grade Internships
AWSNA Regional Delegates Mtg EWS
WECAN Conference EWS

Sat, Oct 27
AWSNA Regional Delegates Mtg EWS
WECAN Conference EWS

Mon, Oct 28

Basketball Practice Begins

Tues, Oct 29
"Old Time" String Band Ensemble 3:30-4:30pm

Don't Forget!

Mountain Biking 3
Parents, faculty, staff, high schoolers, and friends!

Come out and hit the EWS woods trails with Ian and Barbara on THURSDAYS 12:45-1:15pm. 

We’ll meet at the High School every Thursday.

Make sure to wear your helmets!

EWS CalendarAre you enjoying your beautiful EWS School Calendar? 

Share them with grandparents, friends, and colleagues.  We have calendars for sale in the Main Office for only $5.00!

Tuesday Markets

artichoke 2
Tuesday Markets run from 8:00-8:45am and 3:00-3:30pm

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