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  Alumni Update News from the W.K. Kellogg Biological Station
Photo: KBS LTER, K. Stepnitz, MSU
  Round-headed Bush Clover (Lespedeza capitata)

Recent Publications

img7_min.-shield 3  Barton, A.D., A.J. Pershing, E. Litchman, N.R. Record, K.F. Edwards, Z.V. Finkel, T. Kiorboe & B.A. Ward. 2013. The biogeography of marine plankton traits. Ecology Letters 16: 522-34.

 img7_min.-shield 3Mittelbach, G., N.G. Ballew & M.K. Kjelvik. 2014. Fish behavioral types and their ecological consequences. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 71: 927-41.

 img7_min.-shield 3Robertson, G.P., K.L. Gross, S.K. Hamilton, D.A. Landis, T.M. Schmidt, S.S. Snapp & S.M. Swinton. 2014. Farming for ecosystem services: An ecological approach to production agriculture. Bioscience 64: 404-15.

img7_min.-shield 5  Stuart, D., R.L. Schewe & M. McDermott. 2014. Reducing nitrogen fertilizer application as a climate change mitigation strategy: Understanding farmer decision-making and potential barriers to change in the US. Land Use Policy 36: 210-18.

img7_min.-shield 8 terHorst, C.P., J.T. Lennon & J.A. Lau. 2014. The relative importance of rapid evolution for plant-microbe interactions depends on ecological context. Proceedings of the Royal Society B - Biological Sciences 281.

* Yellow text indicates a graduate student co-author.

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Upcoming Events

Intern Exposition

July 24, 7 - 8:30 p.m.
Terrace Room

Undergraduate Research Symposium
August 6, 7 - 8:30 p.m.
Terrace Room

Dessert with Discussion
'From the Dust Bowl to Drones: The next big agricultural revolution.'
Dr. Bruno Basso
October 6, 7:30 - 8:30 p.m.
Academic Auditorium

More events

The W.K. Kellogg Biological Station is administered through the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources and the College of Natural Science.
  July 2014

A Letter from the Director

KBS alumni and friends,

First, the bad news... we are not going to have a KBS alumni reunion at ESA this year. Too many other things going on, so we will skip a year and plan to reconvene in Baltimore in 2015!

On the bright side, summer classes at KBS were full to capacity this year. For the first time in a long time (ever), we kept a waiting list. More than 75 undergraduates were here for courses and/or research experiences and about a dozen graduate students and postdocs came for ELME. For several weeks, there was not an empty bed (or classroom) in the place - and it was hard to find a place to eat in McCrary!

The success of summer programs at KBS is due in part to our ability to award scholarships and fellowships to students who want to come here. This year, we supported over 90 students, awarding $220k to undergraduates and over $35k to graduate students. The KBS Conference Center contributed another $24k in room and board scholarships. Income from endowed scholarships provided almost $80k in funding this summer and over half of that came from the Lauff funds.

We are privileged to be able to provide this level of scholarship support. Please join other alumni and make a contribution this year to the Lauff Scholarship, or to another scholarship fund at KBS.

Kay Gross
KBS Director and Alumnus (PhD, 1980)

Research Spotlight: Wrenaissance

Graduate student Cara Krieg (Zoology)Almost 20 years ago, Tom Getty and Natalie Dubois set up nest boxes at Lux Arbor Reserve to establish an experimental population of house wrens they could use for research on sexual selection and behavior. Several students have since taken advantage of this system to explore a broad range of questions about the ecological consequences of behavior in this species. One is graduate student Cara Krieg (Zoology), whose research on female-female aggression in house wrens was recently featured in MSU Today. This year, Cara received the Wallace award from the Zoology Department. Cara's research, and related projects undertaken by three Undergraduate Research Apprentices (URAs), have been supported by Lauff awards.

Visit Cara's 'Birds in Boxes' blog

The "Graduates"

A great metric of the success of a research program is having students and postdocs graduate and move on to new positions. This academic year, seven students were awarded PhDs and several postdocs secured faculty positions. While it is sad to see people leave the KBS community, experience shows that graduates promote KBS programs, and some return to do research here, or send their students here.

Recent graduates and their new positions:

2013 PhDs
Mike Grillo (Schemske lab): NSF Plant Genomics postdoc, University of Illinois
Nikhil Jaikumar (Snapp lab): postdoc, University of Illinois
Leilei Ruan (Robertson lab): postdoc, University of California - Berkeley
Mridul Thomas (Litchman lab): postdoc, EAWAG, Dubendorf, Switzerland

2014 PhDs
Anne Royer (Conner lab): postdoc, University of Oregon and Willamette University
Colin Kremer (Klausmeier lab): NSF math-bio postdoc, Yale and Princeton Universities
Jorge Celi (Hamilton lab): postdoc, Arizona State University

Postdocs moving on to faculty positions:
Idelle Cooper (Getty lab): James Madison University
Tim Dickson (Gross lab): University of Nebraska-Omaha
Kyle Edwards (Klausmeier/Litchman lab): University of Hawaii
Brian Petersen (Gross & Snapp labs): Western Michigan University
Maria Stockenreiter (Litchman lab): University of Munich
Casey terHorst (Lau lab): California State University - Northridge

3700 E. Gull Lake Dr., Hickory Corners MI 49060
Tel: (269) 671-2015
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