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February Newsletter

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Help Replenish our Land Acquisition Fund

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After supporting two major land acquisitions, our restricted Rosebrook Memorial Land Acquisition Fund needs replenishment.  This fund was established in 2005 to acquire and manage land for conservation.  The fund was named in honor of founding member Lynn Rosebrook whose unwavering vision for our Calavera Preserve inspired us all.  Now our vision has expanded to include all of coastal north county.

Today we still have land that hasn't been destroyed by development- open space land where we can smell the sage and hear the call of birds and feel connected to this wonderful area we live in.  

Acquiring land for permanent conservation is absolute assurance that it will remain protected open space, for you, your children and future generations. We have successfully saved over half of the Buena Vista Creek Valley and a key parcel along Buena Vista lagoon.   But we need your help to do more.

Please make a tax deductible donation here  today- before the bulldozers are on the next hillside.  Note that it is for the Rosebrook Land Acquisition Fund. Donations of any amount will be matched up to $ 10k- so your gift will be doubled !  

For more information and to help us spread the word please see this flyer
Let us know if there is a group we should talk to about preserving open space - and what we can all do to make a difference.

With your help we can do even more !

Coming soon...Our Annual Wildflower Hike

Pholistoma_auritumOur 2017 annual wildflower hike will be held this year on Sunday, March 19. James Dillane of CNPS will join Preserve Calavera for a botanical exploration in the Calavera Preserve. This rich area includes varied habitats with several rare species. A preliminary plant list will be available to aide in learning. Beginners welcome.  For those who can't get enough of our native plants the hike may continue up to the summit of Mt. Calavera.
Space is limited; RSVP required.  Email Paige at for more information and to RSVP.  

Help Lower GHG Emissions through Community Choice Energy

climate action report card Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 9.06.25 PM
One way to help lower GHG emissions is through more renewable energy.  Many people in the north county have been working to get local municipalities (particularly Encinitas, Del Mar, Carlsbad, Oceanside) to form a not-for-profit choice to SDG&E called Community Choice Energy (CCE). The mission of CCE is to strive for 100% renewable energy sources.  Existing ones in the state (5 so far) offer a higher percent of clean energy than their utility counterpart at the same or slightly lower rates.  Some other benefits: 

Competition: SDG&E would no longer be a monopoly. 
Choice: Everyone one starts in the CCE but can opt out back to SDG&E. Local control: a board (typically local elected officials) runs the organization and sets rates in a public forum.
Incentives: The board can create programs to promote more solar, electric vehicles, etc. SDG&E would still maintain the electric grid and send you your bill but the CCE would contract for the communities’ energy.  Other CCE providers offer a 100% clean energy option for a monthly fee.  To encourage your city council to become involved please sign the online endorsement form if you haven’t already done by clicking here.

Preserve Calavera's mission is to protect our natural resources and we can't do that with out also stepping up our actions to reduce global warming.

For Carlsbad and other San Diego County cities' climate action report cards, see here.

Wildlife Corner 

western toad Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 8.33.37 PM 2
Western Toad (Anaxyrus boreas halophilus)

aka California Toad

Our most common toad found in San Diego County from the coast to the desert, it is distinguished by the cream-colored dorsal stripe. They have poisonous parotoid glands behind their eyes which makes them unappetizing as prey. They eat a variety of bugs and invertebrates. Females are larger than males at around 5 inches. This species tends to walk more than hop. They often use ground squirrel burrows to hide in, or under rocks and sometimes simply buried in loose soil. Breeding may occur as early as January locally and they do need shallow water to attach their eggs to.
While the Western Toad is considered a Species of Least Concern (IUCN Red List), they are in decline in some parts of their range, like Yosemite Valley in the Sierras…a protected area. Like all amphibians, they are susceptible to pollutants that are absorbed by their skin. Non-native species, like the bullfrog, pose a threat. Habitat loss and roadways continue to be a factor in mortality for this and so many other species. So, our mantra should be….
Celebrate what is common today because we don’t know what will be rare tomorrow!
February Activities

Sat Feb 25 8:30 - 11:30 AM 
Carlsbad Oaks North
Business Park Trail
City of Carlsbad Trail Cleanup Event

The volunteer trail work at Carlsbad Oaks North Business Park Trail will include:
• Trail maintenance
• Erosion control

The city will provide new volunteers with a short training on use of tools. The city will also provide shovels, McClouds, rakes, water and snacks.

Please wear closed-toe shoes suitable for hiking, sunscreen, hat and gloves. In the event of rain, the event will be canceled.

For more information and driving directions, see flyer.

Future Events

Thurs March 2  2:00 - 4:00 PM
12th Annual Carlsbad HMP Public Meeting at 1635 Faraday, Carlsbad, Rm. 173B.  This is a public gathering to hear about what's been going on in the preserve system, and an opportunity to ask questions.  All are welcome!

Sat March 18- Buena Vista Audubon Society Birdhouse Auction Fundraiser and Open House

Sat March 18- Agua Hedionda Kelly Trail- City of Carlsbad Trail Cleanup Event

Sun March 19- Preserve Calavera Annual Wildlfower Hhike

Sat April 22 - Earth Day Fair in Oceanside

Sat April 29 - People's Climate March

Our all-volunteer organization can not do what we do without your help.  Your time, talent and donation can make a difference right in your own backyard.  Call or email us to see how else you could get involved.

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