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Dear Preserve Calavera Supporter 

 Spirit of Sacred El Salto Falls Restored 

On July 26, 2017 the spirit of the sacred El Salto Falls was restored when months of graffiti was removed.  We are grateful for the efforts of Scott with the Carlsbad Code Enforcement Division and for Cornerstone Communities who agreed  to establish a regular monitoring/removal program.  Let us all do what we can to preserve this important piece of our local heritage. 

Climate Change Update

paige global warming
Getting Informed and Taking Action on Climate Change:
Do you need to learn more about the science behind climate change?  On August 3rd former Vice President Al Gore’s new film An Inconvenient Sequel will be released locally.  Preserve Calavera will be purchasing a block of discounted tickets for the August 6 evening showing of this informative film.  Contact Paige at by Aug. 4, if you’d like to join us at the Carlsbad Regal Theater (The Shoppes at Carlsbad), time to be announced later.  Tickets are $14.50 for adults, $11.75 for children under 12; we’ll need at least 25 participants for this event.
Also, one of our board members recently went through a Climate Reality Project training for presenting the same information as the movie and is willing to give presentations locally.  Please contact us at if you are interested.
Lastly, a newly published book looks at the causes and solutions to the most critical sources of greenhouse gases, some of which may surprise you.  Check out Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Even Proposed to Reverse Global Warming edited by Paul Hawken.

Community Choice Energy:
Good news for locals pushing for steps to combat climate change: On July 11, the Carlsbad city council joined Del Mar and Encinitas in unanimously approving an implementation study about regional Community Choice Energy (CCE).  As we’ve reported recently, CCE is a cornerstone for municipalities being able to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  It also introduces competition for SDG&E, something local business owners appreciate.  The city of San Diego recently completed its study which predicts reaching 100% renewable energy by 2035 while likely lowering electricity rates.  Our regional group is awaiting Oceanside’s decision to join the effort.  The study will hopefully be completed by early 2018.

Climate Action Plans:
We’re fortunate to live in a state where climate change is taken seriously.  California is undergoing significant impacts due to a changing climate from unpredictable water supplies, increased wildfires, rising sea levels and economic concerns in agriculture shifts due to changing water sources and rising temperatures.  
To lower greenhouse gas emissions mandated by AB 32, cities and counties are adopting Climate Action Plans or CAPs.  “Climate action plans are comprehensive roadmaps that outline the specific activities that an agency will undertake to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Climate action plans build upon the information gathered by greenhouse gas inventories and generally focus on those activities that can achieve the relatively greatest emission reductions in the most cost effective manner.” (See: Climate Action Plans--Institute for Local Government).  To date the following cities’ progress is:
- Vista adopted its CAP – Nov. 2012
- San Marcos adopted its CAP – Sept. 2013
- Carlsbad has adopted its CAP - Sept. 2015
- San Diego adopted its CAP – Dec. 2015
- Del Mar adopted its CAP - June 2016
- Encinitas released its draft CAP - June 2017
- Oceanside – a work in progress; contact the Oceanside CAPers if you want to get involved.
As in many things in life, the devil is in the details.  You may want to check out your city’s CAP probably available on their website.

Invasive Species:
paige invasive species Document3

For conservationists, invasive species are those non-native organisms that upset the balance of natural ecosystems.  They become a problem because they can out-compete native organisms by corralling resources (water, food, etc.).  With climate change, invasive plants may be better adapted to the temperature shifts in a given region.  New pathogens capable of attacking native species may also emerge with a warming climate.  This is another assault on our shrinking natural lands.  For a more thorough discussion on invasive species read this article from: Mother Nature Network,
about Pampas grass, Cortaderia selloana.

Whats Happening?

Hiring Staff for Land Stewardship Program:
We need you to help spread the word about this great job announcement - engaging volunteers to care for natural lands in their neighborhood.  Deadline for application is August 7, 2017.

Veteran's Park- Do you Want a zip line adventure- or a Real Neighborhood Park?
The City of Carlsbad is moving forward with plans for a regional "adventure park" at the site of the future Veteran's Park (Faraday south of Cannon Rd).  Every quadrant of the city is required to have 3 acres of parkland/1,000 residents.  Every quadrant of the city will be adding thousands of new residents.  Every quadrant of the city will get their new park at the same location- Veteran's Park.  But somehow that park doesn't need to be anywhere near where people actually live.  Does your neighborhood want a dog park, mountain bike trails, a place to play catch?  Tell the Director of Parks&Rec that you want a real neighborhood park near you- not an expensive zipline for tourists at Veteran's Park.  Contact:   

Temporary Repair Made at Lake Calavera
After months of watching Lake Calavera disappear, city staff along with a diving contractor installed a temporary fix.  Water is no longer  passing through the outlet piping.  This should minimize the loss of lake water until the permanent repair can be made.  That still depends upon getting approval from the state Division of Safety of Dams.  They are still focused on the failing Oroville Dam spillway, but we should be next.

Land Acquisition Fund:
We are so close to reaching our goal !  Every dollar will be matched and every dollar will go toward permanently preserving a little bit more of our priceless natural lands..   For more information, please see our Flyer or just go to our donation page and make your contribution today.  Future generations are counting on us.

Arroyo Toad Bufo californicus and Climate Change

karen toad climate change Document4
This once abundant toad occupies sandy seasonal streamside habitats where they bury themselves during the dry season. Their habitat needs are very specialized: exposed sandy stream sides and vegetation for hiding in; calm pools with gravel bottoms free of silt for breeding. Emerging with the first rains, they generally forage at night eating invertebrates. Arroyo toads tend to use the same breeding areas and do not move away to seek out new territories. They are completely absent in about 75% of their historic range due to the usual culprits: habitat loss, non-native predators and invasive plant species but also by unnatural water regimes like dam releases and our ephemeral streams running year round due to urban run-off. Already listed as Endangered, climate change will add even more stress to this species. Increased severity of droughts so dry conditions will be prolonged, heavier rainfall when rain events do occur, increased wildfires add to silt loads in stream beds and the probable increase in invasive plant species may push this guy over the edge!
Here is a chart predicting habitat suitablilty for the Arroyo Toad…
karen climate change chart Document5 3
"California Amphibian and Reptile Species of Future Concern: Conservation and Climate Change", pg. 147; by Amber N. Wright, Robert J. Hijmans, Mark W. Schwartz, and H. Bradley Shaffer University of California, Davis: August 2013.  
Here are links to more information about California species and climate change…
Vulnerability of California Fish, Wildlife, and Plants to Climate Change
August  Activities

Sat August 19 8:00 - 9:30 AM
Village H Volunteer Work

Join us for what we hope will be a regular monthly work session- engaging this Calavera Hills  neighborhood (and others) to care for the open space in their own backyard.  This month will be light work- good for all ages.  We will continue raking up the eucalyptus debris around plants in part of the site being restored.  This will be a quick, focused work session starting early to avoid the heat- and finishing early to leave most of your day free for other activities.  Wear closed toe shoes- and long pants and shirt sleeves are best. Bring your own gloves, water, and a rake if you have one. (We will have supplies also). We meet at the trail head off Carlsbad Village Drive west of Victoria in Carlsbad. Please RSVP to  let us know if you can come at

Wed August 2 6:00 PM
Update of Sea Level Rise Report Presentation
Carlsbad City Hall
1200 Carlsbad Village Dr, Carlsbad, CA 92008

Coastal communities throughout California are identifying possible risks from a rising sea level and developing ways to protect public infrastructure and private property. The report projects potential hazards for two future planning horizons (2050 and 2100), analyzes the relative risks and rates how vulnerable different areas are. Staff will present the report and its strategies. Members of the public are invited to comment at the meeting. There will be an opportunity for additional public input when the report goes before the City Council later this summer. The report is available for review at citiy facilities and on the city's website. The community may provide comments at the Aug. 2 Planning Commission meeting or by emailing 

Future Events

Sat Aug 19 8:00 - 9:30 AM
Regular Village H Work Session

September 30 - Carlsbad Trail Volunteer Event and National Public Lands Day @ Lake Calavera Preserve.

October 14 - Carlsbad Trail Volunteer Event at Hosp Grove.

November 18 - Carlsbad Trail Volunteer Event at LaCosta Glen.

December 9 - Carlsbad Trail Volunteer Event at Old RSF Road.

Our all-volunteer organization can not do what we do without your help.  Your time, talent and donation can make a difference right in your own backyard.  Call or email us to see how else you could get involved.

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