March Growing Thymes: Save the date for Avant Garden, Help us get our tractor, Get to know our greenhouses, and more!
March 2013: Growing Thymes
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Weekly Farm Stand

Hours: Saturdays 10a to 2p
Location: Veggielution

Available This Month:

Red Cabbage
Green Cabbage
De Cicco Broccoli
Lacinato Kale
Rainbow Chard
Lettuce Mix
Red Radishes
Pak Choi

Veggielution accepts EBT!

working on the farm
Workday Schedule

Tuesdays, Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday
8:30a - 12:30p

Workday: 10:00a - 12:30p
Potluck Lunch: 12:30p

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Youth Garden Activities
Every Saturday- 10:00am to 12:30pm

Come join us at the farm for our weekly Youth Garden Activities. Every Saturday the whole family can enjoy gardening, crafting, and preparing food together in the Youth Garden.

Participating in our Youth Garden Activities is a great way to spend time with your children while exploring the garden, learning about healthy lifestyle choices, and discovering the exciting processes of the natural world - not to mention making new friends. 


Art in the Garden

Saturday, March 23rd & April 27th from 1:30p-3:30p

Get inspired! Every 4th Saturday of the month we will be holding art classes at the farm, with each class focused on a different theme. 

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Emily the goose

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You're Invited

Do you like food, art, live music, and sustainable farms that strive to feed the community healthy food? If you have answered yes to any of the above, you should party for the cause at this year's Avant Garden.

Veggielution, in partnership with SJMADE, invites you to indulge your senses with farm-fresh food, captivating art, and hand crafted goods prepared by visionary local chefs, artists, and craftspeople.

-Sample farm fresh small plates prepared by talented local chefs
-Take home food and farm related art by local artists
-Browse a variety of crafts from local vendors
-Enjoy a craft brew
​-Support access to healthy food and nutrition in our community


*Do you know an artist or chef that you think would be a great fit for this event? Contact:


March State of the farm

We can hardly believe March is here, and the pressure is really on to get the season going. In the past month we completed several projects including the installation of flooring and some furniture in our new buildings. We completed the second greenhouse and it is filling up extremely fast.

With the help of Nvidia corporation, we began planting our orchard last week and thus far have planted about 100 fruit tree, mostly citrus and stone fruit. In a few days, our new water line will be hooked up to the meter and there will be water flowing for our back field and we'll be ready to begin working our new field. This month we also started a whole new crop of 25 workday leaders as part of the 2013 Workday Leader Class. When you come to volunteer, you will see many new faces helping to facilitate work around the farm, so say hello and thank these folks for the work they are committing to Veggielution. 

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Mark Medeiros
Farm Director




Stories from the ground

Getting our greens with the Goss Elementary Gators

"Miss Nina! What's this stuff called again?" a fifth grader called to me with his mouth full.
"Kale," I replied.
"Hey," he munched on another leaf. "This kale stuff is pretty good."

"Wow," I thought to myself, "this school garden stuff really does work." Studying nutritional biochemistry, I remember being dubious of the power of school gardens. Eventually I realized that knowing the mechanism of how the phyto-nutrients in green leafy veggies, such as kale, combat free radical oxidation within the body doesn't really matter if the body doesn't consume the green leafy veggies whence those powerful little nutrients come. So my desire to work on a farm and utilize my background in education landed me at Veggielution where I'm happily one of the Youth Education Coordinators, partnering with local Goss Elementary School and working in... the school garden.

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Nina Vuoso
Youth Education Coordinator

Volunteer of the month

Roberto Martinez

Roberto Martinez, is our go to chicken expert at the farm. He can be found tending to the flock and helping with various construction projects on many Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Enjoy Roberto's life story, and how he came to be a go to volunteer at the farm.

"There are several reasons I volunteer at the farm: meeting people of all ages with a like-mind towards our environment and making new friends, getting off of the couch and getting my hands dirty with rewarding outdoor activities. Passing on life-skills I have acquired during the course of my life to those that show an interest. Having a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day and just getting some healthy sunshine and exercise.

My favorite memory at the farm was finishing the replacement of the chicken yard fence and the remodeling of the hen house. It gave me a great deal of satisfaction looking at what I was able to achieve, mostly by myself. When I first started coming out to the farm, I saw a need that I knew I could have a positive impact on. Looking back, the positive impact actually went both ways."


Nina Vuoso
Youth Education Coordinator


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