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     April 2017 

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Dear Readers;

This past Sunday, April 22nd was Earth Day.  As we continue to witness end users purchasing cleaning products through retail channels,  we ask this question:  

What are all the big box stores and mass retailers doing to help their commercial customers reduce waste?

A.  The answer is NOTHING, in fact they are helping customers increase their waste stream by promoting consumer brand RTU products and free pouring concentrates!  

As we discussed last month, online retailers, big boxes, paper distributors and warehouse clubs are pushing cleaning products to business owners and they are making headway.  What they love to sell are ready to use cleaners, often familiar consumer brands, and free pouring concentrates.  

Too many end users are relying on ready to use cleaning products, aerosols, and glug-glug concentrates in their cleaning operations.  Our RTU and GLUG-GLUG fact sheet will help shed some light on this important issue and help you offer far better alternatives.

Thanks for reading

Mike Tarvin                                     

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RTU and Glug-Glug Fact Sheet

RTUbottlesThis simple fact sheet helps explain the extensive waste when using RTU products and free pouring concentrates. 

RTU & Glug-Glug Fact Sheet

Eliminate 2000 empty bottles from your customer's waste stream

88 RTU image smallA dilution system can replace thousands of RTU bottles that are thrown out after only one use. 

Relying on RTU products for cleaning commercial facilities is not only bad for the environment, it is incredibly costly.  How costly?  Use our new waste reduction calculator to help your customer visualize the reduction in waste and the cost savings.

Kline Blog highlights game changing Jan-San Market Trends

shopper2This teaser blog post is for an upcoming study on jan-san markets trends. 


In this issue

RTU and Glug-Glug

A fact sheet that shows the wasteful use of RTU products

New Waste Calculator
Quantify the waste and the saving by getting rid of RTU products


Product Features

#18 Tri-Fecta

#4 Foamy MAC


Eliminating 2000 spray bottles from the dumpster and saving a customer thousand$

#18 Tri-Fecta

18Tri-Fecta2L 3

Eliminate  136 RTU Spray bottles

Bio-Enzymatic Cleaner and Deodorizer

#4 Foamy MAC

4 foamy mac

Eliminate 36 RTU Spray bottles 

Removes hard water spots and soap scum. 

BLOG POST Eliminating 2000 RTU Spray bottles from the trash and saving a customer thousand$ 

If you missed it

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Last Month's newsletter talked about the trend of commercial purchasers switching to retail outlets to buy cleaning products.

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