84000 eNews Issue 9 | July 2012
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Reading Room
Learn how to use the Reading Room and how to download the translations in PDF format.
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Our 2.5-Year Report Card
The 84000 initiative was started in January 2010 with a vision to translate the vast collection of the Buddha’s words, known as the Kangyur and Tengyur. To date, we are funding 102 translators from 25 Dharma centers and 20 universities to translate 8,000 pages (10% of the Kangyur). Read more about our progress.

The third grant cycle was recently closed, with applications received from 25 translation teams. Help us fund the next batch of translations by sponsoring one or more pages (monthly or one-time), or by becoming a founding sponsor.

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Upcoming Translations
In addition to the eight texts (97 pages) already published in our reading room, another five texts (230 pages) are being prepared for publication:
      The Sūtra on Purifying Karmic Obscurations
      The Sūtra of the Display of the Basket
      The Mahāmāyā Tantra
      The Sūtra of Ākāśagarbha
      The Ornament of the Light of Gnosis

Read more to find out what other texts are being translated into English.
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Tibetan-Chinese Translation Workshop
84000 participated in a workshop organized by Khyentse Foundation, entitled "A Planning Workshop on Translating the Words of the Buddha (Tibetan<-->Chinese)", held in Robert Black College, Hong Kong University, on May 26-28, 2012. The conference was attended by over 20 scholars and representatives from nine countries.

Conference participants agreed to do research and lay the ground for cross translations of the Tibetan Kangyur and Chinese Tripitaka, with the aim of completing both canons and making all the texts available in modern languages.
Read more
about the workshop.
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84000 is a global nonprofit initiative to translate the words of the Buddha
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