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September 19, 2012
National Diaper Need Awareness Week   
Was a Huge Success !

Exciting Times Ahead !! 


It was thrilling to be together with 36 diaper banker from 24 different diaper banks all dedicated to ensuring that babies and their families have the diapers they need.  People came to the first ever Diaper Banks in America Conference from 18 states across the country and from programs of all shapes and sizes, from the largest diaper bank in the country and the oldest diaper bank in the country, to small diaper pantries and programs just beginning to collect and distribute diapers.  

We may have gotten into this work for different reasons, but we are all united in our desire to help families secure the basic necessities to help their children thrive.  Diaper bankers shared their ideas, stories, and enthusiasm for their mission.  As one diaper banker moved to tears said, “It is so wonderful to know that mine is not the only diaper bank out there—that there is a team, a network of people working to make sure babies get the diapers they need.”

We hope that not only will diaper bankers know they are not alone, but also the rest of the country will learn about the work diaper banks do and the pressing need for diapers in families struggling to make ends meet.   Our current government safety net programs provide no direct support to buy diapers.

Sometimes, people try to make the money go farther by reusing their diapers or leaving each diaper on for long periods even if the child had already soiled or wet the diaper hours before.  Other times, families might find themselves choosing between food and diapers, heat and diapers, or any number of other expenses and diapers. 

We believe that  no one should have to make that choice  A diaper is a small thing, but if it helps create a little room for joy in a working parent's life, it is a very great thing indeed.  

Please support National Diaper Bank Network as we work to increase focus on diaper need and build more diaper banks across the county.

If you are looking for a diaper bank in your area - please click here.

We hope you follow us on twitter @diapernetwork and that you have "liked" us on Facebook - we are The National Diaper Bank Network there.

Please consider making a donation today to help us spread the word about Diaper Need in America.

377609_266236486762209_251732841545907_848311_620829544_n 2In 2011 there was one Diaper Need Awareness Proclamation made in the US - so far in 2012 there have been 16!!  Please help us spread the word.

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