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Jordan Pic
September 17, 2012
FREE Audition / Physical Comedy Coaching

with Award-Winning Physical Theatre Artist & Teacher,
Jordan Rosin

Dear Friend,

As you may or may not know, until three weeks ago, I had planned to be in India at this very moment... meditating on a mountaintop at the Subbody Butoh Institute of the Himalayas.  Alas, however, the Indian government doesn't seem to want me in their country... so I've had to reluctantly postpone my trip until next year.

That means, however, that I will continue living and cultivating my career here, in New York City over the course of the coming months.   

Some of you are familiar with that long-term career vision of mine: serve the world as the artistic director of a well-funded & self-sustaining physical theatre ensemble that is always teaching, taking classes & creating new work with profound resonance and potential for healing.  I've discovered recently that a necessary step on that path is building up my reputation as a freelance movement consultant and director.  Part of building that reputation includes offering high-quality services to individual actors, like yourself, such as private coaching on topics that actors care about - like audition technique, onstage presence, or physical comedy.

I have already done a little bit of freelance coaching in the past.  Click here to check out an audition routine, which I helped a friend to create last year.  I think it's pretty funny and so too apparently did high-profile director, Tina Landau (Steppenwolf) who cast him in her show.

Word-of-mouth and gaining practice are great, but the key to building up my reputation for freelance coaching & consultation will be written endorsements.  Endorsements are key to helping strangers develop an feeling of objectivity when drawing conclusions about your product or service.

Therefore, for a limited-time only, I will be offering FREE coaching services and general movement consultation in exchange for short (2 - 3 sentence) written endorsements of my work.  These will ultimately be posted on my website to help to eventually attract paying clientele down the road.

Most of you are familiar with my background and the skills I bring to the table.  If you aren't you can read more about the services I can provide by checking out the Coaching / Consultation page on my website.

So... maybe you need an outside eye to help with monologues or maybe some help fine-tuning your physical preparation and overall presentation in the room.  Maybe you're looking for a crash course in butoh, clowning, and/or gymnastics.  If so... Jordan Rosin can help.  Shoot me an e-mail and we'll make it happen.


Jordan Rosin

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