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Performance Announcement

June 16, 2013

Dear Friend,

We're happy to announce that Akiko Fujiwara & Evan Sokal, two members of our inaugural "Training Ensemble" are performing a piece they developed with us at this month's KGB Show at the Kraine Theatre.  We encourage you to check it out.   More details below.


The Ume Group

Akiko Fujiwara & Evan Sokal perform at The Ume Group Training Ensemble Showcase, 2013

Thursday, June 20, 2013
10:30pm - midnight
Kraine Theater
84 East 4th Street, NYC, NY
Cost: $15.00 (includes 1 drink)

This is KGB SHOW. Jokes are top secret. You No laugh. From the depths of the Kremlin, to the East Village, we achieve world domination with Socialist Vaudeville for the New Millennium. Attendance is Mandatory!

Tickets $15 Facsist American Dollars - includes 1 communist drink at KGB BAR

Also Featuring:
MARGOT CARR --› as: Pearl Masterson & Pearl The Mime. 
LLOYD FLOYD --› as: The MadPlotter /+ Stand-up Act. 
ANTHONY CIMINO --› Stand-up Act. 
SILVANA BRIZUELA-WEIGEL --› as: Svetlana Coycova /+ Dance Number.
MISSY BAKER --› Stand-up Act.
ALEX CARABANO --› Stand-up Act.
IORGO PAPOUTSAS --› as: Mr. Baginsky & Robbai Pies. 
KWAME ROBERTSON --› as: Tino's Henchman. 
HASHTAG TINO ROMERO --› as: Kidnapper #1 
BECCA BERNARD --› as: special guest
LILIANA VELÁSQUEZ --› as: Natasha BikiniOff

KGB Video: "KIDNAPPING MOON" [Starring: KGB's Cast /Directed & Produced by: Pipe Ospina & Liliana Velásquez /Director of Photography: Joe Spit.]


Hosted by Natasha BikiniOff 

Artistic Collaboration: Iorgo Papoutsas
Theatre Tech & Production Manager: Pipe Ospina (Squater)

Produced and Conceived by Liliana Velásquez

This is KGB Show!

The Ume Group offers FREE training in yoga, butoh, and martial arts - learn more>>>
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