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Wildflower Race News

Jump in and Swim Lake San Antonio!

Kayaking Volunteer!Lake San Antonio is set to host another great swim this May. You will swim in a CLOCKWISE direction on a rectangular course. Marker buoys will be placed every 100 yards. (Since you are swimming clockwise, these marker buoys should always be along your right shoulder.) The water is set to be its standard 65-68 degrees Fahrenheit.

The lake water quality is good and safe for swimming. Like most other lakes, visibility is low. Please keep this in mind while training, so you are prepared for race day. Kayaks and Paddleboards staffed with excellent volunteers will be staggered along the course. If you need a quick break to catch your breath, or any other assistance, these volunteers are here for you! 

For our Wildflower returners, we understand there have been questions concerning water levels, due to the drought we are facing in California. Please know that our staff is doing a decision-making site visit this weekend. We will be releasing any alternate course information if needed in the next week or so.

If an alternate course is necessary, the swim course layout and distances will not be alternated, just the swim location. Our goal was to release any alternate plans by April 1st, and we are still set to reach this goal. We are excited to reach these final decisions, and promise to produce another top notch, high-energy, epic Wildflower! Thanks for your support in spreading the word.

Swim Like a Pro, Or At Least Train Like One

Grab some FINIS Agility Paddles to help you train for your Wildflower Triathlons swim.

"When I first used the Agility Paddles I was curious because they are strapless. When I swam for the first time with them it felt different than all the other paddles I used before. It took me one or two sessions to get used to them but now I love them. I use them almost in every training sessions. You get to feel the water better. Because they are strapless you need to get your stroke right and push throughout the whole stroke."
Alexander Studzinski, World-Class Open water Swimmer, 7-time German Open Water Champion, 3-time FINIS World Cup Champion

Featured Swim Set

FINIS is helping us train up right. Here's the featured swim set for this time around. Give your training some variety by introducing this set into your schedule.

16 x 25's
  1. One-arm freestyle, breathing to opposite side (right arm)
  2. One-arm freestyle, breathing to opposite side (left arm)
  3. Freestyle swim, Build from 60 up to 85% effort
  4. Freestyle drill, easy, catch-up or U-drill
    • Repeat the previous 4 x 25's, 4 times through
8 x 75's, Aerobic drilling by 25yds
  1. Sculling, applying even pressure throughout a figure-8 hand motion
  2. Freestyle drill, easy, catch-up or U-drill
  3. Freestyle drill, hard, overkick freestyle (slow arms & large 6-beat kick)

FINIS Custom Swimsuits!

FINIS Swimsuit!Here's a preview of the FINIS custom Wildflower swimsuit so you can train savvy for this year's Wildflower Triathlons. FINIS is Wildflower's Official Swim Training Partner and this suit is just one of the many cool things that FINIS has to offer! (P.S. there is set to be a men's version too.) Order your FINIS custom swimsuit by March 22nd and it will arrive on your doorstep. Order after March 22nd, and it will be waiting for you at the FINIS expo booth at the event. This is a super nice feature for them to offer, but then you can't train for Wildflower in your flashy new suit, so order now!
Order My Suit!

Another Suit

Orca SonarLike mentioned above, the Lake is set to be wetsuit water. And yes, the race will be here before you know it, so planning ahead for a wetsuit is a good thing. Another good thing is renting an Orca Sonar Wetsuit for the event. For only $65 our friends at Orca and will ship you your wetsuit. After your race, you simply have to box up the suit and attach the supplied return shipping label. It couldn't be easier.

Featuring top of the line SCS coated Yamamoto 39 cell neoprene for flexibility and speed, strategically placed Aerodome panels for buoyancy and an ultra-comfortable neck line, the Orca Sonar offers exceptional technology and performance when compared to other rental wetsuits.

Even if you are not renting a suit, make sure to stop by the Orca tent at the event to talk with the reps about an Orca wetsuit and check out the all-new line of 2014 clothing!
Rent an Orca Wetsuit
Kudos to our Sponsors!

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