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Wildflower Race News

You've Registered! It's Happening!

We know that there are some what-if's going into this year's Wildflower Triathlons from those who have raced Wildflower before. We know that rumors are flying and that if you see particular photos, it does look ominous. We are excited to be producing the 32nd Annual Wildflower Triathlons and in seeing a little bit of everything over the last 32 years, we know that we can still produce a great triathlon for you here in 2014. So here is the 411 on race plans as they currently stand. The race is happening as a triathlon. Lake San Antonio is at 4% capacity and it's still enough water to host all distances of the swim course! The Lake levels are available at the Harris Creek launch ramp and there is a practice swim course now available to you there.

We are meeting regularly with the Monterey County Parks Department to create a plan that will maximize the water and trails available to us. Lynch Hill and Nasty Grade aren't going anywhere. They will be sticking around, as will the overall challenge of each course distance and the crazy goodness of the Woodstock of Triathlon. Camping and friends and family and shenanigans and racing are all still in the works!

For those of you who are returning, you know that Wildflower is a memorable experience, and this year is set to be no different. To those of you that are new to our starting line, Welcome! We have a reputation and lots of experience backing the race, and we are excited that you've heard about Wildflower and are now here to experience the event first hand!

Enjoy Wildflower in an El Monte RV!

El Monte RVEl Monte RV is America's premier motor home rental company, and will be a part of Wildflower Triathlons 2014! El Monte RV is providing great options to get you stayin' in style.

There are delivery packages available for Wildflower athletes so that your RV "magically" shows up at the Lake and you avoid any potential hassle associated with getting it to-and-from Lake San Antonio. For those a bit more budget-conscious, you can still receive a great rate on an RV and pick your unit up from one of the many convenient El Monte RV locations throughout the United States. Road trip anyone?!?

Receive 15% off units booked prior to February 1st. Call (888) 337-2214 for details and reservations.

Your Story Line

We know that every Wildflower Start Line has 7,500 stories lined up at it. You, and her and him and that guy over there, have a story as to why and how you are able to line up at the Start. As we kick start our 2014 Triathlon season with the 32nd Annual Wildflower Triathlons, we want to ask you to tell us your story.

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Quick Tip

Words from someone that knows something...
We're working on giving you tidbits of advice on everything from racing to training to maneuvering around the Lake on race weekend. This one's a training tip: 
"Leverage a little less daylight and unruly weather to tackle more indoor workouts. Those indoor workouts don't have to be on the trainer or dreadmill either. This is a great time to focus on building strength in the weight room. It will help prevent injury and prepare your body for next year's volume and intensity. Specifically, you want to focus on multi-joint compound exercises for optimal strength gains, but can also include plyometric and functional sport specific exercises that will help improve performance as well." - Coach Daniel Scagnelli;
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