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Check Out Your Wildflower Course

Out on the RunIt's time to start checking out course maps and getting a feel for this thing called "Wildflower." A few quick things about the Wildflower courses.
  1. You should know that we like to mix it up with a little road and a little dirt. Check the map and description linked below to see when you'll be on the road and when you'll be kicking up dust!
  2. You will follow colored markings while on course.
    • Long Course will follow YELLOW markings
    • Mountain Bike will follow BLUE markings
    • Olympic will follow GREEN markings

      The staff has a fun way of remembering this...the Long Course is the course of the greatest distance and so YELLOW has the most letters, consequently, Mountain Bike is the course of the shortest distance and so BLUE is the color with the fewest letters in its name. Olympic is the course of middle distance at Wildflower and so GREEN is the color with the middle number of letters in its name. Fun little cheat sheet, right?!?

  3. In addition to the colors, the Bike is marked with large diamonds of the correct color, and the run is marked in smaller diamonds of the correct color.

I just promised a few quick things, a few being three. The rest can all be found for the distance for which you are registered.

Long Course

Mountain Bike


Before the Course

Here in 2013, we have worked with the Parks Dept. to change some of the Front Gate policies. Every vehicle through the Front Gate must have a pass associated with it, either a Camping Pass (the vehicle is staying in the Park overnight) or a Daily Parking Pass (the vehicle is in the Park for the day). Every vehicle.
Purchase a Pass

Train Like It's Race Day

Gatorade HandoffSpeaking of Course, start training with what's waiting for you out on the Course! Gatorade Endurance Formula is a specialized sports drink designed to sustain hydration during prolonged training and racing when fluid and electrolyte losses can be significant and will be served along the 2013 Wildflower Triathlon Course(s). It contains nearly twice the sodium (200mg) and more than three times the potassium (90mg) of Gatorade Thirst Quencher to help sustain hydration, maintain proper fluid balance and replace the critical electrolytes lost in sweat during these occasions. Taking the right kind of fuel is critical to an endurance athlete's success. Get ready for race day by reviewing hydration tips from Gatorade below or learn more at

Hydration Tips
  • Endurance athletes, especially when training or racing more than 2 hours, or those who have high sweat losses, should replace both fluid and sodium during exercise. To estimate if you are a "salty sweater," look for white residue on dark clothing after a training session.
  • Know your sweat rate to customize a plan to meet your unique needs.
  • You should determine your individual sweat rate and consume fluids with sodium to minimize body weight changes during training and racing. To determine your sweat rate, measure body weight before and after a training session in the same environment as the race and keep track of all the fluid consumed. A rough estimate of sweat rate can be obtained by using the following equation: sweat rate (L/h) = (weight loss - fluid intake (L)) / exercise time (hours).
  • Answering "yes" to any of these questions may indicate inadequate hydration: Am I thirsty? Is my urine a dark yellow color? Is my body weight noticeably lower than yesterday?
  • You should be sure to drink enough fluid to prevent dehydration without over-drinking. Dehydration may strain the cardiovascular system and increases body temperature, which increases the risk of heat illness. However, endurance athletes who over-drink in relation to sweating could be at risk for a rare but very serious condition called hyponatremia (low blood sodium concentration). Consuming beverages with sodium during training and racing may help maintain blood sodium levels.
  • Mix and match products to find the right combination of solids and fluids to meet both your carbohydrate and fluid needs.
    • Recommended Carbohydrate Intake During Exercise. Jeukendrup A. (2011). Nutrition for endurance sports: marathon, triathlon, and road cycling. Journal of Sports Sciences, 29 Suppl 1, S91-99.
      • <30 minutes in duration, no carbohydrate amount required
      • 30-75 minutes in duration, very small amounts carbohydrate; mouthrinse appropriate
      • 1-2.5 hours duration, 30-60g/h; rapidly used sources such as sucrose, glucose, and maltodextrin
      • >2.5-3 hours, up to 90 g/h: use a blend of glucose & fructose
  • Use sports drink to provide fluid and electrolytes.
  • It is possible to train the gut! If you are currently consuming less than the recommendations, gradually increase intake.
  • Practice your race strategy in training and make sure you can tolerate the fluids without problems.

Swim with Orca

With Wildflower just around the corner, plan ahead and rent your Orca Sonar wetsuit for the event! For only $65, our friends at Orca and will ship you your suit. After you race, you simply have to box up the suit and attach the supplied return shipping label. What could be easier?

Featuring top of the line SCS coated Yamamoto 39 cell neoprene for flexibility and speed, strategically placed Aerodome panels for buoyancy and an ultra-comfortable neck line, the Orca Sonar offers exceptional technology and performance when compared to other rental wetsuits.

Even if you are not renting a suit, make sure to stop by the Orca tent at the Wildflower Expo to demo an Orca wetsuit and check out the all-new line of 2013 clothing!
Rent a Suit
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