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Get to the Lake, Stay, and Play

You've signed up for the "One and Only" Wildflower Triathlons, but no one lives at Lake San Antonio (actually one of our staff members does live at the Lake, and sometimes it feels like the rest of us practically live there, but anywho...), so you've got to get yourself and all your *cough* stuff to the lake. No biggie, right?! Here's some info that might help the process. 

Stay in Style with El Monte RV

We mentioned it last time, but we know a good thing when when we see it and like to pass along good news. Here it is again: El Monte RV is back as the Official RV of the 2013 Wildflower Triathlons!!! Let's really talk about the two great options available through El Monte RV.
  • Option 1 - Have the RV delivered and waiting for you at Lake San Antonio! This is convenient. With Option 1, you won't have to think about driving to and from the Lake! It's like your own little private hotel - you just drive up and "check-in."
  • Robin WilliamnsOption 2 - Pick-up/Drop-off a unit from one of the many conveniently located El Monte locations in the United States of America! This is the more economical of the options, but besides that appealing tidbit, you get to go on an honest-to-goodness road trip. Like Robin Williams in "RV," only better. 

Book your El Monte RV before February 28th, 2013 and receive 15% off your reservation. Call (888) 337-2214 for details and reservations.


I Need to Get My Bike Where?!?

Box it UpIf you are flying or traveling a great distance, you may be considering shipping your bike to the event. K-Man Cycle & Run is at your service. You can ship your bike to them, they will assemble it for you, you'll race on it, they will disassemble it and ship it back to you! Keith and his crew at K-Man make it just that simple. Or you can forgo the shipping altogether and rent a bicycle through K-Man. Choose the method which you are most comfortable with.

Ship or Rent with K-Man

Please note, this is the only method by which to ship your bike to the Lake at this time. If a bicycle shows up in the receiving yard that is not addressed to K-Man Cycle & Run, we will "Return to Sender." Organized chaos people, this isn't a free-for-all.

Stay City Side

Don't feel like staying at Lake San Antonio, even in a plush El Monte RV?!? That's okay too. Though we think camping is half the fun, we know that you can have just as much fun watching pay per view movies in a hotel 30 miles away. Check out other accommodations. Whether you stay at the lake or drive in on race morning, every vehicle through the Front Gate must have a corresponding parking pass.

The How and The Why

Thinking about how to get to the Lake has the tendency to remind people about why they are headed to the Lake? So what about it...why are you headed up to the 31st Annual Wildflower Triathlons come May? Did the sports change your life? Does this race in particular hold a special place in your heart?

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