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Dear Supporter,

Some of the most important lessons kids learn at school happen at a desk.
Some happen on a yoga mat.

Since 2001, Bent On Learning has taught lessons from the yoga mat to inner city kids
in New York City public schools - during the school day, in the classroom, where the
learning happens. With your support, we can continue to bring this important program
to more schools and more children next year.

Our mission is to teach kids to be healthier and happier in learning and in life.
We show students they have everything they need right within themselves - their body, their mind and their breath - to release stress, feel healthier, find focus and learn better. We transform the classroom into a yoga space: a place for fun physical activity and a haven for peace and relaxation.
Our impact is beyond measure. Our success is not!
In 2011, we have laid the groundwork for continued growth and smarter programs:
  • We teach 136 classes a week in 16 schools, reaching kids in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Washington Heights, Harlem and The Bronx. That’s 3,300 kids each week!
  • Four schools are full-school yoga programs, meaning EVERY student receives a yoga class at least once per week!
  • We started a pilot program with District 88, teaching at one of their 37 schools located throughout the five boroughs of NYC. District 88 serves at-risk teens who are on long-term suspension from their home schools after engaging in behaviors ranging from bullying to weapons possession and gang related activity.
  • Our program extends to staff and school teachers - benefiting them personally while also teaching them how to integrate basic yogic techniques into their classes and into the value system of the school.
  • We launched Bent On Learning’s 100-hour Teacher Training and Certification Program, consisting of two key components: learning how to create a space for yoga in the classroom and building a collaborative classroom community. We are proud to say that 54 BOL-certified yoga teachers are ready to teach yoga in New York City public schools!
Our success is your success!
By joining our illustrious group of supporters, you can make a difference in the lives of schoolchildren, starting today! Each of our students gets a yoga practice manual and -- most importantly -- a chance to begin a journey that can last a lifetime. Supporting a single student costs only $175 per year - an incredibly small price to give a child a better educational experience.

Help bring inner peace to inner city kids this holiday season!

$25 Gives a child 3 yoga classes
Gives one child weekly yoga classes for one year.
$500 Provides yoga mats to 75 kids.
$2,000 Funds a yoga class (25+ kids) for one semester.
$4,000 Funds a yoga class (25+ kids) for one year.

Make a Donation

You may also donate by check, payable to BENT ON LEARNING.
Mail to:  Bent On Learning Benefit Office, 377 5th Street, Brooklyn, NY  11215

Thank You!

Anne Desmond  Jennifer Ford     Courtney McDowell

Anne Desmond, Jennifer Ford and Courtney McDowell
Co-founders and Directors

Bent on Learning

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