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January, 2015  Issue 48
Dear Member,

Each January, the NCWCA board goes on a day-long retreat. We are grateful to Irma Velasquez for allowing us to use her Pescadero ranch for this purpose. It is located in a beautiful setting (see photo on the banner above), far from the distractions of studio and home, yet only out an hour away. The retreat plays an important role for this working board - it gives us time to catch up with each other and thoroughly discuss our strategies, goals and challenges. We make it a point to applaud our accomplishments, to acknowledge the completion of ambitious goals through teamwork. The rest of the time we discuss potential events, art-making activities and initiatives, and how to calendar them all into the year. At the end of the day, keeping with tradition, we each create a piece of art. Someone said this was the best board she has ever been on. I agree!

by Board President Judy Johnson-Williams
On Sunday, January 18, the board met at Irma’s delightful place in Pescadero and it was a beautiful sunny day. We got through a lot of subjects. The highlights, for me, were:
goals2 2Succession Planning for the Board
We have many positions that are coming to the end of their 3 term limit in 2016, so we need to find people now that can shadow a current position and learn the ropes.  Being on the board is some work, of course, but current board members have done an excellent job of streamlining the work so that it’s very efficient.  Oddly enough, being a board member is one of the benefits of being a member--this is where the real learning about the art world takes place.  You interact with gallerists to find exhibit venues, you learn how to curate and hang shows, you learn social media and computer skills (we are the first chapter to use automated forms for show entries and member renewals and we use EventBrite and other apps to make payments,  car pools, and volunteering more manageable). You can hone your writing skills on grants, articles and commentary. We are planning a meeting in February where we will talk about the duties and benefits of each position.  If you think you might be interested in a board position, contact that board member or me.
Women and Technology
We’re going to adopt this as a theme for the year, both for a possible group3 copyshow and also for us personally (i.e. the board is going to go paperless, all board reports and minutes will be sent electronically. Yikes, that means I’ll have to get a device!  We don’t know where it will lead us, much of the discussion will be via the Google group, but will probably start with: is tech a good thing for women?  What does it mean that we are underrepresented in technology?  What are the barriers to women?  How do I use it in and for my art? Several of us are exploring some of the touch screen drawing/sketching programs--stay tuned for an event on that.

2014 Goals Met
It was gratifying to note that we accomplished most of the goals we set from 2014: art day at Djerassi, reaching out to other chapters, great programs at every meeting, and multiple field trips to galleries, museums, and art residencies.  We did Disconnect, a members' show, hosted a Young Curators' show and expanded Art Tag, adding Peninsula and National WCA. South Bay has one, too, but they did it independently. We taught art at a women's prison and may have a continuing role there.

I am looking forward to a full and energizing 2015.

sondraSondra Schwetman, who is an Associate Professor at Humboldt State University, was selected to represent NCWCA in New York City. Last July, Sondra attended the National WCA strategic planning sessions in Portland, Oregon and ended up joining the National WCA board. She is enthusiastic about WCA and we look forward to hear about the events at the 2015 National WCA Conference when she returns.

Find out what each board member does at the February chapter meeting. Afterwards, you may be interested in being trained for a board position. Current board members will all agree that they pcked up important professional skills while serving. Whether it's exhibition management, developing events or recruiting new members, come and find out what we do!

party3We had an enjoyable year-end party at Judy Johnson-Williams' studio on December 31. Along with making merry with wine and potluck, we created 5x7 art pieces for the National WCA fundraiser. Altogether 27 works of art were created. Unfortunately, high wind gusts precluded us from burning bad juju this time. But we had the traditional White Elephant exchange where everyone gave away art materials they weren't using and received unusual art materials from someone else.


NCWCA Collaboration-I copyWe met at Salma Arastu's Sawtooth studio in Berkeley on January 13 and created collaborative works of art using the key words: Love, Unity and Liberty. Salma started the painting by adding these words in Arabic to a blank canvas. We pitched in with our own language or personal philosophy. This project is part of Arastu's of Symbols and Sacred Words project, which was funded by the East Bay Community Foundation.     
michelle waters3 copyMichelle Waters at Sanctuary Bistro, 1019 Camelia Street, Berkeley. All proceeds from sales for next two months go to Animal Place and Project Coyote (see left image).
Salma Arastu in Living with Endangered Languages in the Information Age, at Root Division, 1059 Market St, San Francisco, Jan 7 – 31.
Bonnie J. Smith at Westbeth Center for the Arts, 55 Bethune St, NYC, Feb 7-22.
Carol Ladewig in Triton Museum of Art Salon group show, 1505 Warburton Ave, Santa Clara, Dec 6- Feb 8. 
Claudia Chapline at Claudia Chapline Gallery, 3445 shoreline Highway, Stinson Beach, Jan 17 – Mar 29.
Shizue Seigel has been awarded the San Francisco Arts Commission Individual Artists Commission (Literary) to finish her memoir "Miss Goody-Good Grows Up: Beyond the Model Minority." 
Robin Apple solo show at North Tahoe Arts, 380 North Lake Boulevard, Tahoe City, Feb 24-Mar 30. Also in Insomnia/Creativity, Neologian BlueHorse copyGallery, 1027 South Claremont Street, San Mateo, Jan 10-30. Also Solo Exhibition: Downtown Restaurant,2050 Broadway, Redwood City, Jan-Feb. Also in Shadows at the Main Gallery, 1018 Main St, Redwood City, Mar 16 – Apr 19. Also in Colour Burst at the Ph21 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary, Feb 12 –Mar 4. Also in Impulse, Arc Gallery 1246 Folsom St, San Francisco Jan 15 -31.Also in Warped, The Main Gallery, 1018 Main St, Redwood City, Jan 5 – Feb 8.  Also in Red, Colors of Humanity Art Gallery, online, February. (See Robin's work, above image left)
M.C. Carolyn voted into membership of the group,  
Judy Shintani in Intersections: Asian American Narratives, Lindsay Dirx Brown Gallery in San Ramon, 12501 Alcosta Blvd, San Ramon, Feb 7. Also Out of Storage, Studio 110 Projects, West Deck – ICB, 480 Gate 5 Road, Sausalito, Jan 24 – 31.
Priscilla Otani at Westbeth Center for the Arts, 55 Bethune St, NYC, Feb 7-22. Also Out of Storage, Studio 110 Projects, West Deck – ICB, 480 Gate 5 Road, Sausalito, Jan 24 – 31. Also Views from the Edge, Sarah Doyle Women’s Center, Brown University, 26 Benevolent St, Providence, RI.  
Mido Lee in Out of Storage, Studio 110 Projects, West Deck - ICB, 480 Gate 5 Road, Sausalito, Jan 24 -31.
Cindy Shih in Out of Storage, Studio 110 Projects, West Deck – ICB, 480 Gate 5 Road, Sausalito, Jan 24 – 31
Sandra Yagi in Out of Storage, Studio 110 Projects, West Deck – ICB, 480 Gate 5 Road, Sausalito, Jan 24 – 31
Pallavi Sharma in Intersections: Asian American Narratives, Lindsay Dirx Brown Gallery in San Ramon, 12501 Alcosta Blvd, San Ramon, Feb 7.
Maxine Olson's works at The Kingsburg Historical Park honoring individuals for contributions to the town and its history, 2321 Sierra St, Kingsburg, CA. 
Miwako Nishizawa in Berkeley Civic Center Art Exhibition at the Martin Luther King Jr Civic Center, 2180 MIlvia Street, Berkeley, June 16, 2014 through end of May, 2015.

Members, get your shows and workshops listed in News & Notes, NCWCA Calendar and on the NCWCA website! Send jpg image of your work in the show and information about the show to

We welcome new members Edith Hillinger, Gretchen McGarigle Butler, Sara Spence, Judy Johnson, Leigh Toldi, Sandra Anfang, Carol Ladewig, Anna Kaminska and Kate Langlois.

Thanks for renewing Elizabeth Sowell-Zak, Marc Ellen Hamel, Zoe Thiele-Seidenberg, Anne Shulenberger, Laurie Toby Edison, Jacquie Rubinstein, Sally Stewart, Elizabeth Gibbons, Barbara Horiuchi, Tanya Augsburg, M.C. Carolyn, Pamela Spears, Salma Arastu, Amanda Chaudhary, Gretchen Blais, Mary Maughelli, Elaine Jason, Lisa Chu, Ariella Seidenberg, Irma E Velasquez, Mary Lou Dauray, Christie La Russell, Hilla Hueber, Juliet Mevi, Michelle Waters, Sandra Yagi and Elizabeth Addison.  

christie larussell
Work by Christie La Russell


WCA and NCWCA are on a calendar year membership system. Renew your membership now so you can continue to take advantage of benefits such as announcing your upcoming exhibitions  and showing your artwork on our online member gallery. Click here to renew! 


Chapter Meetings are second Tuesdays of each month. Look for details each month on our webpage.
Feb 10: Oakland
Mar 10: San Francisco
Apr 14: San Mateo
May 12: San Francisco
Jun 9: Oakland
Aug 11: San Francisco
Sept 8: Oakland
Oct 13: San Mateo
Nov 10: San Francisco
December Year-End Party: Oakland
Jan 12, 2016: Oakland 


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February 10 Chapter meeting at Judy Johnson-Williams'studio. 347 Lewis St. From 6-9:30  pm. 

February 11-14 National WCA Conference in New York City. To register, click here.

March 1:  International Caucus' Women Do It! postcard show has extended its deadline! For details, click here.   

March 10: Chapter meeting at Arc Gallery. 1246 Folsom St, San Francisco.    

Judy Shintani, Professional Development Chair, started a Facebook Group giving visibility to women artists and their accomplishments. It's a great site filled with information about famous and obscure women artists. Each month this site will feature artists working different media. January is devoted to painters Add your favorite painter by clicking here.
 27Yarnold copy 
Kathleen Yarnold's 5x7 piece for the WCA auction at the LIfetime Achievement Awards in NYC on Feb 12 
16Mendez copy
Grace Mendez's 5x7 piece for the WCA auction

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