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June, 2018  Issue 89
Dear Member,

The programming we have coming up at NCWCA this summer and fall is an A-to-Z, soup-to-nuts boot camp for artists. You need professional advice on branding your artwork? Cataloging it? Selling it? Then managing all that cash? We got you covered. All of that is coming your way between now and November (and in December we celebrate!) Special word to prospective members: you are absolutely welcome and invited to join us at a one of our monthly meetings to check out everything we have going on! July we’re in Oakland, August is in SF, and September is in San Mateo so everyone can attend a meeting close to home.
See you all soon,
Sawyer Rose

Banner: At the June Chapter meeting, Martha Slatar of Art Match gave tips on how to sell art. Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Addison
by Angela Han
WCA2018_PresentationThis past February, I had the honor of representing the NCWCA at the WCA National Conference in Los Angeles. I remember how privileged I felt when I was welcomed into the chapter less than a year ago; however, nothing could surpass the amount of pride and gratitude I experienced when I shared our accomplishments of the year at the Chapters Council. My mother used to say that if you are truly golden, you will shine brightly by default… and the NCWCA shined extra brightly that day, being and becoming a chapter whose strong community and amazing board serve as inspirations for all chapters of the WCA. 
At the evening reception of the exhibit bearing the name of this year’s theme, “Art Speaks! Lend Your Voice,” I decided to pay homage to the theme by speaking with as many artists as I could and asking them to share the story behind their artwork. Of the many artists I “interviewed,” one in particular stood out to me: Lynda A.N. Reyes is a cancer survivor whose abilities to see, hear, smell, speak and touch are fading away due to the side effects of radiation & chemotherapy. With a tenacious sparkle in her eyes, she told me that “My Art Speaks for Me,” reminding me of the inherent power of creativity to nurture humanity’s capacity for hope and resilience.
WCA2018_GloriaOrensteinLeading up to the conference, I had been waiting in high anticipation to meet my role model, Gloria Orenstein (left image), one of this year’s Lifetime Achievement Awardees whose work about Surrealist Women Artists deeply resonates with my own artistry. She ensured that the significance and legacy of one of my favorite artists, Leonora Carrington, was not only validated but actively celebrated so that young women artists like me could acknowledge, reflect, and build upon the herstory of a movement that was incredibly male-dominated. How lucky I was to get the chance to watch a screening of “Gloria’s Call” — a short film by director, Cheri Gaulke, inspired by the uncanny meeting of Gloria Orenstein and Leonora Carrington and their incredible journey together! http://gloriascall.com/
Prior to the reception of the “Reality Sandwiches” exhibition at Art Share L.A. in which I showcased two of my “magical expressionist” oil paintings: The Lovers and The Three Sisters (www.angelahanart.com), I had the opportunity to meet with the Young Women’s Caucus (image below) to identify the needs of the younger generation of creative hopefuls. It became apparent that we need and greatly desire engaged mentors who can provide guidance not only in terms of creating authentic art, but also in regards to how we present ourselves, refine our personalities, and speak and write about our artistries. My favorite moment of this magical night came when Artist Danielle Eubank’s daughter, “Mid,” came flying up to my paintings, announcing for all the gallery to hear “These are my favorite!” She and her contagious enthusiasm made me wonder about my responsibility to commemorate Creative Women of the past, present, and future. How can I sustain this passion, interest, and excitement for the work of the women artists who have come before me, who exist today, and who will be born tomorrow?
WCA2018_YWCOn the final day of the conference, I attended the International Caucus and Eco-Art Caucus meetings, during which attendees contributed ideas that would bolster member engagement and fuel a resurgence of impactful activity by the WCA on a global scale. Following these discussions, I fell into a brief but significant debate of what it means to be a “Woman Artist” vs. just an “Artist” with one of the presenters at The Feminist Art Project roundtable: Curatorial and Artistic Strategies around Activism, Representation, and Collective Space. I believe that it is vital to identify as a Woman Artist in this day and age when it is still largely assumed that most (if not all) the artists we read about in history books are men. As I watched Lee Bontecou, Lynn Hershman Leeson, Gloria Orenstein, and Renée Stout receive their LifeTime Achievement Awards at the culminating ceremony, I realized that to be a “Women Artist” means to carry not only your own Human Story as an artist, but the stories of countless Women Artists within you. 
By far the best part of attending the conference was meeting, connecting, and bonding with the amazing WCA Members (notably Artists Merrilyn Duzy and Annelise Jarvis-Hansen who asked me, “If I don’t save their "Women Artists of the Past" herstories, who will save mine?”). These women have become beloved mentors, inspiring me to reach this outstanding epiphany: My mission as a woman artist is to continue the legacy of the creative women who have come before me and to serve as the bridge between the older and younger generations. NCWCA, thank you for providing me this pivotal opportunity to become a Phenomenal Woman Artist!

By Salma Arastu
salma moroccoIn March 2018 I attended a one-month artist residency hosted by Green Olive Arts (GOA), an international artist residency and collaborative art space in Tetouan, Morocco. GOA is an artist-owned and operated international art studio and urban art residency specializing in connecting creative peoples from all over the world with the culture, beauty and the creative people of Morocco through professional studio facilities, custom and curated artist residencies, concierge and accommodation services, instructional programming, and international collaborative events.
GOA’s annual CONVERGENCE RESIDENCY invites artists from a broad spectrum of creative practices and cultural backgrounds to a season of shared research, production and immersion in the textured landscape of the ancient city. “Texture in Time” was the theme for CONVERGENCE 2018.
When I found GOA while searching for artist residencies online, I was drawn to their call, which specified artists who wanted a break from routine and ready to go away for a period of time to explore and experiment and renew their art practice. This was exactly what I wanted and so I applied. I knew it involved paying a good amount of money for travelling overseas but I sent in my application and decided that if I am accepted, then it was meant to be!
I was invited for an extensive phone interview with the directors of Green Olive, Jeff and Rachel. Ten days after that I was informed that I was selected! I was excited as I became fascinated with Morocco on my first tour in 2013 and this time I would be living in a new city called Tetouan.
Six artists were selected and incidentally they all were from the United States and all were women. It was an intensive month of creative community, immersive experiences and relationship bridging within the rich landscape of the culture and history of northern Morocco.
She-Sat-There-every-MorningFor me, GOA was a home away from home. An artist essentially requires a constant creative and inspirational stimulus, rich cultural influences, encouraging environment and intellectual interactions. In addition to all of this there was pleasant company and delectable food every day! The work that I created was new and different, inspired by the local scene, color and culture. I also learned encaustic techniques which was very enriching and I plan to include them in my mixed media works.


By Mary Shisler


Julia Edith Rigby, "Printmaking in Point Reyes," Sept 7 -9, accommodations included at Point Reyes National Seashore, $280 for PRNSA members; $300 non members, How to sign up: http://www.ptreyes.org/camps-classes-programs/field-institute/classes/printmaking-point-reyes-new-date
Susan M. King, Editor,  Personal Voices/Cultural Visions: Conversations in the Visual Arts Community, Los Angeles, 1994-1996.Publication date- summer, 2018. Southern California Women’s Caucus for Art.ISBN-13: 978-1983721274, SBN-10: 1983721271

sandySandra Yagi, Annual Portrait Show, Modern Eden Gallery, 801 Greenwich St, San Francisco, Jun 8 - Jul 6. Also Holiday in Hell, Bert Green Fine Art Gallery, 8 S Michigan Ave, Suite, 620, Chicago, IL, May 12 – Jun 22. (Image right)

Marian Yap, Summer Days, Olive Hyde Gallery, 123 Washington Blvd., Fremont,  Jun 22 - Jul 21. (Image right column)
Blond Jenny, WCA NYC’ s Pleasure of the Earth, Callahan Center Art Gallery of St. Francis College,4305, 180 Remsen St, Brooklyn, NY, Jun 2– 27. Also Empower, Change and Action, Whitney Modern, 24 N Santa Cruz Avenue, 2nd Floor, Los Gatos, Jul 18 - Aug 31. Also Miraban Art Showcase, Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi, 51, 65128 Pescara PE, Italy,   Jul 1-5. (Image right column)
Michelle Waters, Board and Room in a Mushroom, Cactus Gallery: 3001 North Coolidge Avenue, Los Angeles, Jun 9 - Jul 6. (Image right column)
AngelaHan_Seraphine_IntrigueAngela Han,Intrigue, San Francisco Women Artists Gallery, 647 Irving Street, San Francisco, Jun 5 - Jul 7. Also,  No Mud, No Lotus, Orangeland Gallery, 1250 Mason Street, San Francisco, Jun 8 - Jul 14. (Image left)
Victoria Veedell, Persistence, Museum of Northern California Art
900 Esplanade, Chico, May 31 - Jul 15.  Art in the Lobby, China Basin, 158 Berry Street, San Francisco, May 1 - Aug 30.
J. L. King, Diptychs, Arc Gallery, 1246 Folsom St. San Francisco,  Jun 23 - Aug 18.  Also, 10 Years In Wonderland, 111 Minna St. San Francisco,Jun 1- 30. Also Affordable Art Series 6,  Luna Rienne Gallery, 3318 22nd St. San Francisco, CA Jun 2-Jul9.(Image right column)

Priscilla Otani, Diptychs, Arc Gallery, 1246 Folsom St, San Francisco, Jun 23 - Aug 18.

Soad Kader, Diptychs, Arc Gallery, 1246 Folsom St, San Francisco, Jun 23 - Aug 18. (Image right column)
Rebecca Lambing, Bay Area Masters, Fine Arts Pavilion, San Mateo, Jun 9 - 17.  Also Summer Days, Olive Hyde Gallery, 123 Washington Blvd, Fremont, Jun 22 - Jul 21. (Image right column)
Salma Arastu, Myth and Mystery, CIIS Main Building, Desai/Matta Gallery, 1453 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94103,Mar 20 - Jun 30. Also Celebration of Ancient Art of Calligraphy, Messages of Peace and REassurance.  Musical Bridges Around The World Gallery
23705 Interstate 10 Frontage Rd #101, San Antonio, TX 78257, Apr 6-Aug 21. Also Beyond Words - Three Contemporary Artists and the Manuscript Tradition, The Lambert Gallery at St. Louis Lambert International Airport, May 24-Nov 12.(Image right column)
Marguerite Elliot, Observed:  Observations on Nature Through Sculpture and Paintings, San Pablo Art Gallery, 13831 San Pablo Avenue, Maple Hall, Bldg 4, San Pablo, May 26-Jun 24. (Image right)
Sawyer Rose, Make Your Mark, Marin Museum of Contemporary Art, 500 Palm Drive, Novato, Jun 16 - Jul 29.
Priscilla Birge, Small Works, Richmond Art Center, 2540 Barrett Ave, Richmond, Jun 12 - Aug 16.
Belinda Chlouber, Personal Narratives, Avenue 25 Gallery, 32 W 25th Ave., 2nd floor, San Mateo, May 5 - Jul 6.
Ginger Slonaker, Personal Narratives, Avenue 25 Gallery, 32 W 25th Ave., 2nd floor, San Mateo, May 5 - Jul 6.
Mary K. Shisler,  Berkeley Civic Center Art Exhibition, 2180 Milvia Street, Berkeley, Dec 2017 - Dec 2018. 

Members, get your shows and workshops listed in News & Notes, NCWCA Calendar and on the NCWCA website! Send jpg image of your work in the show and information about the show to ncwcachapter@gmail.com.

Welcome new members Marilyn Wilder, Nany Torossian and Marie LaPrade. Thanks for renewing Eleanor Ruckman and Anne Giancola! 


Carol Golemme

Chapter meetings are on the second Tuesday of the month. Look for agenda and activity details on our webpage.
Let's carpool! Email ncwcachapter@gmail.com if you need a ride or can offer a ride.
Jul 10 Oakland
Aug 14 San Francisco
Sept 11 San Mateo
Oct 9   San Francisco
Nov 13 Oakland
December Year-End Party Oakland
Patricia Montgomery, Priscilla Otani and Sawyer Rose

To join this Facebook group, go to the Women Artists to Know page and click Join. A moderator will add you to the group. Share your favorite artists! We have over 1000 participants from all over the US and abroad!

May honors Performance

Yoko Ono
January - ceramics
February - literary works, art with text, writings
March - painting
April - eco/land art
May - drawing
June - performance/dance/music
July - photography
August - installation
Sept -political focus/community engagement
Oct - print making
Nov - collage
Dec - sculpture, assemblage

Jun 23 11AM-1PM Way Bay 2 Tour, BAMPFA, 2155 Center Street, Berkeley. RSVP  elizabethaddison@sbcglobal.net by June 20, 12 noon.

Jul 10 6-9:30 PM  Chapter Meeting, Judy Johnson-Williams' studio, 346 Lewis St, Oakland.



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