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April, 2017  Issue 75
Dear Member,

On March 25, we got on the map with Kala Institute's 100 Days of Action with Tanya Augsburg's performance, Kitchen Table Talk. April is filled with spring open studios, exhibition announcements, events and workshops. Not to be missed is the NCWCA Artists Residency Panel & Workshop on April 23 organized by Professional Development Chair Elizabeth Addision. If you've ever wanted to apply for an artist's residency or learn what it's all about, sign up for this one-day workshop at Elizabeth Addison's home. For details and to register, click here
The wonderful tea display in this month's banner was arranged by Tanya Augsburg for Kitchen Table Talk and photographed by Elizabeth Addision.
Elections are coming up in June. We are seeking candidates for President and Secretary. Judy Johnson-Williams has termed out after three consecutive years as president. If you are interested, please email ncwcachapter@gmail.com, with subject header "Board." Our May meeting will take place at Irma Velasquez' studio on May 9 starting 6 pm. The address is 49 N San Mateo Dr, San Mateo. See you there!

Priscilla Otani, Editor  
Tanya Augsburg  

kitchen tabletalk 2Kitchen Table Talk is a participatory feminist performance for creative envisioning in uncertain times. I have been creating platforms for public debate for over twenty years. Usually those platforms are in the form of conference panels. I have occasionally performed rituals, but many of these have been participatory and relational. Kitchen Table Talk is an attempt to forge what I have done in the past with my ongoing belief that we have to work collectively to create new possibilities.
Kitchen Table Talk was originally created for NCWCA’s Fuck You in the Most Loving Way and was first performed on January 13, 2017 at the Ninth Street Independent Film Center.  The performance links a traditional form of problem solving for women—gathering around the kitchen table—with more recent methods, such as feminist consciousness raising, brainstorming, and rolestorming—while also being formed by the conversational method modeled by the television show The View and the Lean In Circles inspired by Sheryl Sandberg’s 2013 book Lean In. The performance also gives a nod to the Post-It Walls of Empathy that sprouted up around San Francisco BART Stations after the 2016 U.S Presidential Election. They in turn were influenced by the New York City subway wall Post-It mosaics of instigated by artist Mathew Chavez.
The performance at Kala Institute in Berkeley, CA on March 25, 2017 was produced by NCWCA member Elizabeth Addison, who helped greatly with all aspects of the performance, including set design. I was prompted to make some last-minute changes to the performance after seeing the photograph that the Vice-President tweeted on March 23, 2017 of the House Freedom Caucus sitting around a conference table to discuss women’s health. For the Kala performance the photograph was projected on a wall throughout the performance as a point of reference.
One never knows how audiences will react to a performance, and the audience at Kala was interested in sitting around the kitchen table and talking. Our conversations about our current concerns for women were wide-ranging and insightful. The performance at Kala ended with the group reenacting the House Freedom Caucus meeting, which some of us then posted on social media. I am grateful to Elizabeth Addison, Amber Hoy of Kala, Robert Schmitz and my two student volunteers, Daniel Bird and Raquel Christian, for their assistance. I am honored that the website 100 Days of Action selected the performance for their calendar.

Photo above by Elizabeth Addison.

In April our chapter had a wonderful  meeting in Alameda at Melissa Harmon's Pacific Pinball Museum. She gave us a brief history of pinball and a tour of her well-stocked facility. She had several wooden pinball machines from France as well as many colorful models with lights, bells and whistles. There were several machines that were hybrids of traditional pinball and electronic games. Members were given the opportunity to play with all of these machines after the tour. Our meeting space, right next to the pinball parlour, is set up as a gallery. Melissa and Exhibitions Chair Leisel Whitlock are planning a members' show for 2018 with a tentative title of "Action Women," our tagline for this year's chapter focus.
Photo below by Elizabeth Addison. Left to right: Melissa Harmon, Orlonda Uffre, Miriam Fabbri, Priscilla Otani, Judy Johnson-Williams, Linda Kattwinkel, Sandra Yagi, Julie Mevi, Elizabeth Addison, Judy Shintani, Sue Matthews.

pinball smaller

Mary Shisler

Michelle Waters, Mischief, Studio Gallery,1641 Pacific Avenue, San Francisco, April 1 - May 6, 2017.
Robin Apple, Artexpo, New York 2017, With Art Design Consultants,
Pier 94, Manhattan, New York, April 21-24.
Gina Chiao,Natural Wonders, San Francisco Women Artists Gallery16x21BlueChiao
647 Irving Street San Francisco, April 4 – May 6. Also When the West meet the East, San Francisco Women Artists Gallery, 647 Irving Street San Francisco, May 1 – 31. Also
Wondering, First Federal Savings and Loan Association of San Rafael, 2009 Sir Francis Drake Blvd, Fairfax, May 1 – Jun 30 (image right).
Francine Hsu Davis, Memories of a Time and Place, Jolt n Bolt Bakery Cafe/Gerard Michele Fine European Desserts, 2325 Third St, Unit 100, San Francisco April 3 - May 31.
Juliet Mevi, Studio 39, Aunt Mary's Cafe,4640 Telegraph Ave.
Oakland, April 7 - June 6. Also TIME SPACE CONTINUUM, Studio 23
2309 Encinal Ave,Alameda, April 14- May 1.
Judy Shintani, Illuminating Remembrance, Japanese American Incarceration, Bethany Center, 580 Capp St, San Francisco, April 14 - 30. Also Exclusion: The Presidio’s Role in World War II Japanese American Incarceration, Presidio Officers' Club, 50 Moraga Ave, San Francisco, April, 2017 - March 2018. Also Shining Light on Remembrance, Ruth’s Table: A Center for Creative Learning, 3171 21st St, San Francisco, April 14 – 30.
Salma Arastu, Celebration of Calligraphy: Sacred Words in Art, ArtReach Gallery, First Congregational UCC, 1126 Park Avenue, Portland, Oregon, April 2 - May 28.
M. C. McCarolyn, First Prize in A SCULPTURE EXHIBITION, Marin Society of Artists, 1515 3rd Street, San Rafael, April 5 - 30. Also Natural Wonders, San Francisco Women Artists 647 Irving St, San Francisco, April 4 – May 6.
ShorerRuth Petersen Shorer, Memory and Identity,The Coastal Arts League Gallery, 300 Main Street, Half Moon Bay, April 14  – May 14 (left image).
Victoria CormackMemory and Identity,The Coastal Arts League Gallery, 300 Main Street, Half Moon Bay, April 14  – May 14.
Marian Yap, Memory and Identity,The Coastal Arts League Gallery, 300 Main Street, Half Moon Bay, April 14  – May 14.
Xuan My Ho, Saratoga Rotary Art Show, Art festival,West Valley-Mission Community, 14000 Fruitvale Ave, Saratoga, May 6 – 7.
Lena Shey, Art Attacks Cancer, Art Attacks SF, 2358 Market Street, San Francisco, April 21 - 23.
Mary K. Shisler, StARTup Fair, Hotel del Sol, 3100 Webster Street, Room 322, San Francisco, April 28 - 30 (image right).
Tanya Wilkinson, Against Trumpism, Museum of International Propaganda, 1000 Fifth Ave, San Rafael, April 20-30.
Priscilla Otani, Against Trumpism, Museum of International Propaganda, 1000 Fifth Ave, San Rafael, April 20-30.
Victoria Helena Mihatovic, NeuwPolitic: Artists Explore, Petaluma Arts Center, 230 Lakeville St, Petaluma, April 4 - May 20.
Cynthia Tom, Cynthia Tom's Awakening the Feminine, Founder’s Gallery, Art Works Downtown,       1337 Fourth St., San Rafael, May 6 – Jun 2.
 My Xuan Ho, West Coast Biennial Art Exhibition, Turtle Bay Exploration Park, 844 Sundial Bridge Dr.  Redding, Jan 28-Apr 30.
Judy Shintani, 9066 Japanese American Voices from the Inside, Henry Madden Library, Fresno State, Feb 19 - May 10. 
Priscilla Birge DIGITAL ART: the Power of the Pixel,  Berkeley Central Arts Passage, 2055 Center Street, Berkeley, Jan 28 – May 27.

Laura McHugh, Silicon Valley Open Studios, Half Moon Bay CA - Site 360 (285 Poplar Street)
May 20-21, 2017, 11 AM to 5 PM.
kay kangKay Kang, Hunters Point Open Studios, Hunters Point Shipyards, San Francisco, April 22-23 (image left).
Members, get your shows and workshops listed in News & Notes, NCWCA Calendar and on the NCWCA website! Send jpg image of your work in the show and information about the show to ncwcachapter@gmail.com.

Welcome Jacquie Rubinstein, Mary Lou Dauray, Diana Elrod, Laura McHugh, Celia Rabinovitch, and Melissa Mohammadi.Looking forward to seeing you at a future meeting or event!
Victoria Helena Mihatovic

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Chapter meetings are on the second Tuesday of the month. Look for agenda and activity details on our webpage.
Let's carpool! Email ncwcachapter@gmail.com if you need a ride or can offer a ride.

May 9: San Mateo
Jun 13: Oakland
July 11: San Francisco
August 8: San Mateo
Sept 12: Oakland
Oct 11: San Francisco
Nov 14: San Mateo
Dec: Year-end party in Oakland 

To join this Facebook group, go to the Women Artists to Know page and click Join. A moderator will add you to the group. Share your favorite artists! We now have over 1000 participants from all over the US and abroad!
April honors eco and land artists.  
maya lin
Maya Lin, Wave Field

2017 Themes
April - eco/land art
May - drawing
June - performance/dance/music
July - photography
August - installation
Sept -political focus/community engagement
Oct - print making
Nov - collage
Dec - sculpture, assemblage

April 21-23 Islais Creek Studios Spring Open Studio. Opening reception Apr 21 from 6-9 PM. Apr 22-23 from 11 AM - 6 PM. 1 Rankin St, San Francisco

April 22-23, 11 AM - 6 PM Hunter's Point Shipyard Open Studio

April 22-23, 
April 23, 10 AM-3 PM 
Artist Residency Panel & Workshop at Elizabeth Addison's studio, 950 Creston Rd, Berkeley. Sign up here.

April 29 ArtTag meeting for Peninsula players on the topic "Paradigm Shift" 

May 9 Chapter meeting at Irma Velasquez' studio, 49 N San Mateo Dr, San Mateo
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Lady SlipperShisler
Mary Shisler

Pinball machine

17554398_1560085084031513_3235249484496225767_n (1)
Tanya Augsburg, Kitchen Table Talk

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