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Message from the President

Rob FershThis newsletter focuses on the successful work of the Long-Term Care Financing Collaborative, a project run by Convergence over the past three years. The proposals of this ideologically and politically diverse group call for a wise combination of public and private actions to meet a critical and growing need. The group’s recommendations help to break a decades-old policy gridlock, and would, if enacted, provide millions of elderly or disabled Americans the ability to afford far better long-term supports and services.
This collaborative's efforts serve as another proof of concept that leaders with sharply differing views can work for common purpose, a good reminder in this shrill election year of partisan posturing and impugning of motives. In recent years, our projects on nutrition and K-12 education also have shown that the toughest issues can be resolved when people, including adversaries, are skillfully engaged over time. We hope our efforts represent a counter-narrative to the increasingly conventional wisdom that it is impossible for people with passionate and conflicting views to find productive solutions for critical national challenges.
Rob Fersh

President, Convergence Center for Policy Resolution


Collaborative Press Conference Generates National News Coverage

Collaborative Steering Committee members and speakers before the press conference.

VIDEO: Watch Our Press Conference Recap

The Long-Term Care Financing Collaborative released its recommendations for improving long-term care on February 22nd at a press conference keynoted by Alice M. Rivlin, Senior Fellow at The Brookings Institution at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.

Collaborative members discussed how their broad-reaching plan would create an affordable public and private insurance-based financing system that would better enable people of all income levels to receive high quality long-term services and supports. Collaborative members stressed the urgent need for action stating that this plan would meet the growing needs of aging baby boomers as well as providing critical assistance for younger disabled people.

The press conference generated significant attention in the media. We've highlighted a few of the stories below:

Review the full list of media mentions and news stories. View the full membership of the Collaborative.

Alice Rivlin photo credit: Lois Bowers, McKnight's Senior Living.
Read the Collaborative's Final Report

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What Members Say About the Collaborative

"The Collaborative wanted to be more than just a new voice — it wants to be the catalyst that drives the issue of LTSS to the forefront of the American policy and political agenda where it belongs.”

– Bob Blancato, National Coordinator, Elder Justice Coalition

“Washington conventional wisdom says it is impossible to find a policy solution to the challenges of long-term care financing. The Collaborative showed the CW is wrong: People from across the political spectrum with broadly diverse interests did find a workable, consensus resolution to this important problem.”

– Howard Gleckman, Urban Institute

"The Collaborative is taking on the next “big challenge in health care”— designing a sustainable and affordable system of long-term care. Resolving financing issues in a way that crosses the political spectrum remains an enormous challenge, but the Collaborative deserves credit for attempting it. Those of us involved fervently hope these efforts will be successful."

– Gail Wilensky, Project HOPE

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