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ON the GO with the POES
August 2018
On the Go with the Poes
ON the GO!

Here are some important ways you can be praying: 

-Sale of Apartment in Peru:  We don't want to bore you with the details, but some legal challenges with our apartment in Peru have finally been solved.  This puts us one step closer to selling our home there.  Please pray that a buyer will soon be found and that we can close this chapter in our lives.  

-Debbie's Health:  Debbie has been placed on several new medications recently.  The hope is to stabilize her symptoms until she has a liver transplant.  Debbie's health continues to deteriorate but we are thankful for the health that she does have.

-Elizabeth's Health:  Please pray for Elizabeth as she has some continuing struggles with her breathing.  She is being treated by a pulmonologist who has recommended she also see a cardiologist.  Pray for wisdom in treating her condition.  

-EBI Challenges:  It is a blessing to know that EBI will soon celebrate 60 years of ministry.  However, there are many challenges.  Funds are needed to continue larger print projects.  New staff members are needed as many of our team members reach retirement age.  Pray with us that the Lord will provide the funds and personnel needed for this growing ministry.  

-John's Travel:  We are thankful that John will soon be taking his third ministry trip out of the country this year.  Please pray for safety and success in this special outreach.  
Greetings Praying Friends,

As a family, we've passed some exciting milestones this week:  Olivia turned 13, Elizabeth started her senior year of High School, and we just completed our 21st year of service with Baptist Mid-Missions.  Many of you have been reading our updates, supporting us and praying all along the way.  Thank you!  

In this email we want to update you on some important developments in our ministry.  We hope it will help you see what gives us a passion for our work at EBI.  We also hope it clearly shows what motivates us to work hard in our Great Commission work.  We appreciate your continued prayers and support!

Love and Blessings,
John, Debbie, Elizabeth & Olivia Poe

P.S.  Not sure if your church is receiving our updates?  Please print a copy or forward a copy to your pastor or church secretary.  Despite our best efforts our emails are often rejected by SPAM filters.  Thanks for your help!

Shocking Statistics to Consider

StatisticsDo you ever feel overwhelmed?  Do you find that your "to-do list" is growing and there are just not enough hours in the day?  Our modern lives are filled with so many tasks and responsibilities.  It seems like we are always running behind and will never catch up!  What about our spiritual life?  When was the last time we took a moment to reflect on our own "spiritual to-do list?" Is the Great Commission an  impossible task that we can never catch up?

I recently read an article that talked about the enormous task of the Great Commission.  It seems each generation of Christians takes the simple words of Christ a little less seriously.  Why is it that billions of people around the world have never heard the truth of the Gospel?  Here are a few of the facts:  
  • There are about 3.1 billion unreached people in about 6900 unreached people groups on earth
  • If all the world's evangelical Christians gave only 0.03% of their income there would be sufficient funds to plant at least one church in each of these unreached groups  
  • The church in the world today has about 3000 times the financial resources and about 9000 times the manpower needed to reach every nation on earth with the message of Christ 
  • If every professing evangelical Christian gave 10% of their income to missions there would be sufficient funds to send 2 million new missionaries to the world's lost people groups
  • Spanish is the second most commonly spoken language on the planet after Mandarin Chinese
  • Last year, Americans spent more on Halloween costumes for their pets than they did on foreign missions
Those are some shocking statistics!  Perhaps the Great Commission of Christ isn't so impossible after all.  That is why we are excited about the ministries of EBI.  There are about 9000 Baptist churches in Latin America.  There are an estimated 50 million professing Christians in Latin America.  Seminary professors, missionaries, pastors, Sunday School teachers and laymen are looking for help in studying their Bible and sharing it more effectively with others.  EBI is strategically positioned to help.  With our online training courses, teacher training seminars and robust ministry materials we offer what growing churches need to be better equipped.  It is time for us to help turn this great mission field into a mission force to carry out this great task for God. 

Next Ministry Trip:  Mexico

Teaching!In September John will be traveling to Chihuahua, Mexico for another Teacher Training Conference.  This is an especially effective way to not only get EBI materials into the hands of national workers but also teach them how to be quality Bible teachers.  Often, teachers have a desire to teach but very little training or experience.  These seminars help to put both pastors and lay-workers on the path to effective teaching.  We can't be present on every mission field in Latin America, but we can teach others to do the work.  That is what is exciting about helping, "Teach them to Reach them."

Another exciting opportunity in Mexico is coming up this fall.  We will be providing materials for a series of large Christian counseling conferences.  Will you pray that EBI will continue to make an impact in Mexico?

Hot off the Press

In 2018 EBI will have a record number of new titles coming off the presses.  As the churches in Latin America grow and mature they are constantly looking for new resources and materials.  This is an exciting sign of maturity.  Here are a few of the new titles that we have recently completed:
Ham Cover
Same Sex Attraction and the Gospel
In this book, Author Steve Ham, unpacks in a clear, concise and methodical way, the Biblical teaching about gender, sexuality and human relations.  This book is much more than an expose about human sexuality and the clarity of the Gospel; it is a personal history of the power of the Gospel to transform those who are held captive by same sex attraction.  This is a hot button issue all over Latin America and the book should help bring clarity to this important issue that many churches are facing.  

McCune Cover
A Systematic Theology of Biblical Christianity
This book is a must-read for those desiring to go beyond the basics of biblical doctrine.  As the church in Latin America grows, there is a growing desire for more in-depth study of the scriptures.  This book provides material for students while being engaging and understandable. Even complex doctrines are written in a way that is clear and concise for the reader.   This book will also serve well as a reference book and textbook for bible institutes and seminaries.  

MacDonald Cover
Christ-Centered Biblical Counseling
This is an excellent resource that equips the pastor, the counselor or the studious believer in the basic principles of effective biblical counseling.  It contains the cumulative wisdom of 40 contributors with exceptional credentials and experience.  It is a valuable model for counseling that explains the why as well as the how of biblical counseling.  This will be a far-reaching book as it serves as a textbook for the growing Biblical Counseling Coalition. 

Did  you know that EBI offers over 300 Titles?  These 
works are all bible-based and designed to help strengthen believers 
and  grow the churches in Latin America.

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