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The Poes!
ON the GO with the POES
May 2018 Update
Greetings Praying Friends,

One of the hardest ministry changes for the Poe family came when God led us back to the States because of Debbie's health problems. We had a love for Latin Americans and it was hard to leave the culture behind.  Yet, God is faithful and still gives us many opportunities to interact with our Hispanic brethren from the south.  When one door is closed He always opens another!

We try to stay "on the GO" in the Lord's work.  This spring has been an especially busy time of travel and activity.  EBI has launched several new titles, we've made several overseas trips, and there have been many teaching opportunities.  Please take a few moments to read our update and pray for our family and ministry.   

We have now been missionaries with Baptist Mid-Missions for more than 20 years!  Many of you have been faithful prayer warriors and supporters all along the way.  Thank you for your faithfulness!

Love and Blessings,
John, Debbie, Elizabeth and Olivia Poe

Costa Rica 
Teacher Training Seminars a Success

John TeachingWe recently had a wonderful 10 day trip to Costa Rica to assist missionary Rick Dove with his church-planting and literature ministry.  We worked in the town of Atenas which is strategically located just outside of the capital city of San José.  We participated in the church anniversary celebration, a pastor's fellowship and conducted teacher training seminars.  We also worked with Rick in learning how EBI could be more effective in the country.  It was a blessing to see the enthusiasm of the pastors and church workers.  Several pastors expressed their gratitude that EBI lessons and books are accessible to them locally.  We were touched when one pastor humbly asked for our forgiveness.  He had lost contact with EBI and had made photocopies of several books because he could no longer find them.  He was so happy to find that he could once again purchase the materials he needs for his church.

We had a good number of pastors, teachers and others who wanted to learn how to become teachers from several local churches.  We taught on topics such as the Authority of Scripture, Effective Bible Teaching and Integrity of the Teacher.  We also spent time demonstrating how EBI materials can be used in the classroom.  It was a special blessing to interact with the kind Costa Rican people and get direct feedback on the materials that they need to help grow their churches.  We have been asked to make this an annual event for the local churches.  

Incredible Opportunities in Latin America

BogotaWe just returned from a week-long trip to Bogota, Colombia where we participated in a conference of Spanish Christian publishers.  Workers from 14 nations were present!  What a joy it was to interact and work with dozens of others with the same goal of reaching the world with the Gospel through the use of the printed word.  

The trip was quite intense.  We were in workshops, classes, and discussion groups for about 14 hours a day and rarely had time to leave the building.  We learned lots of new strategies for printing our materials at the lowest possible cost and how to distribute more efficiently.  We met with authors, and editors who had suggestions on how we could improve our materials.  We also attended the Bogota Book Fair, an international book show.  It is the largest book fair in South America and the day we attended more than 100,000 people came through the gates!  It was a reminder that people are indeed searching for the truth through reading.  Sadly, few of the books we saw displayed were based on the truth of the Bible.  Latin Americans are hungry for new materials and EBI is strategically ready to provide doctrinally sound tools for this ever growing opportunity.  
North Carolina and Virginia
Promoting missions in the local church

PrayBeginning May 24th, we will spend several weeks visiting our supporting churches in North Carolina and Virginia.  When we served overseas we spent one year out of five visiting our churches.  Now, we spend about 6 weeks each year on the road promoting missions in the states.  We will be in a different church for almost every service teaching, preaching and reporting on the ministry of EBI.  It is exciting to report face-to-face and encourage others for missions.  Pray with us that we can effectively promote the mission of EBI.  Pray that we can also recruit others to help us in this Great Commission work.

During these travels we will also be attending our annual EBI staff meetings at a retreat center in the mountains of Tennessee.  Pray with us that as a team we can plan an effective strategy and plan of action for the year ahead during these important meetings.    

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