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On the GO with the POES
April 2017
On the GO with the POES
Here's How You Can Be Praying Today!
Hello Praying Friends,

I've heard it said that there are three sure signs you're getting older: The first is that you forget things,  and I just can't seem to remember the other two!  In today's busy world it is easy to let things slip our mind.  What do you do when you need to remember something important?  Write it on a sticky note?  Tie a string around your finger?  Set a reminder to pop up on your cell phone?  What prompts you to remember to do something?  

We want to prompt you today to pray for the Poe Family!  We have a lot going on and we need your earnest prayers!  God is at work and He wants to hear from His people.  This month's prayer update is going to be a simple set of prayer requests that we hope prompt you to pray for our family.  Will you help us in this way?  Put a sticky note on your fridge, set a reminder on your phone or mark your calendar to pray for your missionaries!

We have seen God answer prayer so many times.  We will let you know how He works in the days ahead.  Thank you for your friendship and faithfulness to our family.

Love and Blessings,
John, Debbie, Elizabeth and Olivia Poe
Prayer Prompters:

Remember!-Sale of Apartment in Peru
We have been asking you to pray about this for many months.  We have had a verbal agreement with a long time friend and neighbor. However, we have been plagued by paperwork issues and delays.  The recent flooding in Peru has complicated issues and delayed the sale even longer. There will be additional taxes charged if we are not able to complete the sale by July.  Please pray that the Lord will help us have wisdom in selling our apartment.  This would be a major financial relief to us.  

-Debbie's Health
Debbie has seen some continued challenges with her health.  She will be having an important endoscopic procedure tomorrow and will likely have varices en her esophagus banded.  At her most recent visit with the liver specialist it was recommended that she begin to make plans to meet with a liver transplant doctor.   Several recent tests have shown continuing issues with her liver, spleen and pancreas.  Pray that we will make wise decisions with the doctors in the days ahead.  

-Elizabeth's Health
Elizabeth has had some lingering health problems for the last six months. This Wednesday she will be seeing a specialist a couple hours away.  The doctors in Sebring have not been able to help her much.  Pray that they will find a solution and that she can be back to good health soon.

-The Ministry of EBI
These are especially busy days in our EBI ministries.  Pray for a host of projects that are currently in the works.  Especially pray for God's direction in a special project we are developing for Cuba.  Pray that the government will be receptive of this plan and that we can have a major impact on this tiny island nation.  Continue to pray for our Spanish online Masters Program. We currently have 15 students from various parts of Latin America.  

-Our Girl's Schooling
We would appreciate your prayers regarding our girl's school.  The school is a Christian school but is far from a Christian environment.  They are learning to be discerning and to be a good testimony but some days are challenging.  Please pray that God will minister to their needs as they go to school each day.   Pray for Olivia who will compete in a special speech contest soon.

-Our Support Needs
We are so blessed to continually see the Lord provide everything we need. We do however, continue to have a deficit in our monthly support needs. Pray that God will burden churches and individuals to meet this ongoing need.  

Thank you for praying for the Poes!
On the GO with the POES

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