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Poe Family Update
On the Go with the Poes!
Happy New Year from the Poe Family!

We trust that you have had a wonderful start to 2016 as we have.  As we start out the New Year it is the perfect time to stop and thank you for your kind financial support and faithful prayers. 2015 was a rough year for our family.  Yet, we made it through with God's help and with loving support from friends like you. 

Heading into this New Year we will be going through many changes as a family.  There is so much to accomplish and we are excited about what is coming in the days ahead for our ministry.  We would appreciate your prayers now more than ever.  Please do us the favor of taking a few moments to read this brief prayer update.  Then please lift up our family in your daily prayers.  We hope you are looking forward to a blessed year as much as we are.  Let's glorify God with our lives in 2016! 

Love and Blessings,

John, Debbie, Elizabeth & Olivia Poe

Here's How You Can Be Praying:

-Pray for the sell of our apartment in Peru.  We are excited that we have received a good offer on our apartment.  The buyers are our  former neighbors and family friends.  Finding the buyer was only the first step.  Paperwork in Peru is never easy.  Please pray that the buyers will have no problem with their loan request.  According to Peruvian law we should be exempt from high real estate taxes.  Please pray that this will not be challenged and that we can close the sale as soon as possible.   (Our goal is to close on the sale before Easter week.)

-Pray for our upcoming trip to Peru.  We are planning a return trip to pack up our personal possessions, sell and give away household items and say our final farewells to our  dear friends and coworkers in Peru.  We are waiting on a few final details before purchasing our tickets.  Pray that the Lord will guide us through this trip and that we will be able to accomplish much during this brief visit.  This will be a bittersweet time of goodbyes for us all. 

-Pray for continued health for our family.  Literally all four of us have had rather extensive health problems this year.  Thankfully, it seems we are mostly on the mend!  John has seen great improvements in his health in the last month and is feeling better than he has in several years.  Debbie continues to require constant monitoring and treatment for her liver disease.  However, we feel blessed that her health is very consistent right now. Olivia has gone over two years seizure free and is completely healthy at the moment. Elizabeth had a fairly major health crisis in late December but has bounced back nicely and is improving daily.  (She is supposed to be the healthy family member who never gets sick!) 

-Pray for wisdom as we work out the details for our move to Florida.  We will need to set up a home, enroll the girls in school, and establish new medical care specialists for Debbie.   There is plenty to be done and we need God's help through this move. 

Praise the Lord with us: 

-Praise the Lord that we were able to find a buyer for our home in Peru!    Peru's economy is really slowing down at the moment.  The housing market has crept to a halt and many properties are on the market.  We know of several that are struggling to sell their properties.  God not only sent us a buyer, He sent us a buyer who is a friend we trust and who is a lawyer and can therefore do the paperwork at no additional cost.

-Praise the Lord that we have maintained the majority of our supporters!   While we have lost some financial support, we feel blessed that God has led most of our churches to stay on board with us in this transition to our new ministry.  We do not anticipate any needed delay in ministry to raise new funds. 

-Praise the Lord for the growth of the EBI ministries!  The church in Latin America is growing like never before.  There is a real need to provide materials and training to this great mission field.  This year God allowed three new families to join the EBI team as missionaries.  The staff has set the goal of doubling the distribution of materials this year.  God is doing exciting things through EBI and we are thrilled to be a part of the team. 

-Praise the Lord for blessings in our furlough meetings!    We have already visited dozens of churches and had many opportunities to preach and promote missions.  What a joy it has been to see people respond.  We have churches to visit through the Spring before moving to Florida.   God has blessed us with safety as we traveled to many churches. 

As you can see, there is POWER in PRAYER! 

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