Weekly Poem #41 (by Bob Weisenberg)
August 17, 2012
Weekly Poem
By Bob Weisenberg
The Meaning of Life---Who Cares?

According to the ancient Yoga sages
Questioning the meaning of life
While living
Is like questioning the meaning of a roller coaster
In the middle of a roller coaster ride.

Or, like questioning the meaning of love
In the middle of lovemaking.

Who cares when something is so amazing?

The amazement IS the meaning.
The amazement IS the ultimate reality.
The amazement IS the life-force of the universe
All around us and within us
Far beyond our ability
To absorb or comprehend.

The amazement IS what some call God
And the ancient sages called Brahman.

In the midst of the ups and downs
Of life and love
Just relax, breathe deeply
And experience the infinite thrill
of the amazing ride.

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