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June 4, 2012
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Consumers Prepare for Supreme Court Ruling  on the Affordable Care Act
We're Getting Ready - Are You?

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Dear Fellow Advocates,

We are pleased to be collaborating with other health care organizations across the state and nation to get ready for the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision on the Affordable Care Act.

UHCAN Ohio and other partnering organizations are sending out emails like this one to help you - our fellow advocates - be ready to hit the ground when the Court rules on
Affordable Care Act.

The messages may be slightly different between organizations, but please feel free to participate in as many as you see fit.  We are all on the same page. We all want to see health care reform move forward and not be thrust back in time.

Here are some things you can do now, before the Supreme Court makes its decision:

1. Post to Facebook
- Let us know that you will post (
  • Post the "Don't Deny Me" Video
And you can post some of the following:Post suggestions
  1. Will the #ACA (Affordable Care Act) continue to save Ohio lives?  "Like" @UHCANOhio and @OhioConsumersForHealthCoverage (OCHC) to keep up with the news as it breaks.
  2. I’m on pins and needles waiting for the Supreme Court Ruling on the Affordable Care Act – counting on @UHCANOhio and @OhioConsumersForHealthCoverage (OCHC) to keep me posted about the latest news.
  3. @UHCANOhio and @OhioConsumersForHealthCoverage (OCHC) are looking for folks who have good and bad experiences with health insurance.  Go to and share your story.
  4. The Affordable Care Act, it’s making a huge difference in the lives of Ohioans.  Follow @UHCANOhio and @OhioConsumersForHealthCoverage (OCHC) to get all the latest news on the law and the upcoming Supreme Court Ruling.
2. Tweet (Twitter) - sample tweets
- Let us know that you will tweet (
 Use common health care reform hashtags: #hcr #ACA #SCOTUS #obamacare #thanksobamacare #lendurvoice #hc4all
    1. The Supreme Court's ruling on healthcare will impact millions of #buckeyes.
    2. On decision day @UHCANOhio  will tweet the news #lendurvoice.
    3. Join @UHCANOhio on the day the Supreme Court rules on #obamacare.  Stay tuned for more details! #lendurvoice #ACA  #thanksobamacare
    4. @SCOTUS will be making a decision about #ACA soon!  On that day follow #lendurvoice via @UHCANOhio to learn how it will impact you.
3. Attend a Rally in your area (opt in)

4. Be ready to join the calls.
  1. On the day the Court announces its ruling there will be a call at 3 PM with Ohio Consumers for Health Coverage.  The call will be short and we will convey the most up to date information, activities, talking points, and analysis that we have.
  2. Two or three days AFTER the Court announces its ruling we will have a one hour call with more analysis of the ruling as well as continued messaging points and actions you can take to help move health care reform forward. That call will be at 2 PM.

To get on the list to get the call-in information for these calls, simply R.S.V.P.

5. Send us your stories AND encourage your family and friends to send us theirs.

Regardless of the outcome, reporters will be looking for people all over Ohio to say what this ruling means to them.

Are you being helped by the Affordable Care Act? Or are you anxiously awaiting 2014 when you will finally be able to buy health coverage through an Exchange with a subsidy? Are you willing to share that story the day the Court rules? If you are unsure whether your story would apply, share it with us and we'll help figure it out. 


Thank you for your ongoing work to make affordable health care a reality for all Ohioans.

Any questions or other Rapid Response ideas?
Jen Yoder 614.456.0060 x227
370 E. 5th St., STE G3
Columbus, OH  43215
Tel: (614) 456-0060

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